Dreamwave Singapore

Dreamwave has set a benchmark in the field of music by the great quality speakers it manufactures. This company is determined to make a revolution in the field of music by restructuring the way music enchants a person. The speakers are stylish and rugged for a heavy duty functioning. The company assures that the users would get the best experience of their lifetime while listening to music on their speakers.
‘Genie’ is an innovative product by Dreamwave which is a virtual assistant and a Bluetooth speaker. When connected to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth, it can be used to answer phone calls automatically, reply to the text messages, control the smart phone’s virtual voice assistant as well as play the music from any music app. Genie can also speak to the user in the regional language, making it one of its kind. All the other products by Dreamwave like TREMOR, SURVIVOR, EXPLORER, HARMONY provide an unparalleled musical experience. The company has been manufacturing unmatched products since inception and promises the users for the best sound on the products. All the products have a large battery to ensure a good musical experience without any interruptions.


Available in Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink