5 ways to resell your USED mobile phone in Singapore

sell used phone singapore

The major flagships like Samsung and Apple release new phones every year to keep their customer base loyal to them and earn huge revenues. So what can you do to always use the latest smartphones? The best answer is to get rid that is to sell your barely one-year old device to buy the newly launched mobiles. But will you get a fair value for your old smartphone if you sell it? Well, this has been a major concern for many since it is too hard to even recover the half price with which you had bought your mobile phone in the La La Land of Singapore. Hence, here are five best ways in which you can sell your old smartphone at a reasonable price in Singapore and can vouch for all the latest releases by the flagships.

  • Heartland Shops:

Heartland shops are also known in Singapore as the “Ah beng handphone shops” are one of the best places in the area to sell your mobile phone. These shops are scattered all over the estate and you will always come across one no matter where you go in Singapore.


You can actually get a better price for the phone that you are trying to sale so eagerly than selling it directly to the telecom shops. You can actually get S$50 more for a used iPhone 6S than if you try to sell it to other dealers or on the streets.

Moreover, you can always use your bargaining skills to plunge more money though you need to remember that the shopkeepers will not go easy on you. But if you become friendly with them rather than being harsh then the chances of getting a better price is more. And if you are a gorgeous lady then your chances of getting the best price are even higher.


Even the smallest defects or scratches on the phone will lower the price of your phone. So it is best to sell the phone along with the intact box and paraphernalia. You will also need to submit the bill and other particulars of the phone to prove that it is not a stolen good. Lastly, you will never be the price maker so be prepared to get low price than what you would have expected.

  • APPS:
    If you want to sell your pre-owned products without any hassle in a more technologically advanced venue in the present days then head for the app called Carousell. It is a highly interactive app-based marketplace where the sellers and the buyers interact directly; fix the prices and close the deal by exchanging money.


Carousell provides the users with an amazing experience and their UI is very easy to use. You will be easily able to search the products and navigate through the application. If you can click a picture and write appealing product descriptions then you can make real good money by selling your mobile phone in exchange for a handsome amount of money.


There are several buyers who try hard to lower the prices of what you are trying to sale and there are some trollers too whose main purpose is to waste the time of the sellers.

  • Social Media:

In the world today, most of the people are connected with each other through the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Then why do not you use it to sell your pre-adored smartphone? Just by uploading a picture of the smartphone you are trying to sale, you can get great deals on your mobile phone.


With the social media, you will be selling your device to a friend or any acquaintance; hence the selling process will be much friendlier and hassle free.


If you are not a friendly person or a popular name among your so called social media friends then nobody will actually want to buy from you.

  • Online Classified Listings:

There are several online classified listing where like Craiglist, Gumtree Singapore or ST Classified where you will actually be able to get serious buyers who are not fooling around.


Only the serious buyers will visit these lists


These sites are still stuck in the early 2000s since they have a boring and outdated look which can drive the young buyers away from these lists who are more used to the apps and interactive social media platforms.

  • Forum:

If you really want to sell your once beloved smartphone to experienced buyers through dedicated web pages then you should try using the websites which have solely been set to conduct this kind of dealings like HardwareZone.


Though there are people who visit the forums to talk all kinds of nonsense and waste time but the chances are pretty high that there will be few people who will get interested in buying the smartphone listed by other users if it is still in good condition.


For the new users it is too hard to get noticed on these websites and to sell the smartphone without hassle since the veteran users can get offended with this audacity of a newcomer.

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