Review of Xiaomi Redmi 4a Singapore

redmi 4a singapore

Xiaomi has become a common name in the Singapore households for a long time now and the reasonable price along with most amazing features has made this Chinese smartphone mogul so close to the hearts of all the Singapore mobile phone buyers. Xiaomi Singapore has recently released the Redmi 4a in the market and it has been creating the buzzes all around with its amazing features and sleek design. The device falls within a price range of $150ish but that does not lessen the glory of the Redmi 4a. It is the best phone that you can think of buying in that price range and you will not be unsatisfied with anything that the device has to offer.

xiaomi redmi 4a singapore price

Design and Build up:

The design and build up are the best features that the Redmi 4a offers. Though the phone does not have a metal body like its costlier siblings but that does not lessen the awesomeness of the device. This new release from Redmi has a very sleek and amazing look. Moreover, its edges are curved in such a way that it becomes very convenient for the users to hold it and use it with only one hand. Redmi 4a has a 5 inch 720 pixel full HD display with a screen resolution of 443 pixels per inch. The small screen size makes it very easy convenient for the one hand use; moreover, it increases the pixel density and makes the colour so vibrant as well as attractive. Thus, the colour ratio of the display in the phone is truly amazing and it really looks highly vibrant as well as attractive to all the users. The Redmi 4a comes in Gold and Rose Gold colours which add a status quotient to the phone and makes it so appealing that it is too hard to resist yourself from buying the device.

Specifications and Features:

When it comes to the features, then Redmi 4a has so many that it is almost impossible for anyone to note them all. Redmi 4a runs on a 1.4GHz quad-core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 652 Processor and a 2GB RAM. Moreover, Redmi 4a has a 16GB internal storage which can be expanded up to 64 GB by using a microSD card. The best thing about Redmi 4a is that it uses the MIUI 8 atop of the android 6.0 like all other latest releases of Xiaomi and that does not only enhances the performance but also provides the users with a scintillating experience. The device is powered by a 3120mAH non-removable battery and we can assure that this all new release from Xiaomi provides you with an amazing battery backup. Both 3G and 4G Nano SIM and Micro SIM are compatible. When it comes to the camera, Xiaomi Redmi 4a has 13-megapixel rear camera which clicks magnificent pictures and a 5-megapixel selfie camera for shooting elegant selfies.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4a is the best phone that you can get within its price range and the features that it offers is not really available in any other device in this price range. So if you are on a tight budget then the Redmi 4a is the best choice that you can make.

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