Neffos Singapore

Neffos as a brand name might not ring a bell, but does TP-link?

If you aren’t sure of Tp-link either, why don’t you walk to your router and check the company that made it. It’s highly likely that it’s made by TP-link. TP-link is a networking giant that is popular for its wi-fi based products. They make routers, smart switches, cameras for homes and businesses. TP-link have predominantly been in the B2B space and with Neffos they are catering to the B2C market.

Neffos is a smartphone company from TP-link that was launched in 2015.
They have already launched the N series, X series, Y series and the C series.
The Neffos phones are budget friendly with features expected on a smartphone.

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The big question is, should one buy a Neffos phone?

TP-Link is a 22 year old company and have been in the Networking space for decades. Making routers and broadband material aren’t easy especially because of their propensity to get hijacked and attacked.

TP-link have consistently made amazing routers and networking equipment that can withstand attacks. If they are able to bring the same build quality and eye to detail for their smartphone line, Neffos is sure to succeed.

Their latest device the C9A is top notch with features similar to other flagship phones out there. The C9A has AI beautify features, a 5.45 inch display and Tp-link’s own OS the NFUI that is built on top of Android 8.1.

The front selfie camera has a softlight feature that throws light on you just enough to take a high quality picture, instead of it being too sharp.

It also has the AI unlock feature.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s safe to say Neffos makes phones that compete in this cut throat smartphone market.