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Huawei Honor Singapore

A sub-smartphone brand of Chinese company Huawei which is taking the digital world by storm is Honor. It helped to Huawei to leave Samsung and Apple behind in both abroad and home market. Even in China, they are now way ahead of their most fierce competitor Xiaomi. The brand is very famous is youth. In Singapore, Huawei itself is counted among the fastest growing brands. Some of the great products of the company are Honor View 10, Honor 7X, and Honor 9 Lite. Their recent launch Honor 7X became very popular and took a vital part in the growth of the company in the year 2018.
The magic that the phones created with their dual camera is simply amazing. Many people buy phones for a good camera and the Honor smartphones are a dream come true for them. They are simply great when it comes to delivering the best AI experience. They are the very first brand who inserted such a great feature like AI (Artificial Intelligence) in their smartphones.
The price of the phones are also not that high so it will not hurt your pockets. They had really redefined the theory of budget smartphones in India. Their Honor View 10, a smartphone with AI (Artificial Intelligence) is available at only SGD600+ range. 5 to 6 new models are released every year by Honor. Their constant innovation and great features on their phones are their biggest asset. It is evident as their sales are touching new heights every year. They have big plans for their future too as they are thinking of opening a number of stores all around the globe in the coming years.

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Huawei Honor Singapore