Differences between a LOCAL and EXPORT phone set

local vs export phone singapore

Local Set:

When you are talking about the Local set, you refer to the handsets that the buyers get from a particular agent directly. The local sets usually come with a warranty of one year, at times it can be 2 years – Oppo Singapore & Huawei Singapore offer such. The products can be of any company available in the market. Some of the agents also offer free services and lifetime warranties for their phone hardware components.

Export Set:

When you talk about the Export sets, you refer to the parallel PSPs that are the companies import and then sell to their customers. They do not always have an official warranty. You should check the warranty policies to know about their rules and regulations in detail. On an export set, there is a special sticker attached to the product that shows its authenticity. At Red White Mobile, common export phone brands we carry are: One Plus & Xiaomi

Main Difference

The local and the export sets can be the same things if the warranty is not concerned. However there is always a difference between the prices of the two, and the export set would be comparatively less expensive than the local set. Also, authenticity can be an issue when it comes to Export and Local sets. Since you are not buying export sets from an authorised dealer in Singapore, you cannot be sure of its authenticity. Even if you get stuck with a counterfeit, you can’t ask for a replacement as there is no warranty coverage for the device.

Differences between international and local warranty:

In Singapore market, there are some resellers who ask their customers about the local warranty and international warranty. They ask them that which of these warranties they want. Most of the times, the resellers charge a higher price for the local warranties and a lower price for the international guarantees. Many people want to know about the policies of some companies specifically, and they also want to know the clear difference between the local warranty and the international warranty. They should also want to know that whether the local resellers of the area are authorised for offering the local warranty or not.

Local Warranty:

In simple words, you can say that the warranty that is worth only in a particular country is called the local warranty. If somebody takes that product out of that country and the buyer wants the warranty to continue even after taking it to some other country, then it is not possible.  The warranty will not be valid in such a case.

International Warranty:

When the customers get an option to avail the warranty even if they take the product to any other country, then they deal with the international warranty. This is the reason that if you buy a product with an international warranty, its price will be different. It would be more costly as compared to the one that comes up the local warranty.

Some people also have a perception that there is nothing like an International Warranty that exists. They have a belief that even if such a thing exists, that is too expensive that an average person cannot claim for it. So basically it is a marketing scheme and a business gimmick.

Well, we offer iPad Pro at International warranty.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 LTE 256gb

If you find a hardware issue in your product, you can claim for its warranty and then the company becomes responsible for getting your product repaired. However, you have to be familiar with their terms and conditions related to the policies of warranty.