New Mobile Phones


Available in White
Apple Singapore Warranty Set

$89.90 $68.00

Available in White
Momax Singapore 1 Year Warranty

Out of stock


Samsung Galaxy Fold


Out Of Stock
Samsung Singapore Warranty Set



JayBird X4

$185.00 $128.00

Available in Black Metallic-Flash
Available in Storm Mettallic-Flash
JayBird Singapore Warranty


Available in White
Apple 1 Year Warranty Set

Accessories & Gadgets


available Black/White & Blue/White


Available in Black
Samsung SG 1 Year Warranty


Available in Black
Anker Singapore 18 Months Warranty

$123.00 $88.00

Available in jade and Black
jaybIrd Singapore Warranty Set

Out of stock

Out Of Stock
Whitestone Dome Glass,[Samsung S10 Plus]
Tempered Screen protector
Price Inclusive of Installation(15-20mins)


Available in Monarch Ash


Available in Midnight

$32.00 $25.00

Available in Black, Yellow, Red, Classic-White, Royal Blue and Blush PInk


Available in Note 20

Out of stock

Out of Stock

$31.00 $24.00

Available in Classic Black, White, Cloud Gray and Blush Pink

Red White Mobile - No Contract Phones Available

If you are looking to buy a phone online and are specifically looking for no contract phones, you’ve come to the right place! Red White Mobile offers the cheapest no contract phones and accessories island-wide. Operating on a bulk order business model allows us to leverage close working relationships with mobile phone distributors to provide you with the cheapest and most attractive smartphone sets without a contract in Singapore.

To offer competitive prices on the market, we update our prices daily for our customers. All our products and services - no contract phones, accessories and cheap mobile phone repair - listed on our website for customers in Singapore deal strictly in cash and corresponding electronic payment charges will apply.

We aim to provide the latest yet cheapest on the market smartphone sets for customers looking to buy a phone online without a contract. All major credit cards as well as NETs are accepted at our store.

We fully understand that mobile phones are becoming increasingly expensive to purchase and own. Therefore, we provide alternative instalment plans (for UOB credit card holders) with 6-36 months of repayment.

Trade In Or Sell Your Phone Online

Buying a new phone today does not come at a low cost. With newer phones coming out every so often, trading in your old smartphone can be a great way to earn some money back that you can potentially put towards your new smartphone. Not only is selling your old smartphone online environmentally sustainable, it gives you additional value when you trade them in for a new one.

When you decide to sell or trade in your phone online, take note that the prices are wholly dependent and subject to the quality of the smartphone as well as the market fluctuation. Our prices listed online are based on estimation. If you plan to sell your phone but do not see the model listed online, do send us a message via WhatsApp for clarification.

Cheap Mobile Phone Repair Services in Singapore

Our phones are a necessity in our lives today. When we use our phones often, it is highly likely that we will run into technical problems, software issues, and sometimes, incur physical damage to our phones by accidentally dropping it.

Replacing your smartphone every other time when this happens is costly. Red White Mobile offers cheap mobile phone repair services for both iPhones and Samsung smartphones in Bugis, Singapore.

For additional information, you can take a look at our FAQ page where we answer some of the frequently asked questions.