Looking for a  Xiaomi service centre in Singapore? Head on to the Red White Mobile centre and we’ll make it as good as new. 

At Red White Mobile we offer end-to-end Xiaomi phone repair service in Singapore. We provide a range of Xiaomi smartphone repair services from replacing a cracked screen to other more complicated Xiaomi phone issues. 

Xiaomi with its extensive range of phones, features and affordable pricing has become everybody’s favorite smartphone and has a huge global presence even more so here in Singapore.

Damaging your Xiaomi smartphone can be a thing of worry. Due to the amount of smartphone usage today, we are bound to face some issues down the road especially as the device ages, screen blackouts, unresponsive buttons and cracked screens are some common problems.

Xiaomi Phone Repair Services Singapore

Here’s everything you need to know about Xiaomi phone repair services Red White Mobile has to offer: 

1Xiaomi POCO F1$105$38
2Xiaomi POCO F2$115$38
3Xiaomi REDMI 1S$75$38
4Xiaomi REDMI 2$80$38
5Xiaomi REDMI 3$80$38
6Xiaomi REDMI 3S$80$38
7Xiaomi REDMI 4A$80$38
8Xiaomi REDMI 4X$80$38
9Xiaomi REDMI 5$85$38
10Xiaomi REDMI 5A$85$38
11Xiaomi REDMI 5 PLUS$85$38
12Xiaomi REDMI 6 / 6A$85$38
13Xiaomi REDMI 6 PRO$90$38
14Xiaomi REDMI 7$90$38
15Xiaomi REDMI 7A$90$38
16Xiaomi REDMI 8 / 8A$100$38
17Xiaomi REDMI 9 / 9A$115$38
18Xiaomi REDMI 10X (4G)$125
19Xiaomi REDMI 10X (5G)$225
20Xiaomi REDMI NOTE$80$38
21Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 2$80$38
22Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 3$85$38
23Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 3 PRO$85$38
24Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 4$85$38
25Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 4X$85$38
26Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 5$85$38
27Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 5A$85$38
28Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 5 PRO$85$38
29Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 6 PRO$100$38
30Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 7$105$38
31Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 7 PRO$105$38
32Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 8$105$38
33Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 8 PRO$120$38
34Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 9$120$38
35Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 9 PRO / 9S$170
36Xiaomi MI 9$100$48
37Xiaomi MI 9 PRO$150$48
38Xiaomi MI 9T$150$48
39Xiaomi MI NOTE 10 PRO$160
40Xiaomi MI MAX 1$105$48
41Xiaomi MI MAX 2$110$48
42Xiaomi MI MAX 3$110$48
43Xiaomi MI MIX 1$130$48
44Xiaomi MI MIX 2S$135$48
45Xiaomi MI NOTE 5.7$105$48

Our assurances

You need a professional and trustworthy Xiaomi service center in Singapore to get the repair done, we at Red White Mobile understand how important your Xiaomi smartphone is to you and to not waste any of your precious time waiting long hours for basic repairs, we try our best to fix most Screen and battery issues right there on the spot in the quickest time possible and to the best service standards available out there today.

The emergence of technologically advanced smartphones in the market is spurring telecommunications companies towards innovating newer, advanced and more impressive features at a quick pace, these developments require technicians to constantly update themselves on the latest platforms, However, over the years our own technicians keep themselves up to the skill and expertise levels that is expected of them to tackle the various issues that Xiaomi users may face, and thus allows us to deliver the best, most affordable and efficient service to our customers.  

We strive to ensure that our process is as transparent as possible, we will explain the issues with your device in detail without any complicated definitions, and inform you of faulty parts if any before we proceed with any work on the smartphone.

Over the years we have developed strategic relationships with our trusted spare part suppliers in various locations, this allows us to repair your Xiaomi device at highly competitive rates all while ensuring you get only genuine and high quality spares or replacement parts.

When you repair your Xiaomi device with us, our after sales support and warranty on parts replaced is guaranteed for various periods giving you peace of mind for the future. 

This helps our customers save money instead of spending it having to buy a new smartphone, which is costly and time consuming.

Various Issues faced by Xiaomi phone users

Since the beginning smartphones have advanced a lot in terms of hardware and software, this comes with its drawbacks though, Smartphones can stop functioning due to a number of reasons, Battery charging trouble, frame or casing cracks, smartphones not connecting to the Wi-Fi, frozen screens, being stuck in boot loops, headphone jack issues, power or volume buttons not working, Defunct microphones and speakers, software issues and even not charging or powering on. Water or liquid damage is another common problem.

Xiaomi Phone Batteries

Batteries can be a common source of worries for many Xiaomi smartphone users. Batteries can suffer from many different issues, sometimes they do not charge well or hold charge for long, batteries can heat up suddenly, power off the smartphone, over time batteries can even swell up which can be dangerous as it can cause them to explode, such faulty batteries will require immediate changing.

There are various different factors that can cause a Xiaomi smartphone battery to malfunction, some of the regular causes for such problems are, age of the battery, voltage fluctuations as a result of power surges, incompatible charging cables or adapters, number of charging cycles completed, exposure to extreme temperatures and occasionally manufacturing defects.

A Xiaomi smartphone user can perform a few basic checks before making a decision to replace the battery.

  •  If the phone is not charging check the USB charging port for dust and dirt, clean with air blasts and try charging the smartphone.
  • USB cable or power adapter problems can also be a cause, try a different but compatible cable, if it still does not work, try an alternate power adapter both preferably original Xiaomi branded.
  • Software can sometimes be the issue, although less likely, the battery problem can be caused by a certain app consuming so much charge it becomes more than what the charger is putting in, if such apps are found they should be removed immediately as they will cause the battery to degrade faster. Another way to find out is to check if the smartphone charges when it is off, but does not when it is on.
  • Installing a third party app like Accubattery can offer a user battery information such as its health or power consumption in association with apps.
  • One of the more classic solutions to check if battery replacement is needed is recalibration. To carry out this procedure, a Xiaomi smartphone user should drain the battery completely to 0% and switch off the device, then turn it back on and charge it to 100% of capacity, once fully charged drain again to 0% and charge back to 100%, leave the smartphone plugged into the charger for an additional hour or minimum half hour, once disconnected and showing 100% charge, the battery should be recalibrated. It is advisable to keep away from applications that promise to calibrate the battery in a magical way, since the best method is the manual that we just told you. Once the recalibration process is completed, use your smartphone like you normally do, if the device still loses power quickly or takes too long to charge it might be time for a battery replacement.

We do all battery replacements in the quickest time possible, 30 minutes or less in most cases, provide genuine replacements at reasonable prices and all our battery replacements are eligible for our 30 day warranty.

Xiaomi Phone Screens

Xiaomi has come a long way in Singapore. People of all age groups use and prefer the brand due to the value it offers. Screens are a key component of any smartphone but like all electronics are prone to mishaps and malfunction. Cracked or shattered screens are the most common problem, and are usually due to accidental falls. 

Other issues may include displays going blank, low screen brightness, touch feature working intermittently or not working at all, lines being visible on the display, LCD colour damage, the smartphone screen can sometimes push out of the casing. These problems can be caused by extreme temperature, liquid spills, accidental drops or a swollen battery as well.

 Some of these problems can stem for hardware as well as software issues. We provide diagnostic services that identify issues easily.

Smartphone users can try a few fixes to check the actual damage of the screens.

  • Cleaning the whole screen with the help of isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth can remove any dust or moisture present and may solve touch function problems that exist.
  • Another possible user fix is a hard reset, although people should note that this method will erase all data on the Xiaomi device including personal data and should be attempted at one’s risk. 
  • To perform a hard reset, turn the Xiaomi smartphone off, hold down volume up and the power key, using the volume keys select the required language and use the power button to confirm, select the wipe and reset option, then wipe all data options and then yes. This should reset to factory settings and any software glitch should be resolved, if problems continue to persist a screen replacement might be required.

Why choose Red White Mobile

All electronic devices need a little bit of extra care once in a while, smartphones too. Regular services can help extend the life of your device greatly, and helps reduce the risk of unwanted damage. For this you need a trusted vendor like us. All our customer’s Xiaomi smartphones are important to us and we take great care while handling and repairing smartphones in our possession.

We try to do the best we can to do almost all repair work in front of the customers themselves, this helps us avoid any unnecessary confusion and doubt that may arise. However, in some rare cases where major repair is needed, and a customer might be required to leave the Xiaomi smartphone with us, we guarantee complete protection against your personal data stored on the smartphone in accordance with our policies and a customer’s privacy shall never be compromised. 

According to the seriousness of the Xiaomi smartphone issue, our team of technicians will help find the most ideal solution for your device. We can offer the most viable and cost efficient method to fix your Xiaomi device. 

We use only genuine, quality parts to ensure you receive the best service possible in Singapore.

Our diagnostic services

Once a customer reaches one of our stores with their faulty Xiaomi smartphone, before we take it in for repair, we conduct a detailed diagnosis, after receiving the customer’s consent we try and perform the diagnosis in front of the customer as far as possible, this process will identify any other faults the smartphone maybe suffering, if an additional fault is discovered, we inform the customer about the result of the diagnosis and if at all any extra spares or work will be needed. 

With the help of our experienced technicians, we provide price estimates for the possible fixes that are needed, once given the go ahead by the customer we proceed with the work that is required. 

Service guarantee

When we get the ok from our customer, we do our best to perform the repair as soon as possible, then and there. Xiaomi smartphones that have suffered liquid damage may take longer to repair depending on the seriousness of the damage.

While the service is ongoing, our customers are free to clarify any doubts or queries related to their smartphone devices and our team would be most obliged to help.

To keep our customers comfortable while they wait in our lounge for their smartphones, we have on offer complimentary beverages, good reading material and Wi-Fi, all for use by our customers.

Sometimes the rare situation may occur where we are not able to complete the work required on the smartphone to the satisfaction of our customer, in such cases we will not charge anything in terms of fees to the customer.  

Post sales service

Once we have fixed and returned our customers’ Xiaomi device, we do not stop there when it comes to caring for your Xiaomi smartphone, our service extends up to 30 days from when your smartphone is being returned to you. This warranty period may differ depending on the type of work and parts replaced.

However, all customers are kindly requested to note that in the case of smartphones which have suffered from water damage our warranty does not apply, and thus all repair services rendered for such Xiaomi devices our 30 day warranty is not applicable on the same.

During this period should a customer face a problem with parts that have been fixed or replaced by us, these shall be immediately replaced at no further cost to the customer. 

Customers are the key to the success of any business.

Loyalty of our customers is very important to us and therefore strive to satisfy all needs completely and to the best of our ability and hope you think of us in the future.

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