Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Singapore Price and Review

The S series from Samsung is getting a big reboot in 2020. Samsung has been consistently churning out S series devices since 2010. In 2020, we’ll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and the S20 Ultra in Singapore

The first thing that will surprise you is the name. Last year Samsung S series was the S10 and you would expect it to be S11 this year, but that’s not the case, as Samsung has gone with the S20 moniker and the reason is, these phones are much better than the S10 models. 

So let’s see what Samsung is giving us with the S20 series! 

Singapore Samsung Galaxy S20 Release Date 

February 11th, 2020 is when Apple will be launching the Galaxy S20 in San Francisco at the Unpacked event. 

There are going to be a host of other devices launched as well and we could see Samsung’s new folding phone as well! 

Samsung will start shipping out the devices on March 6th, which is the official release date. 

In Singapore, you can pre-order these devices starting February 12th, 2020. (It’s on pre-order now! )

Free Gift on Pre-Order 

If you purchase one of the Samsung S20 series of phones, you get the latest Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for free. It’s normally worth $200+

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price in Singapore / Samsung S20+ Price in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S20 is expected to be priced at S$1249. There are 4G and 5G versions and here is a simple price chart that can help you understand the pricing of the S20. 

Samsung S20 SeriesPrices in SGD
Samsung Galaxy S20 – 4G version$1298
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – 4G version$1498
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – 5G version$1898

Now that we’ve covered the pricing and the release date. Let’s get to the meat of this article. The phones themselves! 

Singtel Pricing for Samsung S20 Series

Singtel Combo Plans 

S20 ModelCombo 2Combo 3Combo 6Combo 12
Galaxy S20 (128GB)$788$498$368$0
Galaxy S20+ (128GB)$908$598$488$88
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB)$1188$898$788$378

Singtel XO Plans 

S20 ModelXO 48XO 78XO 108
Galaxy S20 (128GB)$698$418$178
Galaxy S20+ (128GB)$818$538$298
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB)$1098$828$588

M1 Pricing for S20

Choose Base Plan and Plan Add-on$40 Base Plan
100 Mins
100 SMS
$10 Add-on
200 Mins
200 SMS
$38 Add-on
300 Mins
300 SMS
$70 Add-on
500 Mins
500 SMS
$195 Add-on
Unlimited Mins
1000 SMS
Galaxy S20$919$599$399$129$0
Galaxy S20+$1,099$799$499$299$99
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G$1,439$1,099$799$599$399

Starhub Pricing for Samsung S20

(2-year plan)
(2-year plan)
(2-year plan)
(2-year plan)
Galaxy S20 (128GB)S$599S$399S$129S$0
Galaxy S20+ (128GB)S$799S$499S$399S$99
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB)S$1,099S$799S$649S$499

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Samsung Galaxy S20 + vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
FeaturesSamsung Galaxy S20 SpecsSamsung Galaxy S20 + SpecsSamsung Galaxy Ultra 5G Specs
Display and Screen6.2-inch, Dynamic AMOLED with HDR10+6.7-inch, Dynamic AMOLED with HDR10+
6.9-inch, Dynamic AMOLED with HDR10+
Storage128GB + Micro SD128GB + Micro SD128GB + Micro SD
Battery4000 mAh + 25W Fast Charging4500 mAh + 25W Fast Charging5000 mAh + 45W Fast Charging
CameraTriple Camera Setup (12MP + 64MP + 12MP)Triple Camera Setup (12MP + 64MP + 12MP)Triple Camera Setup (108MP + 48MP + 12MP)
ColoursCosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud PinkCosmic Black, Cosmic Grey, Cloud BlueCosmic Black, Cosmic Grey,

Samsung Trade-up Program 

The Samsung Trade-up Program ensures that you can bring your old phone and get a good discount on the new Samsung S20 phones. Some of the latest Samsung phones are eligible for an additional $100 trade in value. 

Here are the details

Samsung ModelTrade-in Value
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (512GB)Up to $400
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB)Up to $370
Samsung Galaxy Note 8Up to $230
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (64GB)Up to $200
Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB)Up to $180
Apple iPhone X (64GB)Up to $420
Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)Up to $400
Huawei Mate 20 ProUp to $320
Huawei P20 ProUp to $200

You can check Red White Mobile’s Trade In Prices below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Review / S20 + Review / S20 Ultra Review

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the entry version in the S20 series. It is a massive upgrade on the S10 in terms of the camera, display and other specifications. 

It has a 6.2-inch display that has a near perfect display with the thinnest of bezels. Although the display is impressive, it’s the cameras that steal the show. 

The camera can record in 8k video. The night-time photos have been upgraded from earlier models and are much better. 

The telephoto lens has drastically improved from 12MP in the S10 to about 64MP in the S20. The zoom on this phone is a 3x optical and 30x on the digital zoom. 

The 8K videos will impress the content creators. 

The chipset is a 7nm which is blazingly quick. The 128GB of storage comes with a very reliable 12GB of RAM. Multi tasking is a norm on this phone.

4000 mAh in battery with a 25W charging ensures that you will have battery for most tasks and won’t run out quickly. Even if it does, the fast charging will juice it up super quick. 

So how different are S20 + and S20 Ultra 5G from the S20?

  • The S20 has a 6.7-inch display with dynamic AMOLED which is a tad bigger than the S20. But the S20 Ultra is a beast and it stands at 6.9-inches of pure screen. 
  • The only thing that is constant across phones is the 128GB of storage which can be expanded upto 512GB with the help of a Micro SD card 
  • None of the phones have a headphone jack and to ease the pain, Samsung provides the Galaxy Buds+ for free on pre-order. Pretty amazing deal. 
  • The cameras on the S20 and S20 + are similar. The S20 Ultra on the other hand boasts a 100X Space Zoom and it also has a 108MP telephoto lens. 
  • The S20 Ultra also is the only 5G phone in the series. If you are looking for serious 5G speeds, then you need to shell out $1800+ 
  • The batteries on the S20 is 4500 mAh, whereas on the S20 Ultra, it’s 5000 mAh. 

Samsung is betting big on the S20 series. A small detail in the Trade-up page will tell you that they are letting you bring in your old Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus’. They want to tell Apple users to trade in their old iPhones for a supremely better Samsung experience.

Has Samsung delivered? They might just have. But that comes at a price. 

Our latest price for Singapore Samsung S20 Series