iPhone 7s or iPhone 8?

iphone 8 vs 7s

Most iPhone rumours are pointing towards 3 models of iPhones this year, the iPhone 7s, 7s plus and a 3rd model which is presently being referred to as iPhone 8. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and Fast Company had speculated the launch of 3 iPhones this year, with the iPhone 8 being called the most expensive model. The Taiwan suppliers of iPhone have predicted that the upcoming iPhone8 is going to come with one major change in the processor. The new model is expected to come with a 10 nanometer A11 chip for a quicker and smoother smartphone experience.

Release date:

2017 is the tenth anniversary of iPhone and they have surely planned a big release to celebrate this occasion. If Apple goes with their usual release pattern then the iPhone8 is going to be released on the 6th of September, 2017.

Rumour of iPhone 7s vs 8:

Although Apple still hasn’t printed their invites for the iPhone 8 launch, the rumours about the new iPhone model are already making news. The iPhone 7s came with a number of changes such as new colours and the removal of the antenna bands and headphone jacks. The size of iPhone8 is going to be either the regular 4.7 inch or might come with a display size of 5.5 inch.  John Ive the head of designing of Apple wants the new model to appear like a single glass sheet.

Just like the iPhone 7s, the new model is also going to be water resistant. It is being said that the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to feature an all glass design. It is also being supposed that the iPhone8 would come with wireless charging feature. There is even a rumour about a change from aluminium to a stainless steel body. According to other sources, it could even come in a lustrous ceramic finish. According to a report published in The Wall Street Journal, the new model is going to be starkly different from the iPhone7s.

iPhone 8 Rumours:

It is rumoured that Apple is currently testing over ten prototype iPhone models which is why we are still not sure what we are going to see. There is a good chance of an inbuilt fingerprint sensor on the display. John Ive the head of designing of Apple wants the new model to appear like a single glass sheet. It is also being suggested that the fingerprint sensor would be done away with in favour of face recognition technology. The display is going to be made out of flexible plastic OLED instead of LCD so as to give us more true to life colours.

The front camera of the new model is going to include advanced 3D sensing capacity which in turn would allow face and iris recognition. It is rumoured that Apple is going to use a vertical rear camera for enhanced AR functionality and better pictures.

Now that you know all the rumours about iPhone8 making rounds, it time for you to weigh the pros and cons and decide if you want to invest on the new iPhone model or not.

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