The Samsung Group has been producing world-class smartphones for years. It has been the top contender for the cult position in the luxury smartphone manufacturing segment and has never failed to impress the audience with any of its new phone releases. The company also has phones in each price segment catering to a range of targeted users.

Samsung A Series, S Series, Galaxy Note Series Phone Repair Services Prices in Singapore 2023

The flagship devices of Samsung including the S series and Galaxy Note series have always attracted lots of tech fanatics. The bold and edgy looks blended with a list of exciting features are what make having a Samsung phone a must. Other leading models of Samsung present in the market today include the A series and its variants. The Galaxy Series promises to have all the best features loaded in it and is definitely to set the smartphone market on fire.

The long lasting and strong battery along with a superb camera is what makes Samsung stand out amongst the others in the list. The advanced features also available in these phones are proof of how the company is heading towards perfection in the manufacturing of such awesome handheld devices. However good it may sound, phones will eventually need repair when they malfunction.

At Red White Mobile, we offer the best Samsung phone repair services in Singapore.

Commonly Spotted Flaws of Samsung Phones that Require Repair

The smartphones are damaged due to multiple issues. May it be a sudden drop on the floor or a quick liquid spill on the phone. Software defects also add up to the woes. These defects that arise in the runtime of your phone need to be taken care of as soon as possible in the best possible way. The major defects that may arise out of the blues in the smartphones are:

  • Slow processing

This is one of the most common defects that users come across in their Samsung phones. A large number of applications and the loaded SD card all add up to this issue. The limited storage space on the phones is what causes this trouble.

  • Liquid spill damage

One of the most common reasons for phone damage is liquid spillage which tends to short circuit the motherboard of the phone. Although the recent models come with waterproof features, there are a few limitations as well.

  • Charge up problems

All phones tend to loosen up the grip of their charging pins after repeated usage. The frequent installation and removal of charging pins are what cause the problem. This may be aggravated by a minor circuit breakage near the charging slot which may further lead to charging failure. The battery failures of Samsung phones are also not uncommon.

  • Battery problems

The majority of Samsung phones have to deal with battery-related issues. Overheating of the battery may even lead to the complete failure of the battery or even sudden explosion. Any minor indicators of battery issues should be mitigated immediately with battery replacement so that the motherboard does not get damaged. 

  • The screen death

This is one of the major troubles faced by users in their phones. Causes may include overcharging of the phone or a simple motherboard failure. The phone ceases to start and keeps on displaying the logo repeatedly. 

  • Sudden alterations in the phone sensitivity

Users often complain about the sudden increase or reduction in the screen sensitivity of their smartphones. These issues might arise from prolonged exposure of the screen to a point pressure, use of faulty screen guards or even excessive heat up of the screen or flaws in the touch system. The palm detection system also fails to work in most cases.

  • Camera failures

From the exposure of the phone to moisture to a short circuit in the phone CPU, anything can cause the malfunctioning of the camera in the phone. The rough handling by the user is the primary reason for such problems and this leads to the need for a complete replacement of the camera system.

  • Appearance of pink lines

Multiple S7 users have reported the appearance of pink lines on their phone’s display over time. The company claims that these might result from both software and hardware defects within the phone.

Free Samsung Diagnosis and Immediate Repair

With every new release, Samsung has something new and exciting for the users. May it be the first in the class curved screen to the beast GPU in the phones, Samsung always astonishes. However, the set of exciting features on board makes the phones susceptible to several software and hardware flaws in the long run. Some are repairable and some are not.

The problems worsen when the warranty period of the phone is exhausted. The post warranty repair charges are often heavy in the pockets of the users. This is where the Red White Mobile’s repair services come into play.

Red White Mobile Samsung Phone Repair Price List Singapore

1Samsung A80$195$48
Samsung A73$220
2Samsung A71$205$48$50$38
3Samsung A70$220$48$50$38
Samsung A53 $220
Samsung A52s$180
Samsung A52$190
4Samsung A51$190$48$50$38
5Samsung A50S$185$48$50$38
6Samsung A50$185$48$50$38
7Samsung A42$185$48$50$38
8Samsung A40$165$48$50$38
9Samsung A31$195$48$50$38
10Samsung A30S$155$48$50$38
11Samsung A30$180$48$50$38
12Samsung A21$125$48$50$38
13Samsung A20S$125$48$50$38
14Samsung A20$190$48$50$38
Samsung A13$120
15Samsung A12$115$48$50$38
16Samsung A11$110$48$50$38
17Samsung A10S$110$48$50$38
18Samsung A10$110$48$50$38
19Samsung A9 (2018)$185$48$50$38
20Samsung A9 PRO$185$48$50$38
21Samsung A8 STAR$175$48$50$38
22Samsung A8 PLUS$155$48$50$38
23Samsung A8$175$48$50$38
24Samsung A7 (2018)$155$48$50$38
25Samsung A7 (2017)$125$48$50$38
26Samsung A7 (2016)$125$48$50$38
27Samsung A5 (2017)$165$48$50$38
28Samsung A5 (2016$150$48$50$38
29Samsung J8$140
30Samsung J7 PLUS$120$48
31Samsung J7 PRIME$95$48
32Samsung J7 PRO (2017)$120$48
33Samsung J7 (2016)$120$48
34Samsung J6 PLUS$105$48
35Samsung J6$140$48
36Samsung J5 PRO$145$48
37Samsung J5 (2016)$120$48
38Samsung J4 PLUS$105$48
39Samsung J4$115$48
40Samsung J3 PRO (2017)$100
41Samsung J3 PRO$120
42Samsung J3 (2016)$120
43Samsung J2 PRO$125
44Samsung M40$170
45Samsung M30S$185
46Samsung M30$170
47Samsung M21$185
48Samsung M20$110
49Samsung M10$100$48
50Samsung NOTE 20 ULTRA$430$230$60$68
51Samsung NOTE 20$280$210$60$68
52Samsung NOTE 10 PLUS$395$180$40$68
53Samsung NOTE 10$330$165$40$68
54Samsung NOTE 9$265$145$40$48
55Samsung NOTE 8$260$145$40$48
Samsung S22 ULTRA$450
Samsung S22 PLUS$300
Samsung S22$300
56Samsung S21 ULTRA$400$260$68
57Samsung S21 PLUS$280$240$68
58Samsung S21$250$180
59Samsung S20 FE$220$170
60Samsung S20 ULTRA$350$205$60$68
61Samsung S20 PLUS$340$190$60$68
62Samsung S20$310$175$60$68
63Samsung S10 PLUS$330$175$40$48
64Samsung S10$290$160$40$48
65Samsung S10 LITE$250$170$48
66Samsung S10E$225$160$48
67Samsung S9 PLUS$255$135$40$48
68Samsung S9$245$130$40$48
69Samsung S8 PLUS$255$135$40$48
70Samsung S8$235$130$40$48
Each replacement takes 30-45 minutes

Samsung Screen Repair Services by Red White Mobile

1. Samsung Curved Display Repair

The first-in-class curved screen concept was introduced to smartphones by Samsung. The concept that was first introduced in the Galaxy S6 models and has been inherited in the latest models since then is totally worth all the hype. The S6 curved screen is thinner compared to the Note Edge. This makes the screen more susceptible to breakages when dropped or roughly handled.

The screen replacement charges may be as high as SGD250 when done by local service centers. Screen damage repairs generally involve the complete replacement of the LCD display which adds up to the cost. At Red White Mobile, we provide the best-in-class screen replacement for a varied number of Samsung devices including Galaxy S6, S7, the edge variants, Note Series as well as the budget models including the A series. The top technologies are put into use to carry out the screen replacement and the parts used are 100% original. Red White Mobile keeps no stone unturned to make sure that the repaired phone is as good as the original one.

2. Samsung Phone Screen & LCD Replacement

  • A cracked screen as a result of an accidental drop of a Samsung phone is one of the most common issues we come across at Red White Mobile. Although the cost of the new screen depends on the model of your Samsung device, our screen/LCD replacement services are more cost-effective compared to other third-party Samsung repair stores.
  • Do note that replacing the LCD is NOT the same as replacing the screen. The LCD panel rests behind the screen and powers up the display unit, so any damage to the LCD would mean the replacement of both the screen and the LCD. Hence, replacing your LCD unit is more expensive than simply getting a new screen.
  • We include a free checkup of your Samsung if you’re unsure of what’s wrong with the display of your phone. It’s easy to note the difference between a cracked screen and a dead LCD, though. Responsive touch + no dead pixels/coloured lines on the display mean that there is no damage to the LCD, and all you need is a screen replacement.
  • Just like most other stores that offer Samsung repair in Singapore, we offer two grades of screen and LCD replacements. Grade A screens and LCDs are as good as the original, while Grade B screens and LCDs are cheaper, offering faded colours and might crack more easily.
  • Additionally, you can also check the cost of getting your screen/LCD replaced by a Samsung Service Centre. But don’t be surprised at the considerably higher costs compared to any other third-party repair store.

3. Samsung Phone Back Glass Replacement

  • Samsung followed suit when other manufacturers included a glass back on their most flagship models. Some of the flagships that come with a Corning Gorilla Glass on the back include the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21 and even the large Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Although the Corning Gorilla Glass on the back of most of these devices is tougher than the front screen, it is not completely indestructible.
  • Using a Samsung with a shattered back glass is almost impossible. While many people stall the replacement of a cracked back glass panel, we advise against doing so as there is a high chance that you will injure your hand severely.
  • All you need to do is take a trip to Red White Mobile, and we’ll ensure to get your Samsung a shiny, new back glass panel within an hour.

Other Samsung Repair Services We Offer

1. Samsung Battery & Charging Port Replacement

  • The age of your phone is directly proportional to the life of the battery that powers it. The more you use your phone, the more charges the battery requires, which eventually reduces the capacity of the battery.
  • However, if you notice that your Samsung doesn’t charge despite being plugged in for an extended period of time, it’s probably the charging port that is the culprit here and needs replacing. Signs of a faulty charging port include no battery charge despite the Samsung device being plugged in for hours, or the device only charging only when plugged in at a specific angle.
  • Replacing the battery or the charging port on your Samsung device is not a big deal, and can be done quickly at Red White Mobile.

2. Samsung Camera Repair & Removal

  • Repairing the sophisticated camera modules on the smartphones from Samsung isn’t easy, but very much doable if you bring your device to Red White Mobile. Our camera repair services for Samsung smartphones include replacing the camera modules (font cam and/or rear cam) and replacing the camera lens.
  • We can also help you remove/cover up the camera on your Samsung phone depending on the requirements. Options include sandblasting both camera modules, covering them from the inside or removing them completely.
  • Our expert professionals are well-trained to replace any Samsung camera module quickly. The camera modules will be handed to you after they’re removed, and can easily be reinstalled by us or any other third-party Samsung repair store of your choosing. 

3. Samsung Phone Motherboard and Liquid Damage Repair

  • Fixing the motherboard of a Samsung device (just like on any other smartphone) requires a high degree of skill and expertise. Unless you’re prepared to spend a bomb on getting it fixed at a Samsung Service Center, we suggest you come to Red White Mobile for a cost-effective service.
  • Unless a thorough inspection is conducted, it is very difficult to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with the motherboard. A shortened motherboard requires a lot of time and effort to fix, while sourcing the right parts in the case of IC or hard-disk failure can take a few days.
  • While motherboard repairs may/may not result in data loss, replacing motherboards results in a 100 percent data loss. Moreover, replacing a motherboard is not worth the time and money it costs, and we suggest investing in a new device instead. Do note that we ONLY repair motherboards, and DO NOT replace motherboards on Samsung devices.
  • Now, if your Samsung device has been subjected to any degree of liquid damage, we can only estimate the repair costs once we have diagnosed the extent of the damage to the device in person. Most smartphones won’t be able to survive torrential rain, and Samsung devices are no exception. Note that all liquid damage repair includes a chemical wash only, and doesn’t include the replacement of the damaged parts in the Samsung devices because of the liquid damage.

Things to Consider Before Opting for Repair Services

There are a few steps a Samsung user can try at home before considering taking the device in for repair. Below listed are a few tips before you decide to bring it in to us at Red White Mobile:

1. Update your phone software

Most of the recent Samsung smartphones run on OneUI, which is Samsung’s own flavour of Android. If you feel your phone is running slower than usual, perform the following steps ->

{Open Settings > Select ‘About Phone’ > Select ‘Check for Updates’}

If an update is available, you’ll see an ‘Update’ button. Tap on the button to download the update, after which you’ll be requested to reboot the phone to successfully install the update file.

2. Backup your data

Irrespective of whether you own a Samsung or a smartphone from another manufacturer, you should always backup your data before giving it to a third party repair store or an official service center. Some smartphone damage requires the formatting of the local drive on the phone, and can wipe all the data on your device completely if you don’t back it up.

Consider backing up your data (notes, docs, media) either locally on a pendrive or an external hard drive, or on a cloud-based storage platform like Google Drive prior to your visit to the service center.

Choosing the Right Repair Shop in Singapore

 A large number of parts working together for the functioning of the smartphone are all prone to some kind of defect or other in the long run. A small problem in any of these might lead to a deviation in the normal functioning of the device.

These problems or defects can be taken care of by the service centers. This is generally fruitful if the warranty period of the handset has not yet been exhausted. Otherwise, it may cost a great lot to make the necessary repairs. In this case, you can turn to us to get all the necessary repair works done, and at an affordable price.

High-end smartphones generally require good service when damaged. If the repair works that are carried out are not up to the mark, the problems may worsen. While choosing between a lot for the best repair company to take care of your smartphone, you must consider the following checklist:

  • The replacement parts the company provides should be original and genuine. One should not compromise on quality in the process of looking for cheaper parts and services.
  • The services that the company provides should have positive feedback and should be timely. A long time for a small repair is not at all desirable.
  • The company should provide a warranty on the parts that they have used in the repair or replacement works.

RedWhiteMobile – Samsung Phone Repair Singapore

Red White Mobile Singapore provides the best Samsung phone repair services in Singapore and we ensure that your phones have an all-new class of performance after the repair. Samsung smartphone owners can bring forth any defects or problems in their devices and we can solve them in a jiffy. May it be a broken screen, a defective charging slot, defective battery, camera issues or any other such complications. Do not worry because we have your back.

You can trust us with your prized possession and we assure you that you will get it back in the best condition and working state. The parts that are used to repair the phones are 100% genuine and the best technicians are put into work for the repair works.

Every repair work that is carried out here comes with a warranty of at least 30 days period. Also, each repair takes very less time, often less than 1 day. However, the time taken may vary as per the problems spotted in the device.

The physical damages generally require less repair time whereas the software and the motherboard issues are sensitive and require a thorough analysis and examination before carrying out the necessary repair works. Hence they are a bit more time-consuming. Whatever may be the work, we promise quality output to the customers and at a very reasonable price.

We make no compromises on our Samsung phone repair service quality at any cost. For more information on the services we offer, head to our FAQ page.

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