iPad Pro 10.5inch Singapore – A whole new kind of computer

ipad pro 10.5inch singapore price

The all new iPad Pro 10.5inch has 3 storage capabilities – 64gb, 256gb and 512gb. With the Apple Pencil, you can do wonders with this whole new kind of computer which has the battery life of one full day. Singapore Apple store has recently launched such amazing tablet but only limit to 2 iPads each per customer.

The design of iPad Pro 10.5 inches:

The design of iPad Pro 10.5 inches is similar to that of a regular iPad. It has a rounded metallic back similar to that of a regular iPad. The weight of the iPad Pro is extremely light, i.e. four hundred and sixty-nine grams. You can easily hold it for a long time without even noticing its weight, and the rounded edges of the iPad Pro make it very comfortable to hold.

Pros of iPad Pro:

iPad Pro 10.5 inches has an outstanding display, and they have also upgraded the varieties of the storage options you get for the iPad Pro. Its processor works faster than that of a regular iPad. The camera resolution is also given an upgrade as compared to non-pro version. So it has a bigger display screen which is compact in size. The refresh rate of the screen has also been increased, and hence the Apple iPad Pro has become even more responsive than the previous models.

Another important feature of this iPad Pro that is considered to be one of its biggest pros is the amazing audio quality.

Cons of iPad Pro 10.5 inches:

iOS 11 is the latest operating system by Apple; however, iOS 11 will not be available until September.

Some other cons of this iPad Pro are that it has a high price. Even though it comes with an extra keyboard but still cannot be considered as a proper replacement for a laptop.

The price at which iPad Pro is offered can be considered very high.

ipad pro singapore price

Bottom line:

The image and video rendering features of iPad Pro are appreciable, but the fact is that the real potential of this iPad will not come up until the availability of iOS 11. Again, you should consider whether you have the proper use of a tablet that is priced in the same range as many ultrabooks.

Differences between an iPad pro and a regular iPad:

With the release of iPad Pro, undoubtedly Apply has made remarkable changes between the two. Some of the key differences:

  • iPad Pro is bigger in size and has a better screen
  • It is faster in speed and has got a comparatively powerful and more efficient processor
  • Its camera has been improved
  • It has got the Apple Pencil support
  • It has a greater number of speakers, hence better audio and has got a connection port for the keyboard.

Along with all these differences, there is another big difference between the two. It can be considered as a negative aspect in a consumer’s point of view, and that is the PRICE.

The price of iPad Pro 10.5 inches:

There are different models of iPad Pro by their varying storage and RAM size. At Red White Mobile, our prices are always very competitive – Price of iPad Pro 10.5 inches Singapore as below

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 LTE 64gb

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 LTE 256gb

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Wifi 512gb

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