Are you looking for Oppo Repair services in Singapore? Well, check out this guide to repair your Oppo phones in Singapore with quality services here. Read further to find out more about it. 

Mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our lives. It’s one of the most important things to stay connected with people over texts, phone calls or social media or for leisure purposes like playing games and listening to music. 

Oppo is one such brand that has emerged in the telecommunications industry and its sales are booming day after day. Oppo phones are known for their stylish aesthetics as well as commendable camera features. They are also decently priced and made for anyone who is new to the smartphone world due to its user-friendly features. 

Singapore has seen rapid growth in the graph of Oppo users in the recent years. Naturally, Oppo users will require quality services for their phones and Red White Mobile’s services are here to help you out with the same. 

Smartphones are subjected to screen breakage, system defaulting, blackouts, unresponsive, stuck buttons and a lot more. Red White Mobile offers services in Singapore repairs problems related to LCD phone screen, software, and parts repair at minimal cost. 

Free Diagnosis and Immediate Repair for Oppo Phone Singapore

Red White Mobile provides free diagnosis prior to your smartphone repair requirement. The free diagnosis is carried out to check the condition of the smartphone. Your phone is carefully studied in this process and potential problems are found out. 

1Oppo A5 (2020)$110
2Oppo A9 (2019)$110
3Oppo A9 (2020)$110
4Oppo A12 (2020)$110
5Oppo A31 (2020)$110
6Oppo A32 (2020)$125
7Oppo A33 (2020)$125
8Oppo A53 (2020)$125
9Oppo A53S (2020)$125
10Oppo A92 (2020)$115
11Oppo A3$105
12Oppo A3S$110
13Oppo RENO 10X ZOOM$195
14Oppo RENO 4 PRO$210
15Oppo RENO 4$215
16Oppo RENO 3 PRO$210
17Oppo RENO 3$190
18Oppo RENO 2Z$170
19Oppo RENO 2$190
20Oppo RENO Z$185
21Oppo RENO$190
22Oppo R17 / R17 PRO$175$125
23Oppo R15 PRO$195$125
24Oppo R15$195$125
25Oppo R11S PLUS$185$130
26Oppo R11S$125
27Oppo R11$125
28Oppo R9S$120
29Oppo R9S PLUS$120
30Oppo R9 PLUS$110
31Oppo R9$110
32Oppo FIND X2 PRO$320
33Oppo FIND X$335
34Oppo F11 PRO$110
35Oppo F11$110
36Oppo F9 / A7X$110
37Oppo F1S / A59$100
38Oppo F1$100
39Oppo AX7$110
40Oppo AX5S$110

Once the problems are listed, the technicians team further carries out solutions to the listed problems with the consent of the phone’s owner. We provide instant repair services as well according to the condition of your smartphone. 

We have expertise in problem solving related to all Oppo smartphones. Oppo smartphones are technically complicated and need utmost care to handle and bring them together. We are all ears to solve your problems related to screen and power complications, screen crack and damages, software issues and damages and other phone related issues. 

All smartphones require time to time repair as they’re made with complex technology. Over time repairing your phone proves to be much better than using the “slightly damaged” phone. So, its advisable 

Oppo Phone LCD Screen Repair at Red White Mobile Singapore 

LCD screen cracks or breakage is a very common yet a big problem because that can hamper other parts of the phone like screen, touch sensibility etc. So, the best solution for this is to go for a screen replacement as it’s affordable and also almost renews your phone. 

LCD screen damage can happen due to water spillage, accidental dropping etc that loosen the digitizer connection inside the smartphone system. LCD screen replacement can be done at a cost-effective price and reliable service with us at Red White Mobile, Singapore. 

We try to bring your smartphone back to full functionality by checking out the faulty wiring, digitizer connection or simply move to replacing the entire LCD if required. So use quality repair techniques and tools to provide the best service. 

Screen and LCD replacement are different things but they’re a component of the same part and have similar functions. The best way to repair your broken screen is by getting a replacement. Also, if you’re getting screen repair and replacement, you’ll get a new LCD too as they’ve similar functions and are held together. 

We offer quality service for all the latest Oppo phones such as: 

  • OPPO Reno6 5G
  • OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G
  • OPPO A53s 5G
  • OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G
  • OPPO A54
  • OPPO A74 5G
  • OPPO A53 2020
  • OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G
  • OPPO A15
  • OPPO F17 Pro

Red White Mobile provides one month warranty for all mobile phone screen replacement as well as parts repair services that we offer. This is to ensure our trust with the customers and provide them the top class phone repairing service in Singapore. 

Why Choose Red White Mobile to Repair Your Oppo Smartphone

Red White Mobile is one of the leading mobile phone stores in Singapore that not only sells new and old phones but also trades in and repairs phones. We have handled phones of the leading brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc. 

We handle each and every phone with excessive care and provide instant phone repair services. We try our level best to deliver all the required services in your presence to avoid any mishandling problems or data privacy issues. In case of complex repairs which might take some day but with an assurance of privacy and careful handling of your device. 

Red White Mobile has a committed group of technicians that handle your smartphone and repair it in the best possible ways. These technicians are well trained in the area of smartphone troubleshooting and provide solutions in no time. Our technical team will provide you with the best servicing plan according to the damage of your smartphone at an extremely affordable price. 

You can also seek advice from our technical experts on how to keep your mobile phones away from mishaps, maintenance tips and a lot more. You can trust Red White Mobile to use only genuine components for your smartphones. Enjoy the quality service and after sales service that Red White Mobile provides.

Oppo Phone Repair Process in Singapore

It’s informed to the mobile phone owners in advance if the particular service is eligible on their handsets or not. All the components of the smartphone put on service go through a solid QC process to check whether there’s any manufacturing or any other subsidiary defaults due to shipping. This is to make sure that the product is fully fine before undergoing the repair process and also to maintain quality standards.

Service Assurance for Oppo Phones

As we have already mentioned about the free diagnosis above, before taking in the Oppo mobile phone for repairing or servicing the diagnosis is carried out. Our technical experts ensure to diagnose all the faults and explain to the customer about their handset situation. Our advisory team is also present to provide helpful advice on the best ways to treat the current situation of the phone. 

The customers are then briefed about the condition of their phones and suggested the best plans that would work out for their phones. Our technicians try to resolve the issue and repair it on the spot unless it’s water damage. 

You can throw your questions or tips regarding the repair, or maintenance while the technician is repairing your phone. If Red White Mobile fails to resolve your issue, your service will be free of charge. 

After Sales Service for Oppo Phones

Each phone repaired gets a warranty period of one month from the delivery of the repair. This depends on the servicing problem except for water damage repair which doesn’t have any warranty. We provide warranty to ensure quality servicing to our dedicated customers. Our customers can also contact us through our Whatsapp services.

Our customers are our priority and we always aim to have our customers satisfied at the end of our services. We also have a waiting room where customers can comfortably sit and wait while their phone gets repaired where we offer cold drinks, magazines as well as wifi during their waiting time. Red White Mobile takes pride in having numerous loyal customers and further aims to provide the best and quality service we can. 

Common Issues with Oppo Phones 

These are some of the very common problems that your Oppo phone can face: 

  • Phone heating up while using or charging your phone: This is one of the most common problems faced by users of Oppo phones. We suggest you to not panic because it can be the result of overusing, direct sunlight or high temperatures. 

Some of the other reasons for Oppo phone heating up are: 

  • Running multiple apps at the same time or in the background.
  • High brightness display of the phones.
  • Charging your phone beyond the given time of fully charged
  • Poor or fake charging adapter or cable 
  • Keeping your phone connected to bluetooth devices like earbuds, speakers etc for a very long time.
  • Playing games for a long period of time
  • Exposure to hot temperature areas.
  • Playing videos or video calling for a long period of time.

How to solve this issue? 

The best way to resolve this issue is to turn off data, wifi, GPS, hotspot when you’re not using it. Don’t download too many apps which aren’t in use. Clear your background running apps and turn on your auto-brightness adjust. If these don’t seem to improve the condition, consult a repairing/servicing store. 

  • LCD Screen Breakage: LCD screen breakage is another issue people face with oppo phones. Screen cracks are due to accidental dropping, sitting on phones, applying excess pressure, overheating etc. 

How to solve this issue? 

The best solution and the most affordable solution to this is getting your LCD replaced at a phone repair store. Using cracked or broken screens can damage not only your phone but also cause damage to you.

  • Unresponsive screens: Unresponsive screen is an issue that’s being recorded by Oppo users worldwide. This issue can be resolved by taking it to the service center. Unresponsive screens occur due to: overheating or overusing, external damage, moisture detection issue, static electricity, or cold. Sometimes the screen doesn’t respond and hangs up due to performance degrading apps or unused apps. 

How to solve this issue? 

Clean your screen and screen protector to solve this issue. You can also restart your device to fix the stuck screen. You can also try rebooting your phone. If nothing works, it’s advisable to visit a servicing center to fix the issue. 

  • Battery drains faster than expected: Battery draining is a common problem with Oppo phones. Battery heats up due to over-usage which leads to battery damage and further battery drains out faster. If your battery is draining out faster, it’s rather a serious problem so please consult service centers as fast as possible. 

How to solve this issue? 

Keep your brightness in adjust mode, delete accounts and apps that are not in use, avoid apps that consume high battery power, turn on the battery optimisation option or the adaptive battery mode and consider turning off keyboard sounds and vibrations. If nothing works, you might need to get your battery replaced so consult a mobile phone repairing center. As much as possible, try to get your battery replaced by a genuine repair store as cheap batteries can spoil your mobile phone further. 

  • Touch not working: When your phone loses touch sensitivity, it becomes useless as you’re not able to use it for any function. Many Oppo users have complained about their touch not working properly or lagging. Sometimes, it leads to stuck or frozen screens as well. This problem usually happens due to using poor quality power banks, plugging into poor adapters, phone dropping, water logging etc. This loosens the digitizer connection internally and stops the screen from working properly. 

How to solve this issue? 

If your touch has stopped working, remove any external attachments from the phone, try rebooting your phone by holding the power button, make sure your screen or LCD is not broken and put the device on safe mode. If nothing works, take your device to the service center and get it fixed. 

  • Water damage: Water damage is quite risky and can hamper your phone in such a way that it might not work again. Water damage retains water inside the components like screen and battery and further rupture the internal mobile phone system. 

How to solve this issue? 

One of the most common tricks on the internet is to soak your phone inside a sack of store-bought uncooked rice and let it in for about 24-48 hours. Do not leave it open in the sun or blow dry it as it might damage the phone components. If the phone didn’t start working with the rice trick, please take it to the service center. 

The above listed problems are very common to be faced by Oppo users. Many Oppo users continue to use the damaged phone and don’t repair it which leads to further problems. Cracked screen is the most common problem amongst all the other issues and only 2 out of 3 people get it repaired. 

Get in touch with Red White Mobile to get your Oppo phones repaired with reliable service and budgeted price. We at Red White Mobile also sell new and old phones and trade in old phones. 

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