If you are having troubles with your RealMe smartphone in Singapore, Red White Mobile is where you need to head to solve all your smartphone problems.

With the growing popularity of RealMe smartphones in Singapore and globally and the constant release of new technology we use our phones now more than ever.

This heavy usage causes problems with the smartphones, At Red White Mobile we haves fixes and solutions for all RealMe smartphones, from normal servicing to LCD replacements.

Some common problems faced by users are broken screens, dead batteries, non-functioning buttons, charging port or pin issues, software or apps not working properly.


If you come across any of these problems with your RealMe smartphone, all the information you need regarding smartphone service and repairs offered by Red White Mobile can be found below.

1REALME C1$100
2REALME C2$105
3REALME C3$110
4REALME C11$115
5REALME C12$115
6REALME C15$115
7REALME C15S$120
8REALME C17$120
9REALME 1$115
10REALME 2$105
11REALME 2 PRO$115
12REALME 3$115
13REALME 3 PRO$115
14REALME 5$110
15REALME 5I$110
16REALME 5 PRO$120
17REALME 6$115
18REALME 6I$115
19REALME 7 PRO$205

Our assurances

At Red White Mobile we offer you professional and trustworthy services for your RealMe smartphone and provide quick and efficient service to put your mind at ease.

We promise to keep our customers fully informed regarding their RealMe smartphone’s issues, we will provide a detailed analysis and explain all faults with the device with as much clarity so as to ensure a transparent process, once we inform the customer only then do we proceed to rectify the problem.

A customer’s time is valuable and we do not want you to waste it, with that in mind we try our best to do all repairs and replacements in the quickest time to avoid long waits. We can fix batteries and screens right on the spot and to the best quality service standards in Singapore.

Over the years Red White Mobile has built good partnerships with our trusted spare part suppliers across various locations, this affords us the chance to source good quality and genuine replacement parts at competitive prices, thereby providing our customers the best value and parts. 

Our team of technicians are constantly learning and keeping up to date with all the evolving smartphone technology, platforms and repair methods out there, this helps them fine tune their skill and expertise levels so as to fix any RealMe smartphone issue and deliver quality and affordable services to all our customers. 

When you repair your RealMe smartphone with us, we provide warranty cover on parts replaced by us for up to 30 days to give peace of mind to our customers.

Common problems faced by Realme users

Smartphones have advanced a lot since the early days in terms of hardware and software, this technology can sometimes stop functioning correctly due to a variety of reasons.

Some of the more commonly occurring problems RealMe users can face are, Batteries not charging well, frozen screens, smartphone not connecting to the Wi-Fi, being stuck in boot loops, not powering on, broken screens, volume buttons not working properly and headphone jack issues. Water damage is another common problem.

Realme Phone Screens

Screens being a key component of any smartphone can sometimes malfunction like all electronic devices or get damaged by accidental falls.

Cracked or shattered screens are the most common problem faced by RealMe users, and are usually due to drops and falls.

 Other issues may include displays going blank, low screen brightness levels, touch functions working intermittently or not working at all, lines being visible on the display, LCD colour damage, the smartphone screen can sometimes push out of the casing. 

Some of these problems can stem from hardware or software issues.

Hardware issues can occur due to exposure to excessive temperatures, water or other liquid spills or accidental falls. Malfunctioning bulged batteries can cause the screen to be pushed out of its casing.

We provide diagnostic services that identify issues easily.

There are a few things a RealMe smartphone user can try at home before deciding on giving in the device for repairs.

Cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol can remove any dust and moisture present and solve some touch problems if any.

Another possible solution can be a hard reset, RealMe user should keep in mind that a hard reset will wipe all of the data on the internal storage, such as ringtones, downloads and videos etc.

To perform a hard reset on your RealMe smartphone,

 First switch off the smartphone by holding down the power button,

Once off, hold the volume down and power buttons at the same time until you see the RealMe logo come on the screen.

When the logo appears, release all buttons and wait for around 8 to 10 seconds.

When the language menu pops up select English, or other if desired.

After that select wipe data, you can also choose to wipe data and keep sms, contacts and photos.

A warning shall appear regarding data wipe, choose ok if ready to do full reset, once this process is done it cannot be reversed.

Finally select the reboot option and confirm the same.

In a few moments the welcome panel should appear.

This procedure will reset the RealMe smartphone completely to factory settings.

If the above fix fails to resolve the problem with your smartphone a screen replacement might be required, drop in at any of our stores and we will rectify it.

Realme Phone Battery

Batteries can be a cause for concern sometimes for RealMe users, they can fail due to a number of different reasons, and some of the more common issues are listed below,

They are not holding charge for long periods or not charging at all, drain completely randomly and power off the device, heating up suddenly while in use or while charging, batteries can even swell up sometimes, this can be dangerous and explosive, such batteries should be replaced immediately.

There are many different factors that would cause your RealMe battery to create problems with the smartphone, some of the common ones are, voltage fluctuations that are caused by power surges, the number of charging cycles the battery has completed, exposure to extreme temperatures, use of incompatible charger cables or adapters, how old the battery is and sometimes manufacturing defects.

RealMe smartphone users can try a couple basic tests before deciding to do a battery replacement.

Check the USB charging port for dust and debris, clean well with air blasts and try to charge the device.

  Some apps can also cause troubles, these apps can drain the battery faster than it can charge and should be uninstalled as soon as possible, as they can deteriorate the battery sooner.

Try a different power adapter and if it does not charge, try an alternate USB cable both original RealMe branded.

A user can also try charging the device after switching it off, if it does charge and does not when on, software could be the problem. Third party apps like Accubattery are also helpful to assess health of battery and power consumption.

Another possible fix might be to perform a battery recalibration, to start this procedure a RealMe smartphone user will have to drain the battery completely to 0% and turn off the device for a while, turn it back on and charge it to 100% capacity,

Once charged fully drain back again to 0% and then charge back to 100% percent and leave the RealMe device plugged into the charger for an extra half hour, once disconnected from the charger the battery should be recalibrated.

Once done use the RealMe smartphone as normal, and if the phone takes too much time too charge or loses power too soon a battery replacement might be required.

If you do need a replacement, just drop in at a Red White Mobile store and we will replace your RealMe battery in half hour or less.

All work and spares regarding battery replacements are valid to receive our 30 day warranty.

Realme Phone Charging port

The charging port can malfunction for many reasons,

Charger pins can get damaged and not pass power properly, the charging port on the RealMe device can become disconnected from the main circuit board in some cases.

Indications that there could be a charging port problem are,

The RealMe smartphone keeps connecting and disconnecting from the charging cycle and increased charging times.

Reasons that could cause these problems are liquid damage, power fluctuations, dust or moisture trapped in the USB port or inserting a wrong charging cable.

Why pick Red White Mobile

All RealMe phones would benefit from regular servicing, it helps maintain and increase the life of your device to a good extent. This can sometimes be expensive with some service centers charging up to 3 times the actual amount. To avoid these unnecessary fees engaging a responsible vendor is important.

All RealMe devices committed to us are handled with the utmost care. To avoid misunderstandings between the customers and ourselves we do our best to perform the servicing or repairs right then in front of you as much as possible. However, due to some unfortunate circumstance that may warrant major repair, when your RealMe phone is left with us you can be sure that all your private data stored on the device will be safe and never compromised, protected by our privacy policies.

Depending on the seriousness of your RealMe smartphones problem, our team of technicians will help you find the best remedy for your smartphone and offer you the most economical and efficient method to fix the issues faced.

At Red White Mobile we use the best quality, genuine spare parts so you get the best service available in Singapore.

Red White Mobile Diagnostic service

When our customers bring in their RealMe smartphones for repair to our store, before we accept it in for repair we will perform a thorough diagnosis of the RealMe smartphone to determine if there are any alternate issues other than the ones mentioned by the customer.

We will let you know the results of the diagnosis and if there will be any extra parts needed and costs involved. Our technical staff will advise you on the best way to repair your RealMe device and give cost estimates.

After the customer is informed and approves the work, only then will we proceed to fix the device.

No extra charges or hidden costs.

Service guarantee

Once we get the required approval from our customer and start work on your RealMe device, we do our best to try and achieve the work right then and there, though smartphones that have been damaged by liquid do take longer to repair depending on how serious the issue is.

When your RealMe smartphone is being repaired, feel free to ask and clarify any doubts you have regarding the repairs and our staff will gladly answer all questions.

Our customers can avail of complimentary cool drinks and refreshments, Wi-Fi and an ample amount of reading material while they wait for their RealMe smartphones to be fixed, all in the comfort of our waiting lounge.

In the rare instance in which we are not able to complete the work given to the entire satisfaction of our customer, we will not charge you anything in terms of fees.

After sales service

When you repair your RealMe device at Red White Mobile our service does not end there, Once your device has been fixed and returned to you, we provide a 30 day warranty on all work done and parts replaced by us.

During this period if for some reason a customer experiences any problems with parts of the RealMe smartphone repaired or replaced by us, 

All you need to do is just head to our store, explain what issue you are facing and we shall immediately sort the issue at no further cost to the customer.

All customers are kindly requested to note, in the case of RealMe smartphones that have suffered from water or other liquid damage, our 30 day warranty on such devices and the work performed on them shall not be applicable.

Customers are the key to any business and all success lies in their loyalty and satisfaction, our dedication to customer service and good quality work is to achieve this.

So next time you need any services for your RealMe smartphone just head to Red White Mobile.

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