What to expect for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Singapore – Price and Release Date

samsung note 9 singapore

The boys are back in town! The All New Galaxy Note 9 Singapore is HERE!

The Note 9 is making a comeback and we can’t be calm!

Singapore Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Retail Prices
128gb: S$1398, 512gb: S$1728

Red White Mobile Prices of Samsung Note 9

Samsung Note 9 128gb

Samsung Note 9 512gb

Before we get to the workings of the phone, let’s lay down the specs.

Phone Specs of Note 9 Singapore


The Body : The frame of this phone is aluminum with a Gorilla Glass 5 adorning the front of the phone and the back. It’s IP68 Water Resistant which means you can take it out for a swim. It’s also dust proof.


The Display : It carries a 6.4 inch SUPER Amoled Infinity Display.


Back Camera : It has dual primary cameras. 12MP + 12MP. It shoots 2160p at 60fps.


Front Camera : 8MP with autofocus. It shoots 1440p at 30fps.


OS : Android 8.1 Oreo with Samsung’s own Samsung Experience 9.0


Memory : 512 GB, 8 GB RAM or 128 GB, 6 GB RAM. This can be expanded up to 512GB.


Battery: 4,000mAh Li-Po with fast charging capabilities and wireless charging as well.

Now that the specs are over with, let’s find out what’s in the box.


In the box


  1. Adaptive fast charger
  2. SIM ejector
  3. USB Type C Adapters – 2
  4. S-PEN
  5. Spare pins for the S-Pen
  6. AKG earphones


How does the Samsung Note 9 Singapore Fare?


This phone is arguably is the most featured packed phone in the market.

The Note 9 competes directly with the likes of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus. Considering the Note 7 was a blazing disaster, Samsung chose a smaller battery for the Note 8 and now for the Note 9, they’ve gone back to the larger battery with increased safety precautions.


This is a fortified phone with aluminium casing on the side with the gorilla glass for protection on either side of the phone.It’s almost squarish which gives it a professional look.

The infinity display is still quite a looker even after the entry of bezel less phones. The front bezels on the Note 9 play an important role. They house the front camera, iris scanner, and the LED notification light.

The bezel on the bottom is slightly thinner compared to the Note 8.

Although there isn’t a physical home button, the display is pressure sensitive and you can press hard to activate the phone.

On the left of the phone is the volume button along with the Bixby personal assistant button and on the right is the power button.

On the bottom is the 3.5mm headphone jack, the S-Pen Stylus silo, the loudspeaker and the USB-C connector.

On the top is the Dual SIM card slot that also doubles up as a Micro SD card.

It might seem like a jam packed phone, but it all works with ease. One would argue that the Note 8 was a better looking phone in terms of pure design.

The camera on the back is well protected by raised edges and right below the dual camera is the fingerprint scanner which is a tad better than its predecessor, but it’s still a bad place for a sensor.


The Display

The Display for the Note 9 is top notch! It supports HDR content which makes it a perfect machine for content consumption.


Samsung Experience mentioned earlier is  an Android skin built to improve the user experience and boy does it do a good job.

The Samsung Experience’ best feature is to let you control your phone. For example, one can control the resolution of the screen to save power when needed or switch to a higher performance while gaming.

The use of two applications simultaneously and the pure seamlessness of using apps gives an amazing experience.

The battery saving settings are commendable. There are various ways one can save their battery life and they all work!


S – Pen

The S-Pen was built to make the Note 9 much more than a smartphone. I guess Samsung envisioned people use it for doodling or taking notes and the truth is, it’s a pretty good way to take notes. The writing experience is amazing. The S-pen is made by Wacom, who have been industry leaders in making these sort of devices for quite some time.

Also, this S-pen is bluetooth enabled. You’ll be able to take selfies or change songs when your phone is a bit away from you.

The S-pen has its own built in note taking app and it charges while it is in the groove within the phone.

The major problem with using a stylus is losing it in a random place, Samsung have solved that problem with an alarm that will ring if the phone is separated from the stylus by a certain distance.

Another interesting change about the S-pen in the Note 9 is the colors that Samsung has chosen for them.  For example, the Ocean Blue has a yellow S-pen for company that adds a bit of contrasting color to the phone.


The Camera

The primary camera is dual. One for taking photos and the other for 2x optical zoom. The camera features are high tech. One can switch to pro mode where they can control the shutter speed.

It also has excellent Optical Image Stabilisation.

The front camera has twice the focal length of the primary camera which means, more the zoom.

The top feature on this camera that has to be mentioned is the dual aperture. So when there’s low light, the camera uses the f/1.5 aperture to let more light in and when there is abundant light, it switches to f/2.4.

There is a wide angle lens version of every photo you take, if you are unhappy with the original you can fall back on the wide angle.

The camera on this phone is excellent. It can shoot 720p at 240fps which means slo-mo will come out great.

In Summary


The Positives of this device would be its design and how sturdy the phone is. The aluminium casing makes the phone waterproof, while the gorilla glass gives it ample protection.

The screen is large and its great for multiple activities. For people with tiny hands it’s not that of a hassle because of the curved screen as well as the split screen feature which is amazing.

The camera quality cannot be better. It’s one of the best smartphone cameras around. The front and the back cameras have specific roles and they play the part wonderfully.

Samsung’s software especially the Samsung Experience  has amazing features that make using the phone a breeze.

The stylus is a huge plus. One would never think that a stylus would play an important role in a smartphone, but in this case it does. It’s a seamless and smooth experience backed by great software. It’s great for taking notes and doodling.

The battery life for the Note 9 is better than the Note 8 and lasts easily for a day.



Every phone has a con and so does the Note 9. The Note 9’s design isn’t up to the mark, especially the placement of the fingerprint sensor.

The Samsung Note 9 is a power packed smartphone with bucket load of features. Keep in mind, this is is for the power users, who put their smartphones to real use and are always fiddling with it.