Red White Mobile has been repairing iPad’s in Singapore for years. 

We understand that the repair of Apple devices like iPads are not everyone’s cup of tea, issues during the repair might exacerbate the damage, However, as we have grown along the years so has the skill and expertise of our technicians, thus enabling them to tackle almost all issues related to Apple iPads, delivering superior customer service and understanding the importance of providing the best most ideal solution to give you back proper function of your device. 

Bringing Apple iPads back to life for our customers is one of the key services we offer.

We know how important your Apple device is to you and would not afford to waste your productive time with mediocre repair services and thus aim to fix most screen, battery and charging port related glitches in the shortest time frame possible, all while ensuring you a quick, efficient and flawless way to get the job done.

iPad Repair Prices Singapore

1IPAD 2$60$40$48
2IPAD 3$70$50$48
3IPAD 4$70$50$48
4IPAD AIR$80$60$58
5IPAD AIR 2$180$70$68
6IPAD AIR 3$260$90$88
7IPAD 5TH (2017)$100$60$68
8IPAD 6TH (2018)$100$70$68
9IPAD 7TH (2019)$240$70$78
10IPAD 8TH (2020)$260$100
11IPAD MINI$60$40$58
12IPAD MINI 2$90$50$58
13IPAD MINI 3$90$50$58
14IPAD MINI 4$180$60$68
15IPAD MINI 5$200$70$78
16IPAD PRO 9.7$220$70$68
17IPAD PRO 10.5$250$80$68
18IPAD PRO 11 (2018)$360$120$88
19IPAD PRO 11 (2020)$380$98
20IPAD PRO 12.9 (2015)$78
21IPAD PRO 12.9 (2018)$78
22IPAD PRO 12.9 (2020)$98
Each replacement takes 30-45 minutes

Check out our iPhone Repair Services Price List here.

Red White Mobile Assurances

Our promise to our customers is 100 % transparency, to always tell you why your device is up to no good. No vague problem definitions, we’ll tell you the exact issue, and if applicable, which part is faulty before we proceed to fixing the problem.

We’re proud of the relationship we have constructed with our spare part suppliers over the years. This affords us the opportunity to source high-quality and genuine spares or replacement parts, allowing us to give you the best value for your money and also after sales support and service for your Apple devices.

 If you do repair your device with us, we provide a full warranty on parts replaced for a limited period, therefore keeping your mind at ease in the case of any future issues.

We have been repairing iPads for years and have in-depth repair knowledge of all the iPad models right from the 1st generation of iPads, this experience allows us to address most issues in the most economical and efficient way possible, saving Apple device users from needing to invest in replacement devices that are expensive and take time to procure. 

Most Common iPad Repair Issues in Singapore

Apple iPads can stop functioning properly due to a lot of conditions, Apps like Chrome keep crashing with some other applications being troublesome as well, iPads not connecting to the Wi-Fi, Frozen screens, iPads getting stuck at the startup logo, iTunes not being able to recognize the device, not charging or powering on, the Apple Pencil isn’t working with the iPad and sometimes the iPad being stuck in boot loops.

iPad Screens Repair Singapore

 Most common issues faced by iPad users are screen malfunctions, which could be software related or hardware related with displays going blank, touch function not working, cracked and shattered screens are another common mishap that damage iPads. Other problems such as LCD colour damage, Lines appearing on the display, Very low brightness of the screen, touch function works only intermittently and screen protracting out of the panel can also occur. 

Some of the possibilities that lead to such problems are liquid damage to the device, accidental falls or bulging batteries that lift the screen out of its panel.

There are a few steps one can take to try and identify the problem and know whether screen replacement is needed.

 If the touch is partially or completely not working one can try cleaning it with the use of a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol to ensure that any moisture and dirt present on the display is removed. A hard reset can also be tried by pressing and holding the power button and home button at the same time, waiting for the device to reboot and then releasing the buttons once the Apple logo appears.

Unlike newer models of the Apple iPad such as the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro have their LCD panels and touchscreen fused together as a single unit therefore needing the whole unit to be replaced.

A few models of the iPad like the iPad1, iPad 2, iPad3, iPad 4, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 3, and iPad 5 do not have their touchscreens and LCDs fused together and can be changed separately resulting in some savings for the owner of the device.

iPad Battery Replacement Singapore

Batteries are another source of could be problems for the Apple iPad user, Batteries that don’t charge well and have low back up, sometimes due to age itself, battery heating up suddenly, iPad not turning on or not resetting properly, iPad switching off randomly are a few issues faced, and sometimes swollen batteries which is the most dangerous problem and can sometimes lead to it exploding, this requires immediate attention. 

These problems can be caused by a number of factors, some of the more common causes that bring about these problems are, Number of charging cycles that the battery has completed, using incompatible charging cables or adapters, voltage fluctuations due to power surges, exposure to high temperatures and sometimes even manufacturing defects.

One can try recalibrating the battery to confirm if the battery is in need of replacement, it is a simple process and can be done easily. An Apple iPad battery is designed to retain up to 80 percent of its original capacity even after completing 1000 plus charging cycles, if all the charging cycles are not completed and your device battery still does not provide enough backup one can try and recalibrate it, this is done by letting the battery drain completely to 0% and then charge it till 100%, once it is at 100% drain the battery back again to 0%, this process will recalibrate the battery. 

Once the battery is recalibrated use the iPad like you normally do, if you notice that the battery is still taking time to charge or draining too fast then a battery change will most likely be necessary at one of our service centers.

The Charging Port Replacement

Power issues can not only arise just due to battery issues but also the Apple iPad charging port which can sometimes get detached from the motherboard itself, charging port pins can also get damaged over a period of time. Other signs that would indicate a problem with the iPad charging port are, the iPad is charging intermittently, increased charging time or no charging at all. 

Reasons that could cause the charging port to malfunction are, dust or moisture accumulation in the charging port, liquid damage to the iPad, power surges that cause damage on the circuit board, inserting the wrong charging cable or accidental falls.

Steps to rectify or identify if the charging port needs replacing, firstly try an alternate charging cable and adapter, if the problem persists a hard reset can be tried, if these do not work simple charging port replacement at our store would easily fix the problem.

Why Red White Mobile

To help maintain smooth functioning of your Apple iPad, an occasional service or repair can help with the upkeep and increase the life of your iPad device significantly. These repairs can sometimes get expensive with some service locations charging up to 3 times the actual amount. Your Apple device is a prime investment so engaging a responsible vendor is important.

At all of our  locations we offer iPad repair services. We take the utmost care to handle each and every device that is committed to us by our customers, and to avoid any misunderstandings between the customer and ourselves we try to do our very best at performing the servicing of your Apple device right then and there in front of you as much as possible.

 However, in the unfortunate case that might warrant leaving your Apple device with us for major repairs that would take some time, you can rest assured that all your personal data and information stored on your device is protected by our strict privacy policies and your privacy shall never be compromised. 

Depending on the model of Apple iPad and what the seriousness of the problem is, our dedicated squad of technicians will help you find the best solution in regard to the device issue and will be able to suggest the most economical and efficient plan to remedy your Apple iPad situation.

Our technical team is well trained and will try and let you know as soon as possible what issues your Apple device is facing. We use only genuine, quality parts to ensure you receive the best service possible in Singapore.

Our diagnostic services

When a customer arrives at our stores with a faulty Apple iPad that needs attention, making hasty and sometimes incorrect decisions is not our policy.

We take the care needed to diagnose all our customers iPad devices, before we accept the iPad device in for repair we make sure to do a thorough and in depth diagnosis for any faults in the iPad other than the one that the device was brought in for. If by some unfortunate circumstance we identify any additional issues that might warrant extra costs and work, we take the time to explain the situation to our customers and in addition we advise them on the best possible way to go about fixing their Apple iPads. 

After this process with the help of our technical advisory department, we offer solutions and price quotations for the work and services required, then request for and await the customer’s approval before we commence our repair work.

Our service assurance

Once given the go ahead by the customer we do our best to execute the repair work on the spot and as soon as possible. It should be noted that Apple iPads that have suffered water damage will take longer to make detections and correct them. 

During the ongoing Apple iPad repair services, our customers are free to ask our technician any questions or queries related to the problem. Our team will be more than happy to share some iPad maintenance tips with you as well.

We try to keep our customers as content as can be while they wait for their iPads that are being fixed, with complimentary cool drinks and refreshments, Wi-Fi and an ample amount of reading material on offer in the comfort of our waiting room.

In the rare case where we have taken up the service and are not able to resolve our customers Apple iPads faults to the complete satisfaction of our customer, we will not charge you anything at all, we strictly do not believe in charging customers for iPad services and repairs that did not satisfy our customer entirely.

After sales care

Our dedication to guarantee customer happiness and satisfaction does not end once your iPad is fixed and returned to you, but extends up to 30 days from the time of receiving back your device in working condition. 

The warranty period will differ depending on the issue. If for any reason a problem might occur with the part or parts that have been serviced or replaced by us, we will immediately and without question rectify the customer’s concerns.

However, all customers are kindly requested to note that in the case of iPads which have suffered from water damage our warranty does not apply, and thus all repair services rendered for such iPad devices our 30 day warranty will not be applicable on the same.

The warranty factor we established helps us ensure that the quality of our service remains constant to all our customers.

We strongly believe that our customers are the beating heart of our business and our success lies in their loyalty and achieving solutions to satisfy their needs. 

With this in mind we hope our dedication to customer service and our quality of work allows you to think of us the next time for all repairs should the need arise.