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Since its launch back in 2016, Circles.Life has grown to become one of the most popular telecom companies in Singapore. With their refreshing take on mobile plans and their unique no-contract approach, more and more people have decided to make the switch over to Circles Life.

Now, with the new 20GB Plan Promo, you can make the switch, too! While the offer lasts, you can have your very own Circles Life 20GB Smart Start Plan for just $18 per month. Transfer over to Circles Life, keep your existing number, and get huge savings, all hassle-free with their quick and easy transfer process.

circles life singapore promo

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Crowd Favourite

20GB Base Plan for $18/mo

+ 100 Mins Talk Time + 25 SMS + Free Caller ID

The 20GB Base Plan is the best way to enjoy 24/7 connectivity and take full advantage of your mobile device. With 20GB monthly data allocation, you’ll have plenty of data for surfing the web, staying up-to-date on all of your social media platforms, playing the latest mobile games, listening to your top tunes, and watching your favorite movies, all for the low price of just $18 per month for the first 12 months. (Standard Price is $28/mo)

In addition to high-speed mobile internet, you’ll also be getting 100 minutes of talktime and 25 SMS every month, with Circles Life throwing in the Caller ID feature absolutely free. If that’s not enough, you can purchase additional data, talktime, SMS, and other features with Circles Life Addons, which we’ll talk about later. If you’re not sure how much mileage you can get out of 20GB of Data, check out the table below for some popular estimates:

With 20GB of Data You Can:

Surf The Web 12,000+ Web Pages (~240 hours of surfing)
Check Your Messages and Email 7,000,000+ messages
Stream or Download Music 4,000+ high quality songs
Stream or Download Video 40 hours SD video, 10 hours HD
VoIP Calls 600+ hours on Skype, Messenger, or Facetime
Video Calls 80+ hours on Skype, Messenger, or Facetime
Stream Online Radio 320+ hours
Download Apps and Updates Approx. 500+ Apps

Find out if you’re eligible for the plan through the Circles Life website, or simply read the guidelines below to learn if you can start taking advantage of this offer.

Am I Eligible For This Circles Life Promo?

The new Circles Life promo offers tremendous value with lots of great benefits and a sizable discount. If you’re ready to start saving, make sure that you check all the requirements below to find out if you can take advantage of the latest promo plan from Circles Life

You’re Transferring From a Different Telco

This Promo is only available to customers who are transferring from a different telco and want to keep their old number. If you want to get a new number with Circles Life, you can still get the 20GB Base Plan for the standard price of $28 per month.

Your Current Number is Postpaid

Here in Singapore, only Postpaid numbers can be transferred between telcos. If you have a prepaid number but you still want to keep it, don’t worry! You can ask your current telco to move your number over to Postpaid, and then transfer over to Circles Life and avail of the low-price promo.

Your Existing Telco Contract is Over

If you have an existing mobile plan with your current telco, make sure that you’re out of contract and that your lock-up period is over. Here at Circles Life, we don’t believe in contracts, lock-ups, or hidden termination fees, but your current telco may charge you for ending your plan early. Just to be safe, you can contact your telco and ask about your contract.

Your Phone Number is Active

If you cancel your existing number, or if it’s been deactivated for some reason or other, it’ll be impossible to port your number over to Circles Life. You can contact your telco to see how you can resolve this issue, or you can go for the Circles Life Base Plan for $28 per month with zero hassle and Free SIM delivery, too.

Your Number is Registered In Your Name

If your number is registered under your company or in someone else’s name, you can still sign up for Circles Life and have your new number transferred. However, to take advantage of the promo, you’ll have to transfer ownership of the number to your name, which can easily be done through the Circles Life app. If you need help, you can find a detailed guide on how to do that here, courtesy of Circles Life Customer Service.

Sign Up With Circles Life Online or Offline

Circles Life prides itself with super easy and convenient transfers and signups – all you have to do is visit their website, follow a few simple steps, and you’re good to go! Just like that, you’re part of the Circles Life family.

However, if you prefer a more personal touch – maybe you want to avoid delivery delays or you want to sign up to Circles Life with the help of an expert or a knowledgeable agent who can answer any questions you may have and in a more personal manner – Circles Life also has partner establishments that let you take advantage of their services and promos in-store.

Stop by Red White Mobile, one of Singapore’s leading mobile phone stores and official partner of Circles Life, and get your Circles Life plan in-store with the help of our experienced customer support staff. If you have any questions regarding the plan and how it works, we’d be happy to walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Circles Life.

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Circles Life Promo Plan Addons

One of the best things about the Circles Life mobile plans is that you can easily and conveniently add more whenever you need it. Whether it’s more features, more data, more calls and texts, Circles Life subscribers can get everything they need straight from the Circles Life phone app. The Circles Life Base Plan is infinitely extensible with everything you need. Check out the addons below to see how far you can go with Circles Life.

Unlimited XP

The ultimate Circles Life addon – Unlimited XP – gives you the definitive, unlimited experience with everything a power-user needs to get through every month. Get the Unlimited XP addon in addition to your Circles Life Base Plan, and get Unlimited Data

100GB Data Add-On (with 4G Rollover)

For an extra $20 per month, you can get the 100GB Unlimited Data add-on and receive up to 300GB of 4G data rollover. That’s enough data to let you watch all your favorites movies in HD, listen to the top music tracks, and use your device to its full potential. Watch, play, work, and stay connected worry-free with Unlimited Data, $20 Device Credit (per month, up to $240 annually) towards your next smartphone, and $3 cashback on your digital subscriptions, all for the low additional cost of $30 per month. ($48/mo with Base Plan included, for the first 12 months).

Unlimited Outgoing Calls Add-On

If 100 minutes of talktime isn’t enough, you can get the Unlimited Outgoing Calls Add-On for just $8 per month, so you can stay in touch with the people you love most.

Unlimited Incoming Calls Add-On

With Unlimited Incoming Calls for an additional $2 per month, you’ll have unlimited talktime for incoming calls so you never have to worry when you answer the phone.

IDD Calls (International Direct Dialing) Add-On

For an additional $20 per month, you can activate IDD Calls on your phone plan to give you 350 minutes of international calls to 15 different countries, including Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.

Other Circles Life Mobile Plans

If the Circles Life Base Plan doesn’t have the functionality you need, Circles Life also offers higher-end options like the ones listed below:

100GB with Rollover

+ 100 Mins Talk Time + 25 SMS + Free Caller ID

With the Circles Life Unlimited Data Plan, you’re getting 100GB per month of high-speed 4G mobile internet. Now, with the new and improved 100GB Unlimited Data with Rollover, any unused data will rollover into the next month for up to 300GB of 4G rollover, so you never have to worry about having to use up your data at the end of the month.

This plan offers a ton of great value and makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your plan. Transfer to Circles Life now and get this plan for $38/mo for the first 12 months. (Standard Price is $48/mo)

Multi-SIM with Data Sharing

+ 1 Primary SIM + 1 Data-Sharing SIM + 100 Mins Talk Time + 25 SMS + Free Caller ID

If you’re a multi-device power user and want the same reliable, high-speed connectivity across your smartphone and your tablet, pocket WiFi, or another phone, the Multi-SIM Plan with Data Sharing from Circles Life lets you share that power with a second device. With this plan, you’ll get two SIMs delivered to your doorstep (for free) – one for your main device, and the other for your device of choice.

You can get this plan with 20GB Data for $30/mo for the first 12 months (Standard Price is $40/mo) or with 100GB Data for $50/mo for the first 12 months with up to 300GB rollover included. (Standard Price is $60/mo)

Data Only Plan

+ No Contract + Free SIM Delivery

If you’re stuck in a current telco contract but want to expand your mobile data horizons, Circles Life offers a Data Only Plan where you can get the best value in 4G mobile internet. You can get 50GB Data for $20 per month, or 130GB Data with 4G Rollover for $40 per month.


+ 100% Virtual SIM + Instant Activation with QR

For those looking for something a little more high-end, Circles Life offers an eSIM plan where you can get your very own virtual SIM that’ll let you switch seamlessly between SIMs on a single device. Getting an eSIM is the perfect choice for when you want to get a second line for fast and affordable 4G internet with Circles Life.

You can get the eSIM Plan for the same price as either the 20GB Base Plan or the 100GB Unlimited Data Plan depending on how much data you want.

Why Choose Circles Life Telco?

Fastest Growing Telco in Singapore

With their newer and better consumer-centric policies and business practices, Circles Life is changing how telcos operate in Singapore. Join the Circles Life family and be a part of the #1 most recommended telco in Singapore.

Best Network Coverage

The Circles Life Mobile Network is powered by M1, and has more than 99% islandwide coverage. You’ll be getting a strong signal and the best speeds no matter where you go in Singapore, even when you’re on the MRT. With their proprietary Circles-X telco technology, Circles Life boasts the best in network reliability and is able to solve network problems 10x faster than with traditional methods.

No Contracts, No Lock-Ups, No Shady Fees

Circles Life doesn’t believe in taking power and choice away from our customers. All of our plans come with no contracts, no lock-ups, and definitely no hidden fees for anything. Your bills are 100% transparent and if you have any questions or concerns, customer support teams will help you resolve your concerns in 30 seconds or less.

Switching Is Easy

Transferring over to Circles Life from any Singapore-based Telco is fast and easy. Head over to the website, choose your plan/promo, fill out a quick form, and you’ll be a part of the Circles Life family in just two minutes.

For Personal and Business Use

Circles Life is a telco for the people, and by the people, and our services benefit everyone. Whether you’re an individual in need of a personal mobile plan that caters to all your needs, or a business in need of dependable and cost-effective telecom solutions, Circles Life is a top provider for all your mobile needs.

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