The Possible 3 New Colours of iPhone 8 which is coming soon to Singapore

new iphone 8 singapore

What comes as a great fact is that the launch of the all-new Apple iPhone 8 is around the corner, there is a huge buzz in the mobile market for the upcoming launch of the all-new revolutionary iPhone. It is expected that the iPhone 8 Singapore will launch adjacent to iPhone 7 plus at the end of the current fiscal year of 2017. The all new iPhone 8 is expected to offer an array of various colours to the users. According to various sources, the Apple will launch the all-new iPhone 8 majorly in 3 different colours. In this article, we will talk about them in detail.

iphone 8 new colors sg

1. Copper Gold/Red: The revolutionary Red colour made its debut with the launch of the iPhone 7 in the international market. The users loved the colour to its core, it’s expected that the Apple will launch the all-new iPhone 8 in the ravishing Copper colour. The Red colour with the iPhone 7 was a booming success for the company, the demand went up like crazily for the same. We can expect further endeavours by the Apple with the launch of the iPhone 8 in the Red colour. The colour signifies the Apple’s partnership with the various AIDS fundraising charities around the globe, the philanthropic initiative has been highly appreciated by the critics around the world. The all-new iPhone 8 is expected to feature a different tone of Red and Gold with an added professional touch of the company. The price might go up, but it is worth every buck you spend on your dream smartphone device.

2. Jet Black: The mighty Jet Black colour can make the user go gaga over its appeal, the colour features an exquisite blend of the metal with a toned grey touch. The Jet Black colour made its debut with the launch of iPhone 7 in the international market. The colour was the sole reason for the unprecedented sales of the iPhone 7 in the market. The colour also boomed the popularity of the smartphone to newer heights. The piano like finish with a glossy touch is what we are expecting in the all new iPhone 8. It is expected that the cost of the iPhone 8 might go up if the phone gets launched with the alluring Jet-Black trim. The shade is sure shot will increase the potential of the all-new iPhone 8.

3. Wildcard Colour (Silver maybe?): There are rumours in the market that Apple Inc. may launch an all-new colour with the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 plus in the international markets. The launch of the iPhone 7 saw the launch of two of the colours, it is obvious that the company will aim to allure the users with its charm. The geeks are expecting a much bold colour with a high contrast value. The silver colour is expected to go in a blend with the black tone, the news surfaced over the net. A much more tempting & stunning union of colours is expected to be on the line. Well, we can just wait till the official announcement as with Apple endeavours never ends.

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