Review of the BIG Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Singapore


The two most remarkable features of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Singapore that attract most of its buyers are its immersive large sized screen making it a great device for media usage. You can check out the pros and cons of “Xiaomi mi max 2” below:

Pros of Xiaomi mi max 2:

    It has loud stereo speakers.

    It does not get too much warm even on doing some heavy processor intensive tasks.

    Its fingerprint reader works fast and efficient; there is no delay when you use it to unlock the mi max 2. You can also lock some of the apps like G-mail. If you have kids and you have to give your phone to them, you can easily give it to them by locking the rest of the apps that you do not want them to use.

    It has a fast processor. This makes the whole user experience a great one.

    The battery life of Xiaomi mi max 2 is also amazing, and it gets charged in very less time.

    The screen size of Xiaomi mi max 2 is large and has a resolution of 1080p. This is a perfect resolution for a smartphone having a display of size 6.44 inches.

    Its camera is also quite good. However, there feels a delay when it comes to refocusing. The mic volume has also been observed to be a little lower than the rest of the competition.

    The features to price ratio of this phone are also excellent.

    The software on the mobile looks like quite stable, and it has many features. Despite its large size, you can use the device with one hand. But it is a little risky, and you should use some protective cover with your cell phone.

Cons of Xiaomi mi max 2:

  • Due to its large size, it gets difficult for the users to keep it in their pocket.
  • There are capacitive buttons at its bottom. They have very narrow area and make it difficult for you to press them.
  • The speaker can be muffled easily.
  • There is a lack of 4G support.
  • No Xposed (just like in all Nougat devices).
  • There is some problem with the flashlight of the mobile phone.
  • The fingerprint scanner works well, but sometimes it stops working. You will have to enter the password to open the lock. This problem occurs randomly. The location of the fingerprint scanner is also not good. It would have been better on the front side.

For final verdict, Mi has made a solid phone when it comes to Max 2. With its gigantic battery and 4GB of ram, it can get you through the whole day without any issue. Also, the big screen gives you an immersive experience when it comes to work or media. The build quality is also amazing as the perfectly machined body looks elegant and neatly designed. The major advantage to have this phone is the value it gives for the price; no other product can get you these many features for the same amount of money.

Check out of Mi Max 2 Singapore price below.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 4/64gb

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