iPhone Repair Services in Singapore

Today, mobile phones are used for much more than just making calls or sending texts. The smartphones today function as entertainment devices as well; with social media, video games and networking applications. Furthermore, the emergence of technologically-advanced smartphones in the market is spurring telecommunications companies towards innovating newer, advanced and impressive features.

The iPhone itself is a significantly popular smartphone of choice for many in today’s digital market. When it comes to Singapore, 70% people are the iPhone customers.

Research also suggests that people spend an average of 2 hours a day on their mobile phones. As our smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, we are bound to face technical issues such as software problems or physical defects like screen cracks, scratches, blackout, or unresponsive home buttons. Red White Mobile offers a mobile phone screen, software, and parts repair services at an affordable and reliable cost in Singapore.

 Free iPhone Diagnosis and Immediate Repair

iphone repair shop singapore

Not only does Red White Mobile sell new and used mobile phones along with the option to trade in old phones, we also provide a free diagnosis before commencing on any necessary mobile phone repair.

  • Free Diagnosis

Prior to any mobile phone repair needs, we conduct a free diagnosis to evaluate the conditions of your smartphone.

iPhone Repair Singapore by Red White Mobile

Our Repair Price List

Kindly Note that all Device Original Manufacture Warranty will not be recognised once Repair by Third Party store
In Additional water proofing will be void and for newer models there will be an error message on your device indicating that your device have been replaced by third party Parts
Parts/Model Price
iPhone back Glass ReplacemenT-requires 60mins not inclusive of
iphone 8 $60
iphone 8p $60
iphone x $60
iphone xs $60
iphone xs max $60
iphone 11 $80
iphone 11 pro $80
iphone 11 pro max $80
iphone 12 mini $118
iphone 12 $118
iphone 12 pro $118
iphone 12 pro max $118
iPhone Cracked Glass ReplacemenT-requires 20-45mins not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6s OEM $30 original $40
iPhone 6s plus OEM $30 original $40
iPhone 7 OEM $40 original $50
iPhone 7 plus OEM $40 original $50
iPhone 8 OEM $40 original $50
iPhone 8 Plus OEM $50 original $60
iPhone X OEM $90 original $110
iPhone Xr OEM $70 original $90
iPhone Xs OEM $100 original $120
iPhone Xs Max OEM $120 original $150
iPhone 11 OEM $100 original $120
iPhone 11 pro OEM $140 original $180
iPhone 11 pro max OEM $140 original $200
iPhone 12 mini original $250
iPhone 12/12 pro original $270
iPhone 12 pro max original $290
Replacement of LCD- 20-45 mins job not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6 OEM $30
iPhone 6 plus OEM $35
iPhone 6s OEM $40 original $60
iPhone 6s plus OEM $40 original $60
iPhone 7 OEM $40 original $60
iPhone 7 plus OEM $50 original $70
iPhone 8 OEM $50 original $70
iPhone 8 Plus OEM $60 original $80
iPhone X OEM $100$ OLED $120 original $170
iPhone Xr OEM $90 original $130
iPhone Xs OLED $150 original $200
iPhone Xs Max OLED $190 original $250
iPhone 11 OEM $130 original $170
iPhone 11 Pro OEM $160 OLED $210 original $330
iPhone 11 Pro Max OEM $180 OLED $280 original $360
iPhone 12 mini original $440
iPhone 12/12pro original $460
iPhone 12 pro max original $480
ipad 2 lcd $60
ipad 3 lcd $70
ipad 4 lcd $70
ipad air lcd $80
ipad air 2 lcd $170
ipad air 3 lcd $260
ipad 5th (2017) lcd $100
ipad 6th (2018) lcd $100
ipad 7th (2019) lcd $240
ipad 8th (2020) lcd $260
ipad mini1 lcd $60
ipad mini 2 lcd $80
ipad mini 3 lcd $80
ipad mini 4 lcd $180
ipad mini 5 lcd $200
ipad pro 9.7 lcd $220
ipad pro 10.5 lcd $250
ipad pro 11 (2018) $360
ipad pro 11 (2020) $380
Replacement of Battery 20 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 6 $28
iphone 6s $28
iphone 6sp $28
iphone 7 $28
iphone 7p $28
iphone 8 $28
iphone 8p $28
iphone X $48
iphone xs $68
iphone xs max $68
iphone xr $48
iphone 11 $68
iphone 11 pro $78
iphone 11 pro max $78
iPad 2 $40
iPad 3 $50
iPad 4 $50
iPad Air $60
iPad Air 2 $70
iPad Air 3 $90
ipad 5th (2017) $60
ipad 6th (2018) $70
ipad 7th (2019) $70
ipad 8th (2020) $100
iPad mini 1 $40
iPad mini 2 $50
iPad mini 3 $50
iPad mini 4 $60
iPad mini 5 $70
ipad pro 9.7 $70
ipad pro 10.5 $80
ipad pro 11 (2018) $120
iPhone Charging Port & Primary Mic & Audio Jack(all 3 parts are linked togther) Replacement 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6 $28
iPhone 6 plus $28
iPhone 6s $28
iPhone 6s plus $28
iPhone 7 $38
iPhone 7 plus $38
iPhone 8 $38
iPhone 8 Plus $38
iPhone X $48
iPhone XR $48
iphone xs $68
iphone xs max $68
iphone 11 $78
iphone 11 pro $88
iphone 11 pro max $88
iPhone front Camera & proximity Sensor replacement(all 2 parts are linked together) 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6 $38
iPhone 6 plus $38
iPhone 6s $38
iPhone 6s plus $38
iPhone 7 $48
iPhone 7 plus $48
iPhone 8 $48
iPhone 8 Plus $48
iPhone X $88
iPhone XR $88
iphone xs $98
iphone xs max $98
iphone 11 $98
iphone 11 pro $98
iphone 11 pro max $98
iPhone Flash Light & Secondary Mic & Power button & Silent Button Replacement(all 4 parts are linked togther Except for 6 Plus & 6s Plus) 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6 $38
iPhone 6 plus $38-Not Linked together
iPhone 6s $38
iPhone 6s plus $38-Not linked Together
iPhone 7 $38
iPhone 7 plus $38
iPhone 8 $48
iPhone 8 Plus $48
iPhone X $68
iPhone XR $68
iPhone Back Camera Replacement 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $35
iphone 5s $35
iphone 5c $35
iPhone 6 $35
iPhone 6 plus $35
iPhone 6s $35
iPhone 6s plus $55
iPhone 7 $70
iPhone 7 plus $100
iPhone 8 75
iPhone 8 Plus 80
iPhone X $80
iphone xr 80
iphone xs $90
iphone xs max $90
iphone 11 $120
iphone 11 pro 120
iphone 11 pro max $120
iphone 12 $120
iphone 12 pro $130
iphone 12 pro max $140
iPhone Vibrator Replacement 20 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $28
iphone 5s $28
iphone 5c $28
iPhone 6 $28
iPhone 6 plus $28
iPhone 6s $28
iPhone 6s plus $28
iPhone 7 $28
iPhone 7 plus $28
iPhone 8 $28
iPhone 8 Plus $28
iPhone X $Whatsapp 86684811
iPhone Receiver/Earspeaker Replacement 20 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $28
iphone 5s $28
iphone 5c $28
iPhone 6 $28
iPhone 6 plus $28
iPhone 6s $28
iPhone 6s plus $28
iPhone 7 $28
iPhone 7 plus $28
iPhone 8 $28
iPhone 8 Plus $28
iPhone X $68
iPhone XR $68
iPhone xs $68
iPhone xs max $68
iPhone 11 $68
iPhone 11 pro $68
iphone 11 pro max $68
iPhone Speaker Replacement 20 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $28
iphone 5s $28
iphone 5c $28
iPhone 6 $28
iPhone 6 plus $28
iPhone 6s $28
iPhone 6s plus $28
iPhone 7 $28
iPhone 7 plus $28
iPhone 8 $28
iPhone 8 Plus $28
iPhone X $58
iPhone XR $58
iphone xs $58
iphonexs max $58
iphone 11 $58
iphone 11 pro $58
iphone 11 pro max $58
iPhone Camera Glass Replacement 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $18
iphone 5s $18
iphone 5c $18
iPhone 6 $18
iPhone 6 plus $18
iPhone 6s $18
iPhone 6s plus $18
iPhone 7 $28
iPhone 7 plus $28
iPhone 8 $28
iPhone 8 Plus $28
iphone x $38
iPhone XR $28
iphone xs $38
iphone xs max $ 38
iphone 11 $48
iphone 11 pro $48
iphone 11 pro max $48
iphone 12 mini $58
iphone 12 $58
iphone 12 pro $58
iphone 12 pro max $58
iPhone Wifi Antenna Replacement 30 mins job not inclusive of queue
iphone 5 $28
iphone 5s $28
iphone 5c $28
iPhone 6 $38
iPhone 6 plus $38
iPhone 6s $38
iPhone 6s plus $38
iPhone 7 $38
iPhone 7 plus $38
iPhone 8 $38
iPhone 8 Plus $38
iPhone XR $Whatsapp 86684811
Housing Replacement 2 hrs job not inclusive of queue
iPhone 6 $48
iPhone 6 Plus $48
iPhone 7 $68
iPhone 7 Plus $68
iPhone 8 $88
iPhone 8 Plus $88
iPhone X $108
iPhone Xr $108
iPhone Xs $118
iPhone Xs max $118
iPhone 11 $108
iphone 11 pro $128
iPhone 11 pro max $138
iPhone Home Button Replacement with fingerprint not working
iPhone 6 $30
iPhone 6 plus $30
iPhone 6s $30
iPhone 6s plus $30
iphone 7 $
iphone 7 plus $
iPad 2 and 3 $50
iPad 4 $60
iPad mini $55
iPhone Home Button ic chip Replacement with fingerprint working
iphone 7 $60
iphone 7 plus $60
Mother board repair-Replacing of ic chip of affected problems 2 hrs onwards depending on problem
Diagnose 15 mins-Repair 1-2 hrs
No Power $100 Onwards depending on models
No Display $80 Onwardsdepending on models
No BackLight $80 Onwardsdepending on models
No FlashLight $80 Onwardsdepending on models
No Vibration $80 Onwardsdepending on models
No Audio $120 Onwardsdepending on models
Not Charging $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Cannot Touch $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Camera not working $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Nfc not working $80 Onwardsdepending on models
iTunes restore Error $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Wifi Not Working/Wifi Weak $80 Onwardsdepending on models
No Network/Network Weak $120 Onwardsdepending on models
Hang at Apple logo $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Auto Restart $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Battery Drainage fast $80 Onwardsdepending on models
Mother Board Heat up $80 Onwardsdepending on models
GPS Not Working $120 Onwardsdepending on models
Water Damage $120-$200 Onwards Depending on complexity-However no warranty for water damage repair
  • 1 Month Warranty On All Mobile Phone Screen and Parts Repair Services Rendered

Smartphones are built using complex and a wide range of parts. Any issue with these parts can cause damage to your phone. Dropping your phone can either result in a cracked screen or worse, internal damage that can be frustrating to repair. Water damage or heating issues can also require serious attention for your phone to resume working normally again.

Another common reason your mobile phone may require repair has to do with how long you’ve used the same phone. Run over a long time, phones can fail to work at an optimum level when used for long periods of time.

Servicing your mobile phone with regular repair and upkeep can help you to maintain the smooth functioning ability of the phone. However, mobile phone repair for iphones can get costly, with some vendors charging 3 times the actual repair rates.

Your mobile phone is a critical investment, so be sure to engage a reliable vendor for the repair.

Common iPhone Mobile Phone Issues That Require Repair

• The screen stops responding.
• Cracked iPhone screen – mainly because the phone dropped landing its face down.
• The phone isn’t turning on due to the spilling of water causing damage to components.
• The iPhone doesn’t turn on or is extremely hot after charging.
• Unresponsive screen or a very slow response
• Stuck or an unresponsive home button

We understand that…

  • 20-25% of iPhone users who crack their screens continue using it without acquiring proper mobile phone repair, causing further damages with serious implications of cutting your fingers and even scarring your face
  • Only 2 out of 3 cracked screen users get their screens fixed
  • There are just 10% of the internal problems in iPhone that aren’t caused by users which is approximately 15% in the case of other brands.
  • A total of 400 million iPhone users are present in the world today which means according to the statistics, 26 million iPhone screens are cracked and have been repaired.

Contact us for mobile phone repair services at affordable and reliable rates.

So let us not be a part of this category and find how to get your iPhone repaired at an affordable and a secure manner.

Why Choose Red White Mobile Phone Repair Services in Singapore

iphone repair near bugis singapore

At Red White Mobile, we handle every mobile phone entrusted to us with utmost care. We offer mobile phone repair services on the spot and do our best at servicing in front of you. We want to help you avoid any problems of mismanagement by performing the mobile phone screen and parts repair service with you around. However, in the case of major repairs, it may take some time. Be assured that your data privacy shall be never compromised.

We have a dedicated team of technicians who can help you get the best solution with regards to a broken device. Depending on the model you have and the issue is, they will be able to recommend the most economical and the best plan for your mobile phone repair solution.

The mobile phone repair team in Singapore is perfectly trained and can diagnose problems right away. We ensure use of only genuine components. Our service quality and after sales services are top-notch.

iphone repair service

Contact us for mobile phone repair for any of the mentioned iPhone models below:

• iPhone 12 Pro
• iPhone 12
• iPhone 11 Pro
• iPhone 11
• iPhone X
• iPhone XR
• iPhone 8
• iPhone 7
• iPhone 6
• iPhone SE

We offer INSTANT Mobile Phone Repair Service for iPhones

Whatsapp us at 8668 4811 for more information.

Our Mobile Phone Repair Process For iPhones (Singapore)

We inform you beforehand if the phone can be repaired. The components shall go through a strict QC process to ensure there is no manufacturing failure or another subsidiary failure due to shipping of the product. These batch tests are performed by the team to maintain quality standards.

Our Service Assurance

Before we take in the mobile phone for repair, we make sure to diagnose the faults and explain the issues to the customer. Additionally, these issues are followed by the best practices advice from our advisory team. Accordingly, we offer solutions and quotations before resuming the mobile phone repair work. With the exception of water damage to the mobile phone, we try our best to perform the repair on the spot. Water damaged phones require stint to make detections and revive.

During ongoing mobile phone repair services, you may ask the technician any questions related to the problem. Our team will be glad to share some iPhone maintenance tips with you.

If we take up the service and are still unable to resolve the issue, you will not be charged. We do not believe in charging for mobile phone repair services that fail to resolve our customer’s issue with the phone.

After Sales Services

The phone is under warranty for 30 days right from the day of the mobile phone repair. The warranty period differs depending on the issue. However, there is no warranty on mobile phone repair services rendered for water damaged phones. The warranty factor helps us ensure our quality of services to the customers.

Check out more of our mobile phone repair services for iPhones by contacting us through our WhatsApp.

The customer is the king of our business. Our success lies in finding solutions for our customers. We offer complete comfort to the customer offering you a waiting room while your iPhone is being repaired. There is a Wi-Fi, cold drinks available and magazines to spend a good time. Customer loyalty being our top priority, we have gained huge success in the field of iPhone repairs further desiring to gain more with considerable innovations and better services.

We are located here

iPhone Screen Replacement Singapore – Red White Mobile

When you have an Apple iPhone that needs to be looked at, just head to Red White mobile for a professional and trusted solution to get the job done.

We know how valuable a customer’s time is and do not waste any of it. We perform all work on screens in the quickest time possible and to the best standards available in Singapore today, we take between 30 to 90 minutes for all screen replacements depending on the model of the iPhone. 

At Red White Mobile we strive to keep our customers fully informed about their Apple iPhones issues, we shall explain all details of complications with complete clarity, and we will be happy to answer any questions the customer might have. This is to provide transparency to the entire process.

Apple iPhone technology is constantly changing with each and every new iPhone, this requires our technicians to stay up to date with all the latest repair methods and platforms, this allows them to tackle almost all Apple iPhone issues and perform screen replacements in the shortest time possible, right there on the spot and also deliver quality and affordable services to all our customers.    

We are proud of the partnerships we have constructed over the years with our trusted spare part suppliers all over the globe, this gives us the opportunity to source genuine and high quality spare or replacement parts at affordable prices, allowing us to give you the best value for money and quality.

When you repair your Apple iPhone with us, we provide a warranty cover on all parts replaced by us for up to 30 days to give you peace of mind.

Replacement of iPhone Screens

Screens are one of the most integral parts of an Apple iPhone, but are sometimes prone to malfunction or damage due to accidental falls. 

Damaged or broken screens are the most common mishap that usually requires replacement.

Other issues that Apple iPhone user might face with their screens are, low display brightness,

 Displays going completely blank, touchscreen not responding or experiencing ghost touches,

 Lines on the display, screen shading damage, face ID not working properly, screen freezing issues, screen burn in, some Apple iPhone users also experience a green line appearing on one side of the screen and sometimes screens can pop out of the casing as well.

Some of the circumstances that can bring about such problems could either be software related or due to faulty hardware.

Hardware issues can occur due to a number of factors, exposure to excessive temperatures, water or other liquid spills or accidental falls. Malfunctioning bulged batteries can also cause the screen to be pushed out of its housing.

What to do if you have faulty iPhone screens?

There are a few steps an Apple iPhone user can try at home before considering taking the device in for repairs.

Cleaning the display thoroughly using isopropyl solution and a microfiber cloth can take away any dust and moisture present and solve some touch issues if they exist.

Trying a force restart can also help fix some problems a user might face. To perform a force restart,    first press and quickly release the volume up button, then press and quickly release the volume down button, Next press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen, this will cause the Apple IPhone to force restart.

For screen burn problems which sometime occur on OLED displays, reducing the brightness on your Apple iPhone from the drop down menu, and turning auto lock on so the home screen does not stay on too long helps reduce the risks of screen burn.

Another possible user fix is to try a hard reset, Although all Apple iPhone users should note hard resets will wipe all of the data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts and Video, etc. and is not recoverable.

To perform a hard reset on an Apple device can be done in two ways, using iCloud or the old way through iTunes.

The iCloud method can be done on most new models of Apple iPhones,

Firstly, backup all your data on Apple’s iCloud,

Next go to settings and select general, once in general settings select reset located at the bottom.

Once on the reset page, select erase all content and settings, you will receive a prompt asking to backup and erase or direct erase, select direct erase only if you have already backed up all your data safely. Click erase iPhone in the next menu.

This process will reset your Apple iPhone to factory settings.

For older models that are not able to connect to iCloud the only way to factory restore is through iTunes.

To do this a user must connect their Apple iPhone to a computer,

You can connect your Apple device using a USB or USB-C cable or with a Wi-Fi connection as well.

Once connected to the iTunes app on your computer, click the device button located at the top left of the iTunes window.

After selecting your device click restore, you will receive a prompt to backup, select the required option and click restore again to confirm the action.

This will erase and re-install the OS on your device.

iPhone Screen protection tips

– An Apple iPhone screen can be up to 40 percent of the cost of the device, always use a screen        protector made of good quality tempered glass, this will help avoid the actual screen getting damaged and the need for replacement. 

– Cleaning the screen regularly also helps increase the life of the screen as well as keeping the touch function working properly and maintaining the clarity of the display.

– Using a good protection case can also go a long way to protect the screen when not in use and also the     corners, back and sides of your Apple iPhone. 

– Leaving your Apple device exposed to the sun for long durations can also cause damage, hardware can overheat and damage the screen, the excess heat can also cause warping in the screen and panels.

– Avoid using waterproof pouches for long hours at a time as it can cause condensation of moisture which can damage the iPhone.

With the help of these simple tips you can increase the life of your Apple iPhone and avoid the need for unnecessary repairs or replacement.

Price List of iPhone 7,8,9, X, XR, 11, 12, 13 Screen Replacements in Singapore

          DisplaysFRONT GLASS
1IP 6$3020 MIN JOB
2IP 6P$35
3IP 6S$60$40$40$3030 MIN JOB
4IP 6SP$60$40$40$30
5IP 7$60$40$50$40
6IP 7P$70$50$50$40
7IP 8$70$50$50$40
8IP 8P$80$60$60$50
9IP X$170$120$100$110$9060 MIN JOB
10IP XR$120$90$90$70
11IP XS$190$150$120$100
12IP XS MAX$250$160$150$120
13IP 11$150$100$120$100
14IP 11 PRO$330$210$160$180$140
15IP 11 PRO MAX$360$280$200$200$140
16IP 12 MINI$440$25090 MIN JOB
17IP 12$460$270
18IP 12 PRO$460$270
19IP 12 PRO MAX$480$290

Why choose Red White Mobile

All Apple iPhones need some upkeep to maintain smooth functioning of the phone, a regular servicing at Red White Mobile will increase the life of your device.

Such work on your iPhone can be expensive with some service vendors charging up to three times the actual cost. Selecting a responsible vendor avoids such unnecessary charges.

If you ever do face issues with you Apple iPhone, our team of technicians will help you find the best solution for your problem and we will provide you the most economical and efficient way to fix your Apple device.

All Apple iPhones that are committed to us by our customers will be handled with great care, to avoid any differences between the customer and ourselves we try our best to do all screen replacements on the spot in the shortest time possible right there in front of you.

In the unfortunate event that might warrant leaving your Apple iPhone with us for more extensive repairs, you can rest assure that all of your private data stored on the iPhone is safe and will never be compromised, protected by our strict privacy policies.

At Red White Mobile we use the best quality, genuine spare parts so you get the best service that’s available in Singapore. 

Our diagnostic services

Before we accept an Apple iPhone brought in by a customer for repair, we perform a full diagnosis of the device to check if any other faults apart from the ones informed to us by the customer exist. 

We inform the customer the results of the diagnosis and if there will be any extra parts and costs involved in the repair.

Our staff along with feedback from our technicians will provide you possible solutions and cost estimates for the same.

When we get our customers approval, then we will proceed with the required repairs,

No hidden charges and no extra fees.

Our service guarantee

Once given the go ahead by our customer and work commences on your Apple iPhone, we try to achieve all work on the spot. Customers with iPhones that have suffered from liquid or water damage may take longer to repair depending on how serious the damage is.

While your Apple iPhone repairs are being carried out, our customers are free to ask and clarify any doubts they may have regarding the repairs of their iPhone and our staff will be happy to help anytime.

During your wait while your device is being fixed, we have on offer complimentary cool drinks and refreshments, Wi-Fi and a good amount of reading material on hand, all for our customers to enjoy in the comfort of our lounge.

In the rare situation where we are not able to carry out the work required to the full satisfaction of our customer, we will not charge a customer anything in terms of fees or sourced parts.

After sales service

When we return your Apple iPhone to you, our commitment to you does not end there.

When you repair your iPhone with Red White Mobile we shall provide a warranty for a maximum period of 30 days, this varies on the work that has been done and the parts replaced by us.

If for any reason our customer experiences problems with parts of the Apple iPhone fixed or replaced by us, all you have to do is drop in at our store, report the problem and we shall immediately rectify the issue at no further cost to the customer.

All customers are kindly requested to note, in the case of Apple iPhones that have suffered from water or other liquid damage, our 30 day warranty on such devices and the work performed on them shall not be applicable.

We believe customers are the key to all business and our success lies in their loyalty and happiness.

Customers are the core of our business and all success is in their loyalty and satisfaction, our dedication to customer service and good quality work is to achieve this.

 So next time you need any services for your Apple iPhone just head to Red White Mobile.

Warranty from Apple Singapore

New or refurbished, Apple covers most of their products under a limited period warranty. Before you jump the gun and decide to get your iPhone fixed by a third party, we advise you to review your Apple warranty status and check your service and support coverage.

It’s not that we won’t accept the repair request for your iPhone if you come to us if your device is still under warranty from Apple. If you authorize Red And White Mobile to proceed with repairing your iPhone while it is still covered for service and support by Apple, it’s important to note that the Apple warranty will be voided.

Know more about Apple’s policy on their legacy products if you own an iPhone that is either out of warranty or has been discontinued. You may also contact Apple Singapore on +65-800-186-1087 for any further queries.

Common iPhone Repair Requests in Singapore

  1. iPhone Screen/LCD Replacement in Singapore

    True pain is when you crack the screen of your smartphone, especially if it’s an iPhone. Cracked, malfunctioning or blacked out phone screens are the most common repair requests we get. It’s easy to get confused between LCD replacement and screen replacement as they’re both part of the display unit.

    In simple terms, a cracked screen can be easily replaced if your iPhone’s display is fully functional. This involves replacing the glass panel that protects the display unit of the iPhone. The damage is deeper if you see black dots or lines appearing on the screen, and can only be fixed by replacing both the LCD and the screen.
  2. Battery Replacement in Singapore

    All iPhone devices are famously known for their notorious battery issues as they age with time. Apple says that the iPhone batteries are designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles.

    While the device will still be able to perform daily tasks with minimal issues post the 1000-cycle mark, heavy computational applications will tend to deplete the battery quickly, which will further deteriorate the battery. Signs of an iPhone battery in bad health include the phone heating up when left idle and super fast battery drain.
  3. iPhone Charge Port Replacement in Singapore

    The charging port on your iPhone is susceptible to damages as it is one of the most used components of the device. Additionally, other factors like an accidental fall, moisture/dust accumulation in and around the charging port, using an incompatible iPhone charger or a manufacturing defect with the dock connector may warrant the replacement of the charging port.

    Indicators like the slower charging of the device, failure to charge the device even with a working charging cable and brick, or only being able to charge your device at a specific angle are tell-tale signs of a flawed charging port. Irrespective of what the exact problem is, replacing the charging port is usually a very quick and simple process.
  4. iPhone Water Damage Repair in Singapore

    Apple, like most other smartphone manufacturers, do not cover for liquid damages under their one-year limited warranty. Although they do advertise their products as water-resistant, they expect their customers to know that no iPhone is water-proof as they aren’t completely indestructible by water.

    The water resistance of iPhones are rated based on Ingress Progression (or IP rating). Here is a list of iPhones with their IP ratings. This rating tells you exactly how resistant your iPhone is to dust and water.

    Although Apple advertises the iPhone as water-resistant (a wonderful marketing tactic), they do not expect you to test how effective their claims are. We think so too, and suggest that you bring your iPhone to us in case you suspect any liquid damage.

Fixing water damage on your iPhone can be like tossing a coin – sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes it can’t as knowing the extent of the water damage is unpredictable. However, we do our very best to fix water-damaged iPhones.

(Pro-Tip: It’s always more cost-effective to replace a water-damaged iPhone with a new one, and could be the perfect reason to upgrade.)

  1. iPhone Back Glass Replacement in Singapore

    The iPhone 4 was the first of many to don a back glass. Although Apple switched to a metal back design for a while, the glass backs re-appeared on the iPhone 8, and subsequent models continued to follow suit.

    Despite how awesome those glass backs look, they’re quite fragile and can crack easily if you aren’t mindful about taking good care of your device. In the event of an unfortunate accident, come to us as replacing the back glass panel isn’t a difficult task.
  2. iPhone Camera Repair & Removal in Singapore

    The most recent generations of the iPhone have added a significant bump on the back panel to house the camera unit. Apple presented some interesting facts and figures behind their decision to do so, and claimed how this enabled their devices to capture better quality images and videos.

    However, the bump also meant that the camera lens was more vulnerable to scratches. Add accidental drops and liquid damage in the mix, and you have a super sensitive camera unit that needs to be well taken care of.

    Now, if you’re a young man with an iPhone due for National Service (NS) in Singapore, we understand that your iPhone camera needs to either be covered up (or sandblasted) or completely removed, depending on the rules of the army camp you attend.

    At Red White Mobile, we can help you get cover up or remove both your front and rear cams for a one-time fee and ensure that your iPhone adheres strictly to the guidelines for your National Service.

  3. iPhone Speaker & Home Button Replacement in Singapore

It’s common for your iPhone’s stereo and hearing port speakers to be sanded and experience damage as your device ages with time. Getting them fixed or replaced can be done within 30 minutes and is relatively cheap if you choose us to help you.

The home button on the iPhone houses the all important Touch-ID, so taking care of this part of your iPhone is extremely essential. Irrespective of your device being under warranty, Apple will charge you to replace the home button if it stops working. When it comes to replacing the home button from a third party, chances are that you may lose the Touch-ID while you get to restore the functionality of that critical home button.