Review of the NEW HTC U Ultra Singapore

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Regards to the overall DESIGN, HTC U Ultra Singapore is one of the most intricate designs HTC has ever built. Instead of using metal, the back of the phone is made up of glass material. To the sides, you will find a metal rim running all over. Though it sounds improbable, it actually feels fantastic. Inspired by the movements of water, the phone has a liquid surface design. Moreover, the 3D glass adds a shift in colours reliant on the light. For instance, the white material turns pink under certain shades. The glass construction is believed to make the phone much tougher than the metal iPhone. The phone totally gives a similar finish like the Jet-Black iPhone 7. It is equipped with an absolute magnet for smudges and fingerprint. Moreover, it’s wonderfully sparkling and reflective look gives an amazing feel while you carry the phone.

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Battery life

This superlative Android phone will now leave you with a day and a half long lasting battery. Not just letting you enjoy huge battery life, the battery is seen to charge really fast compared to other HTC phones. As mentioned above, the 3000mAh battery allows you to download videos, play games and relish using large applications without interruption in between. The large screen size adds to the amazing experience of using the phone without disruptions. The phone has a speed topping up 33% of the battery within 20 minutes. Getting is fully charged takes up to 2 hours.


The camera is hugely impressive for it has again brought up an astonishing experience. Be is a full cloudy day or a picture you take in the low light environment; the results go alike with numerous filters fit within the camera. As mentioned in the introduction, get a perfect selfie with 16 megapixel front camera. Taking selfies is no more an issue simply because it does not have a flashlight. The pixels give you such a clear image that pictures taken in the dark are quite cool compared to the previous phone experiences. Similarly, with a number of features fixed in the camera, the front camera holding 12 ultra pixel is the best to click images of the beautiful nature, your friends, and family. Save your memories with HTC U Ultra  Singapore phone forever with the best clicks.


The phone holds 2 sim slots allowing you to use 2 sims at one time. With a standard wi-fi support and Bluetooth 4.2, this phone additionally features connecting with USB OTG.

Moreover, the phone is equipped with all the sensors like Compass/magnetometer, proximity sensor, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and gyroscope.

Coming to the Cons of the product, it does not have a barometer sensor or the temperature sensor that usually other phones do have. Moreover, it does not have a headphone socket, and the sense companion is quite confusing. The dual camera feature is skimped that again feels like a big miss from the phone. However, overall the phone is one of the best launches made in 2017. Its stunning design, 3D audio, dual display and Al-based software lets us forget the cons and enjoy the incredible features.