Apple iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Price and Review

iPhone SE 2022 Singapore

With the debut of its third-generation iPhone SE last week, Apple ushered in 2022 with a bang. It was given prime-time treatment for a purpose during the event. The model is Apple’s hook for luring users of older-generation iPhones — who aren’t ready to move into the $1,000 region — to stay loyal to the brand, as well as another attempt to win over Android customers.

Because it is the cheapest iPhone with the simplest specifications, it has a rapidly rising user base.

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Apple iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Pricing and availability:

The following capacities and price points are available for the iPhone SE (2022): 

Capacity Price

The new iPhone SE (2022) is around S$50 more expensive than the 2020 model, but given the worldwide parts shortage and difficult times, as well as the significant CPU increase, the new iPhone SE (2022) remains an expensive proposition when compared to Android phones of equal status. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest iPhone, this is still your best option.

Pre-orders commence at 9 a.m. (SGT) on March 11, 2022, and availability begins on March 18, 2022.

Red White Mobile Apple iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Prices

iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Specs:

Display4.7-inch LCD (1344 x 750)
CPUA15 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Rear cameras12MP (f/1.8)
Front camera7MP (f/2.2)
Size5.45 x 2.65 x 0.29 inches
Weight5 ounces
ColorsMidnight, Starlight, (PRODUCT)RED

iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Design & Display:

With an 11.9-centimetre (4.7-inch) LCD screen and curved edges, the third-generation SE preserves the design of the 2020 iteration, which was based on 2017’s iPhone 8 (the initial SE from 2016 was a 5S clone). The location of the buttons and ports is similar to that of the conventional iPhone: volume on the left, power and SIM slot on the right, and USB-C on the bottom. It lacks a 3.5-millimeter audio port, just like its predecessor.

The iPhone SE is now Apple’s only phone with an IPS display, while the rest of the iPhone series has switched to AMOLED technology. It’s only 4.7 inches long, yet it’s crisp enough to be classified as a “Retina HD” screen, with a resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch.

The huge bezels above and below the screen are now an embarrassment, but the 60Hz refresh rate is the true killer. It feels sluggish in comparison to the 90Hz and 120Hz displays found on many Android phones at this price point or lower, and it makes the iPhone SE (2022) appear dated.

However, there’s no denying that image quality hasn’t deteriorated. The display will represent the P3 color space while playing back HDR content, and it measures up well in other areas as well. In sRGB mode, we recorded an average Delta E color variance of 0.54, which is excellent. With a peak brightness of 637cd/m2, readability will be fine in all but the brightest of situations, and a contrast ratio of 1,342:1, photographs and animated images will have plenty of pop. You won’t be disappointed if you can get beyond the poor refresh rate and small size.

iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Performance:

The A15 Bionic technology, which is also housed within the iPhone 13 series, is the critical component the SE needs to make a case for itself. This is in keeping with the trend of SEs having the same processor as the mainline iPhones of the time (the A9 in the 2016 SE and iPhone 6S, and the A13 Bionic in the 2020 SE and iPhone 11).

 iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Performance:

The SE, according to Apple, is much superior in terms of performance than the second-generation model, with improvements in all areas. We don’t want to go too technical about the cores and other features (it has a lot, especially the 16-core Neural Engine), but we can say that it absolutely lives up to its billing, with no noticeable latency.

You’ll also need to be familiar with old iPhone controls, which should serve as a reminder to any mainstream iPhone user considering “downgrading.” Swiping down from the top brings down notifications, while swiping down from the bottom brings up the control panel. The home button returns you to the home screen, and double-pressing it displays your recently used apps.

Touch ID is still popular with some iPhone owners, because to its convenience and the fact that Covid-19 messed up Face ID’s own benefits. That will soon change, as iOS 15.4, which will be included with the new iPhone SE and Alpine Green iPhone 13 smartphones, will include a feature that will allow Face ID to unlock the device even when wearing a mask. Only mainstream iPhones — from the X to the 13 — have Face ID, which necessitates the TrueDepth camera present in these models. Include the four most current iPad Pros as well.

iPhone SE 2022 Singapore Camera:

Here’s a fascinating fact: the new SE’s single camera is a carbon copy of its predecessor’s, with the same 12-megapixel sensor, same aperture setting, and 5X digital zoom. The biggest difference is that it now has Deep Fusion, which is Apple’s way of image processing in its most basic form. The A15 Bionic chip improves this procedure even more. Even though the SE lacks the luxury of many cameras, it still performs admirably. 

There will be some grain at night or in low-light circumstances, but it does a good job of lighting up dark environments. When it comes to video, the same thing applies. Anything with adequate lighting will provide acceptable media, however darkly lit areas will not, so it is critical to choose your shooting locations carefully. The 7MP front camera is also not awful, but choose your spots carefully at night. Portrait photos are still fantastic, but you don’t have the same broad perspective as on higher-end iPhones.

Phone SE 2022 Singapore Battery:

Apple claims that the new SE has a “better” battery life than the previous model. On paper, it can save up to 15 hours of video and 10 hours of streamed video, compared to 13 hours and eight hours for the second generation. The audio playback gets a significant boost, going from 40 to 50 hours.

The SE 3 lost 10% of its battery life in our one-hour YouTube at maximum brightness test, compared to the SE 2’s loss of 12%. Although the math may not add up, there are always other elements at play, like some background activities while you view films. The A15 Bionic technology, which further optimizes the phone’s processes, is credited with the improved battery life, according to Apple. 

However, the battery’s performance while using the camera app to capture images and largely record videos is quite excellent. When the camera was operated for a 30-minute period — nearly non-stop — the device lost a respectable 7% of its charge. The battery on the SE stayed cool even when using process-intensive apps like the camera and games. However, if you use it in the middle of the day, it will simmer a little longer than usual. In any event, the temperature did not rise to dangerously high levels.


The Apple iPhone SE (2022) does a lot of things well, as do most Apple devices. Its camera is excellent, the display is attractive (as long as you don’t mind the slow 60Hz refresh rate), and the A15 Bionic processor’s high levels of performance ensure that the phone will continue to function well even after the battery has died.

Is it possible that Apple made a mistake with the new iPhone SE’s vintage design? Not at all. Are we dissatisfied? A little, but only because non-full-screen designs with large bezels are becoming obsolete. We’re also pushing for a 128GB base model for a future SE; we believe Apple blew an opportunity to greatly improve its value offer by sticking with a 64GB device.

Aside from the hardware, the iPhone SE is a great phone that will undoubtedly appeal to the crowd we identified at the start of this review. Given that all indications lead to an in-screen fingerprint reader on a future iPhone, which we expect sooner rather than later, it’s not unreasonable to believe that the third-generation iPhone SE will be the last iPhone to feature the traditional design with a home button.

However, it’s becoming more difficult to justify suggesting a phone with such a dated design and poor battery life. If you can’t afford an iPhone 13 small and can’t imagine leaving the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone SE (2022) is your only option – unless you’re willing to buy used or refurbished.