iPhone SE 2 – 2020 Singapore Price and Review

iphone se 2 singapore price

The iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s foray into the slightly less premium market segment. By jumping into this segment, they’ve thrown the competition wide open. Priced at $649 for the 64GB version, Apple competes with the likes of Samsung, Oneplus, Realme and all the other mid-range smartphone companies. 

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Price of iPhone SE 2020 Singapore

iPhone SE VersionsPrice in Singapore
iPhone SE 64GB$649
iPhone SE 128GB$719
iPhone SE 256GB$889

The price for the iPhone SE 2020 in Singapore on Shopee ranges from $646 to $800 depending on the storage capacity. 

The price range for the iPhone SE 2020 in Singapore on Qoo10 ranges from $713 to $1275 depending on the storage capacity. 

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The iPhone SE is out to capture a bigger market share in the smartphone industry. But just because it’s a lower priced iPhone, is it worth it? 

Let’s find out! 

iPhone SE Design & Display 

If you had purchased an iPhone in the past, you’ll get a sense of deja vu as the iPhone SE packs a 4.7-inch LCD screen with top and bottom bezels. This has been compared to the iPhone 8 released in 2017 which had the same look and feel. 

Even though the display is an OLED and is not better than even some Android devices, it still is a pretty good display. There’s a concern with the display though and that’s the brightness which is bit below the ones we have experienced in other iPhone models. 

The iPhone SE 2020 comes with a home button with a haptic touch and the button itself doesn’t move. 

In terms of design it’s definitely a blast from the past. 

Considering Apple has removed the 3.5mm jack in all of its latest iPhones, it made sense for them to do the same for the iPhone SE 2020. 

There’s one more aspect about the design and that is, the phone is super lightweight. It’s one of the most lightweight iPhones out there. 

It comes in three distinct colours – White, Black and (Product) Red. 

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Under the hood

If you thought this phone doesn’t have the power because it’s a cheaper version, then think again. The iPhone SE 2020 packs a super powerful A13 Bionic chip. 

When it comes to use cases such as speed and daily use, the SE is equal to the iPhone 11. This is across the board. From camera quality to even speed of using the apps, the SE is a super powerful device.

From gaming to using apps that require a lot of power, the SE delivered on all fronts and was equal to the best phones out there. This is by no means a cheap phone for the sake of it. 

But when you compare it directly to the 11, it does lag behind a tad bit and that is purely to improve the battery life of the SE 2020. 

iPhone SE Camera

The A13 bionic chip does a world of good when it comes to the camera of the iPhone SE 2020. 

The SE has the same camera as the iPhone 8 with a single 12-megapixel camera in the back. The front packs a 7-megapixel shooter.

Although it is the same hardware as an iPhone that was released in 2017, the bionic chip does chip in when the hardware is lacking. 

The richness and the sharpness of the photo are really good compared to the iPhone 8. The shots in dimmer lights are a treat compared to the iPhone 8.

The iPhone SE does have a good camera and when you compare it to the iPhone 11, it’s obviously not as good. 

If you are looking for a phone with a brilliant camera, 2X zoom, ultra-wide shots and night mode shoots, you won’t get it.

Comparing this phone to a premium iPhone is a bit unfair. What about other Android devices though?

This is where things look a bit down for the iPhone SE because it’s not the best camera phone in its segment. 

The portrait photos aren’t that good as compared to the One Plus which has a triple camera setup. 

It lacks low-light detail and a lot of the other features we take for granted is a bit below par for the new iPhone SE 2020. 

The front selfie camera is pretty decent as well. Although it does have a portrait feature, it isn’t as good as some of the other phones out there.

It can shoot 4k videos at 60fps, which is pretty decent. 

iPhone SE Battery 

The battery for the iPhone SE in one word is average. The hardware remains the same and the software is not able to boost up battery life and you can expect the phone to last a single day. 

Apple in fact announced that the SE lasts about the same as the iPhone 8, which based on our tests is about a day.

The charging speeds for the iPhone SE is about 2 hours with the 5W charger that comes packed with the device. But a separate fast charger can be purchased to speed up the charging time.

It also can be charged with the help of a Qi enabled wireless charger which can make things slightly easy. 


The iPhone SE 2020 Singapore is one of the cheapest iPhone we’ve seen in a while. Although it packs a hardware that is 2017 standards, the bionic chip and the software makes it 2020 ready. 

It’s not fair to compare the iPhone SE 2020 to it’s more premium siblings, but should be compared to other devices in the same price point. 

The iPhone SE 2020 has one thing and that’s the brand value. If you are looking for a cheaper iPhone and have dreamed of owning an iPhone, this is a solid device.

It’s lightweight, it works smoothly and has no issues. But for the price point, there are Android devices that perform really well, especially in the gaming department or the camera department or with much better battery life. 

As iPhones go, this is a pretty good Apple device. But not the best device in its category. 

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