Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Singapore Price and Review

samsung galaxy flip z singapore price

Samsung is not quitting the foldable screen market. They did have some busts in the past with screens getting cracked when they were meant to be folded. But Samsung has persisted, persevered and produced the new age foldable smartphone. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. When I first heard the name I thought Samsung’s making a flip phone, competing with Moto’s new Razor. 

But Samsung is bringing back the foldable phone with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. So what’s in store? 

Let’s have a look! 

Review of Singapore Samsung Galaxy Flip

First things first, the design of the Galaxy Z flip is different. In the sense it’s not a side folded phone like we’ve seen in the past, that looks like the Nokia Communicator, but it’s a top flip like the old-school flip phones.

We’ve been skeptical of this design in the past and only time will tell if Samsung will be able to make it work. 

Rumours suggest that Samsung wants to compete with the Motorola Razr without having to make a traditional flip phone. 

Samsung Flip Phone – Galaxy Z Flip – Date of Launch 

This Samsung phone is expected to launch on February 11th at the Unpacked event. 

Samsung Flip Singapore Availability 

The Galaxy Z Flip will be available in Singapore from 14 February 2020, Friday, from 8am on local telco (M1, Singtel, and StarHub) online stores and the Samsung Online Store, with a recommended retail price of S$1,998 (including GST). 

Our latest price for Samsung Flip

Galaxy Z Flip Singapore Specifications 

Before we got to the name, there were other name options for the Galaxy Flip that were making its way around the internet and the popular amongst them was the Galaxy Bloom. 

  • 6.7-inch Infinity Flex FHD+ display with 2636 X 1080 resolution
  • Dual camera setup with two 12-megapixel cameras – Primary and Ultrawide 
  • Has a 10-megapixel front facing camera with auto focus 
  • 3300 mAh battery. Rumoured to have dual batteries with one battery having a 900 mAh capacity 
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Chipset 
  • 8GB RAM, 256GB of Internal Storage
  • Side fingerprint sensor
  • Android 10 
  • Has wireless charging capabilities with a Qi-enabled wireless charger 
  • Runs on Android 10 with Samsung ONE UI layer on top 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Display 

Obviously the display is a big topic of contention. When stretched out, it has a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex FHD+ display. When folded, there is a secondary screen that is a 1.06-inch screen which is super tiny. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Design 

samsung flip singapore

In the promotional shots, the Galaxy Z flip phone looks interesting. It looks like your ordinary phone which has been sawed into half. It’s available in two colours – Black and Purple. 

This design is new for Samsung, as discussed previously, they used a communicator styled design. This particular is a lot more interesting and it’s super portable, as it becomes a small square that can fit easily into your pocket when folded. 

It’s so small that it could fit in your breast pocket. 

Our concern with the design is it’s stability. 

  • How stable will the phone be when it’s flipped? 
  • Will it be able to sit halfway in the folded position like the picture below? 
samsung galaxy flip singapore

Also is the 6.7-inch display too large to put in the pocket without folding it? 

At the outset, the design looks exquisite and new, but only time will tell if the design will hold up. 

More info about the Galaxy Flip Z Display

The Samsung Galaxy Flip Z is the first phone to have an ultra thin glass screen. This isn’t like your normal display which has a thick screen. The Ultra Thin Glass Screen folds without troubling the display on the bottom which is very unique to folding phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Singapore Price 

The price of the folding phone has been considerably dropped down. It’s come to $1400. In the past when a smartphone maker released a folding phone, it was priced above $2000. Samsung has decided that it wants to move its folding phone from a concept phone to a commercially viable smartphone. 

Watch out this space for Red White Mobile’s pricing.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Features

Moving away from the folding display feature, is the Galaxy flip a decent enough smartphone? 

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Chipset is pretty good and one of the best chipsets available for a smartphone. This ensures that you can run your apps without any hassles. 

The camera on the Galaxy Flip although might be 3 cameras, it actually has six and there’s a camera that can be used, even when it’s closed. For the price point, the camera is expected to be much better. It’s worth getting a phone this expensive only when the camera can compete with the likes of Apple or the Huawei Mate 30, anything lesser and it’s pointless.

The 3300 mAh battery capacity might seem tad less for a phone with a 6.7-inch screen, but Samsung seems to think it’s sufficient. Samsung has added a 15W fast charging support feature to ensure there aren’t issues with the battery of the device. 

The phone does not have a headphone jack which is not a typical Samsung move. 

It has a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. This is new as well and for people who are used to the traditional setup, there might be a bit of a learning curve while using this phone. 

It’s also expected to work with Android 10, which is a welcome addition. 

Will the Galaxy Flip be able to beat it’s predecessor? 

This is not the first folding phone and this surely won’t be the last. But will this smartphone be able to make the transition from “cool gadget” to an effective smartphone? 

Cost of Samsung Fold Singapore

It isn’t clear whether Samsung has addressed the fatal design flaws that plagued the Samsung fold in the past. Only time will tell if they have internally made some modifications to the design to make this phone break proof. 

One major design flaw that needs to be addressed is the gap that forms when the phone is folded. This little gap can let in dust and debris that could potentially harm the display of the phone. 

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