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One of the worst feelings that we encounter on a daily basis is when we drop our phones and flip it over to see if we’ve cracked the display or not. Sometimes we’re lucky and sometimes we’re not. At Red White Mobile, we encounter a lot of broken phones and sad phone owners. 

In fact, here are some pretty scary statistics when it comes to new phones


  • 45% of new phone owners end up damaging their new phones in a matter of few weeks
  • 38% consumers drop their phones directly from their hand
  • $300 is the average cost for repairing a broken smartphone with original parts


This is not only an annoying problem, but also an expensive affair! 

This  problem has a solution and it comes in the form of Device Shield, an app based smartphone insurance. This will save you a lot of money and headache in the future! 


Introducing Device Shield

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Here’s how App Based Insurance works


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Sign-up to the App Based Insurance 

For just a meagre $39.99, you can protect your phone for the entire year and avoid paying exorbitant prices. Login to the app and sign-up for this service. You will receive a Device Shield Activation code and then you can activate your service. 


You break your phone, now what? 

Say you accidentally dropped your phone and destroyed the screen. You can log-on to the app and file a claim. You can describe the details of how your phone fell. 

Get your screen replaced 

Your phone is picked-up for free, repaired and delivered back to you for free. 


Important aspects of the App Based Insurance


One-Time Fee and Not a Penny More

A lot of insurance services request a payment initially and then ask for another payment while the insurance is claimed. In this case, there is Zero Excess. You don’t pay a single penny more when you claim your insurance. 


Free Delivery and Pick-up

So you’ve broken your phone and you wonder if you need to travel to some service center to get it repaired. The answer is no. You can sit comfortably while the team picks up your phone, gets it repaired and brings it back. At no extra cost. It’s all included!


Repaired only in Brand Authorised Service Centers 

If your phone is a Samsung, your phone will get repaired only in a Samsung authorised service center and nowhere else. It’s the same case with other branded devices as well. Your phone will not be repaired in a random third party service center, but a brand authorised service center.


Original Display from the Brand – 100% Guarantee

There are a lot of fake displays running around that have a very poor life. If you put a low quality display on your screen, the chances of it getting busted quick and breaking quick is very high. The quality of your screen will be so below par that you won’t be able to enjoy the content. With this service, you get the authentic and original display from the brand. 


12- Month Replacement Guarantee 

From the day you purchase the insurance plan, your phone is protected for a period of 12 months. You barely pay $0.11 per day to protect your phone. Once the period is over, you can renew the service for another 12 months. 


Display warranty after replacement 

So your display has been replaced, what is the guarantee the display is good? You get a 3 month screen warranty and the original warranty is intact after the repair! 


Why should you buy the App Based Insurance? 

Based on our estimate, the average smartphone owner break their display accidentally at least 2 to 3 times in a 4 to 5 year period. 

So when you calculate the original display replacement, it will cost at least $900 ($300 X 3 times breakage). This is a huge expense. If you just get the display insurance, you just have to shell out $120 ($40 X 3 times renewal). 

You save at least $700+ in the long-run. 

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Aren’t screen protectors meant to protect my display? 

They are advertised that way, but they rarely do that job. How can a $10 film expected to protect a $300 display. Screen protectors are meant only for protecting your screen from basic scratches and very small falls. If there’s a big impact, the protector will shatter. This is why no screen protector manufacturer gives a guarantee on the display being protected. 


Why should you protect your smartphone display and use only original display? 

Using an original display is very important for higher resale value. If you are looking to sell your phone at a good price, then you’ll need to have a good working display. The price of a phone immediately drops considerably if the display is not original or its cracked. 


What are the brands that are protected under App Based Insurance? 

All the major phone manufacturers are supported including Apple iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Sony, Google Pixel among others.


What is the time taken to repair a broken display? 

Authorised service centres have their own process for repairing a broken display and the time taken is approximately 5 working days from the date of raising the claim. It depends from service centre to service centre. 


Does Device Shield only protect the smartphone display?

Yes, other scratches and bumps are not covered under this policy. To read more about this you can visit the Device Shield website for more information.


Who is the insurance company that is underwriting this? 

ETiQa insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Singapore. They are AAA rated and have been around since 1961. 


Is this only for new smartphones? 

Yes, this Device Shield is for new smartphones that are under a year old. So if you are looking to purchase insurance for a newly purchased smartphone, then it’s the right time. Phones that were purchased more than a year back will not be eligible. 


Is Device Shield available elsewhere? 

Device Shield is available exclusively in Singapore only. 


Insurance plan is available for sign up at Red White Mobile Retail Shop.