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Nokia is a Finnish multi-national corporation specializing in communications and information technology whose primary products are mobile phones and portable IT devices. The once supreme giant of the mobile phone market has since then seen its stock price plunge into catastrophic levels.

Nevertheless, Nokia’s exclusive strategic partnership with Microsoft, whereby Microsoft’s new Windows 8 for Mobile Operating System is now carried on all Nokia handsets, still provides decent value for money for those looking for a Windows Smartphones or a Smartphone on a budget. The Lumia series of Nokia phones is the result of this strategic partnership with Microsoft and sees plenty of exclusive Windows Mobile applications.

For fans of the Nokia Lumia, RedWhite Mobile phone shop carries various iterations of the Lumia handset, up to and including the Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and the Lumia 925. All three Lumia handsets are available in multiple colours with prices starting at just $198 Singapore dollars.

Alternatively, RedWhite Mobile’s handphone shop also carries older versions of Nokia handsets. These models are some of the cheapest mobile phones available on the market and are popular choices for soon to be Singapore army enlistees or Singapore army regulars looking for a cheap mobile phone to bring into their respective army camps.

For the cheapest mobile phone devices and Windows Smartphones, come browse our RedWhite Mobile inventory now!

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