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Huawei has made a name for itself in the smartphone industry by offering great, lower-cost options to higher-end brands. Although Huawei phones are, in no way, “cheap”, they’re among the most affordable smartphones on the market. Their lower price tags make them accessible to a lot more people, and the power, performance, and high-end tech that goes into each handset offers incredible value even when compared to leading brands.

One of the best things about getting a Huawei phone is that even when you’re paying less for a phone that performs just as well as other, more expensive products, you also have the advantage of low cost maintenance and repairs. Unlike bigger brands like Samsung and Apple, who offer their repair and maintenance services at a premium, Huawei phones are cheap and easy to fix if and when they break down.

If you’re a Huawei user in Singapore, we have everything you need to keep your Huawei devices working in top condition, so you can better leverage everything your Huawei phone has to offer. Whether it’s concerns regarding the screen, the battery, the internals, the case, the body, or the ports, we’re ready to give you and your phone the best-quality tech service so you can walk away feeling satisfied with a phone that works just as well as when you first bought it.

Huawei Phone Repair and Replacement Services in Singapore

There are a handful of official Huawei Service Centers in Singapore, but if you want to get a better deal, high-quality parts, and dedicated service from our team of professional phone technicians, then bring your phone over and let us give you service you need.

Here’s what we do:

1HUAWEI MATE 9$70$48
2HUAWEI MATE 10$80$48
4HUAWEI MATE 20$120$48
5HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO$245$48
6HUAWEI MATE 20X$320$48
7HUAWEI MATE 30$360$48
8HUAWEI MATE 30 PRO$380$48
9HUAWEI P20$80$48
10HUAWEI P20 PRO$150$48
11HUAWEI P30$230$48
12HUAWEI P30 PRO$250$48
13HUAWEI P30 LITE$70$38
14HUAWEI P40$230$48
15HUAWEI P40 PRO$290$48
16HUAWEI P40 PRO PLUS$430$48
17HUAWEI Y6 (2018)$50$38
18HUAWEI Y6S$60$38
19HUAWEI Y6 PRO$60$38
21HUAWEI Y9 (2019)$90$38
22HUAWEI Y9S (2020)$80$38
28HUAWEI NOVA 3I$70$38
29HUAWEI NOVA 4$80$38
30HUAWEI NOVA 5T$80$38
31HUAWEI NOVA 7I$70$48
45-60 minutes job for each fix and replacement

Best Quality Repair Services for the Latest Huawei Phones in Singapore

Other service centers might struggle with the latest phones and devices, but we know Huawei like the back of our hands. Every new Huawei smartphone requires a unique approach to fix the problems correctly and effectively, and our experts know everything there is to know about even then newest products, like:

  • Huawei Nova 3i
  • Huawei P30 Lite
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei P20 Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 20
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 30
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro

These smartphones are the latest to come from Huawei, and no matter you need – maintenance, software repair, hardware repair, parts replacements, you name it – we have the tools for the job. Check out our comprehensive list of services below and find out how we can help you get your Huawei daily driver back in working order.

Huawei Phone Diagnosis

The first step in solving any problem is figuring out what the problem is. We specialize in all kinds of problems related to Huawei smartphones, and whenever we receive a phone for repair, we do a full diagnosis to figure out the best way to repair your smartphone.

Smartphones – especially the latest models from Huawei – are complicated pieces of portable technology, and each part contributes to how the entire system performs. Screen and power  issues, performance problems, connectivity concerns, and other phone-related troubles, can be attributed to a variety of things.

Some problems may be obvious at first – a cracked screen, a broken camera, faulty wiring – while others issues, like software problems and worn out internals, may not be so easily detected. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your phone, bring it to us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Huawei Phone Water Damage Repair

One of the most common reasons a smartphone gets damaged is because of accidental exposure to water and other kinds of liquids. Although the highest-end smartphones may boast advanced resistance to dust and water, not all smartphones are built to withstand water damage.

When water gets into your smartphone, it can cause all sorts of damage. Electronics get shorted causing power loss, and the water can in turn incite rust and other chemical reactions with the compounds found inside your phone.

While water damage can feel like it’s the end of your trusty smartphone, we know exactly what to do to get your device back in working condition. Our most common fix for water damage on Huawei smartphones is chemical wash which removes any residue and substance formation caused by water damage.

While this is sufficient in most cases, sometimes the water damage is so severe that parts need to be replaced. We’ll let you know ahead of time if that’s the case, and you can tell us how you want to proceed.

Huawei Phone Battery Replacement

Another common issue with most phones is battery problems. In most cases, battery problems arise from improper battery use like leaving your phone plugged in for several days straight, but the truth is that all batteries will die eventually.

If your Huawei phone isn’t holding a full charge, or if it’s noticeably ballooned around the case, then replacing your battery is a quick and easy fix. We do battery replacement for all the latest Huawei smartphones.

Huawei Phone LCD Replacement or Repair

Today’s smartphones almost always come with vibrant, colorful displays, so when a problem arises that compromises the quality of the display, it affects your smartphone experience. If your phone isn’t visibly cracked, but you’re still getting problems regarding the display, then it’s most likely a problem with the LCD. A lot of things can cause damage to your LCD – drops, excessive force, and regular wear can cause connections to loosen, making your display unresponsive or

LCD problems often stem from faulty wiring, so we’ll always check if we can repair your LCD back to full functionality. If the LCD needs to be replaced, we can do that for you, too.

 Huawei Phone Screen Replacement

Although screen and LCD problems are different, their function is tied to the same part. If your screen is cracked there’s no way to repair it, but fortunately getting a screen replacement is the best and most cost-effective solution. Another plus is that if you need your screen replaced, you’ll also be getting a brand-new LCD since they’re tied to the same part.

Huawei Phone Backplate/Glass Replacement

A cracked backplate is one of the most devastating things that can happen to your Huawei smartphone. Most users love back glass on their phone because of the premium feel it offers, and it can also sometimes cause problems with wireless charging.

We offer Backplate/Glass Replacement on all Huawei smartphones that have a glass back. If yours is cracked, bring to us and we’ll replace it fast with high-quality parts at lower prices.

Huawei Phone Charging Port Repair

Unlike a cracked screen or back glass which is aesthetically unpleasant, a broken charging port could keep you from using your phone at all. Especially on models that don’t have wireless charging, a faulty charging port can keep you from using your device when it matters.

Charging Ports can get loose or worn over time, and drops can also cause several connections to come loose. Bring your phone to us and we’ll repair it, or if the charging port itself needs to be replaced, we offer low-price parts that are just as good as the original.

Huawei Phone Camera Lens Replacement

Image from Huawei Official

Huawei phones are beloved by their users because of the highly advanced technology that goes into Huawei cameras. For much lower prices than leading brands, Huawei has consistently been able to deliver flagship-level camera quality on even just their mid-range devices.

However, if your camera stops working, if there are scratches on the lens, or if the lens gets cracked, you may feel like you’re missing out on one of the best features of your smartphone. Bring it to us and we’ll replace your lens with brand-new, high-quality parts so you can go back to taking pro-grade pictures of the people, places, and things that you love.

Huawei Phone Camera Removal Service

Although some people may find the concept strange, Camera Removal services are quite common here in Singapore where many of our young men currently serve in the NS. In several army camps in Singapore, there are designated red zones where personal cameras – like the ones in your smartphone – are strictly prohibited.

To help with this situation, we offer several kinds of camera removal services. The most popular options include camera hardware removal, sandblast grinding to blur the camera lens, epoxy covers, and lens covers, to make your Huawei smartphone usable while in service.

Huawei Phone Motherboard Repair

Motherboard problems are less common than the other issues we’re specialized to fix, but when they occur, it can greatly affect the way you use your smartphone. System crashes, no audio, severe lag and performance problems, and more can all stem from a faulty or damaged motherboard.

Not many service and repair centers in Singapore aren’t equipped to deal with Huawei internals, especially the motherboard which is a highly sensitive piece of electronics. However, we’re proud to say that our skilled technicians can diagnose and fix all kinds of motherboard-related problems.

Huawei Phone Motherboard Replacement

If a motherboard repair isn’t possible, the only other option is replacement. Although this option is an extreme measure – one that you undergo as a last resort, when you need to bring your phone back from the brink of death – it does come with several caveats. Motherboard replacement will require official parts – which are pricier than our grade A alternatives – and it also means you’ll lose any and all data that wasn’t backed up.

Some Things To Consider

If your device is no longer working in proper order, don’t worry – there are a lot of options available to you. However, before you take your smartphone anywhere, make sure you consider the following:

Check Device Warranty

If your smartphone is still under warranty, then good news! You’re eligible for repair and parts replacement on your smartphone. The Warranty Period on most Huawei handsets is 24 months from the date of purchase, so if your phone starts acting up within the first two years of use, you can take it to any Huawei Service Center – or if your retailer offers in-house warranty and servicing, you can take it there – for free repairs.

 If your phone starts acting up within 7 days of purchase, you can get your phone replaced with a brand-new one.

One thing to note about the Huawei Warranty is that it doesn’t cover accidental (or what they call “human”) damage. If things don’t work like they should, you’re probably covered, but for cracks and other types of damage, your warranty won’t cover it.

Check Device Insurance

Most retailers offer low-cost insurance services whenever you buy a new phone, so if your Huawei smartphone needs fixing, make sure to check if it’s insured or if the insurance is still active. If so, getting repairs and parts replacement done on an insurance claim is a great way to avoid the typical costs that come with phone repairs.

After Sales Service

If you’re ready to bring your phone in for repairs, make sure you look at the After Sales services you’re getting at your repair shop of choice. Here at our shop, we offer plenty of After Sales services so you can be confident that your device will continue to work the way you need it.

Find a Huawei Service Center Near You

If your device is still under warranty, or if the problem requires a more proprietary solution, you can try visiting a Huawei Service Center here in Singapore. Of course, if you come to us, we’ll be able to give you great deals and dedicated, top-quality service, but if you can get your repairs done for free from Huawei Official, it would be a good idea to start there. You can find Huawei Service Centers at the locations below:

Huawei Customer Service and Experience Center at Westgate

3 Gateway Dr, #03-38/39 Westgate, Singapore 608532

Schedule Servicing at +65 8700 2000

Huawei Customer Service and Experience Center at 313@somerset

313 Orchard Rd, #B2 – 12 / 13, Singapore 238895

Schedule Servicing at +65 800 852 6666

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