Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Pro Singapore – Pre orders, Prices and Release Dates

OPPO R15 : Is this the midrange iPhone Killer? There’s a new era in the smartphone market.

It’s the end of the rule of bigwig manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

In China, Apple has been dethroned and this place has been taken by the one and only Oppo. Oppo has been climbing steadily through the ranks and have captured large markets pan Asia and that is because of their top notch iPhone killer phones.


Pre order for Oppo R15 in Singapore

preorder date for oppo r15

Today we cover another iPhone killer, the Oppo R15 and Oppo R15 Pro Singapore.


Technical Specifications


  • Operating System : Android 8.1 Oreo
  • Internal Memory : 128GB with 6GB RAM
  • Battery : 3400 mAh
  • Screen Size : 6.28in
  • Display : AMOLED
  • Front Camera : 5 Megapixels
  • Back Camera : 16 Megapixels


In the Box :


  • Vooc compatible micro-usb cable
  • 20W plug
  • Headphones
  • Transparent silicone case


The Design


The Oppo R15 is a beautiful device. Packed with a glass back and an aluminium frame, it feels great and looks great. The back of the phone is reflective and it comes in eye popping colors that makes the phone stand out.

The fingerprint reader, sits on the back of the phone which is comfortable to use. The fingerprint sensor is super fast and has no issues, for people who want to use another authentication mode, they can choose the face recognition, which is supposedly faster than that of the iPhone X. It uses 120 recognition points and photograph cannot fool the face recognition software.

For all the notch haters, this phone isn’t for you. The notch houses the camera and the sensors.

The phone isn’t waterproof, but is moisture proof.


The Display


The display covers 90% of the screen, that is a solid achievement for a mid level phone. The side bezel comes to a thickness of 1.78mm. The phone’s sunlight contrast ratio is 4.251, with Samsung S9’s at 4.789 which is the best. So the Oppo R15 is not too far away in terms of the ratio which means you can use it in the brightest of lights.

The UI


The R15 comes in with the new Android OS, the Android 8.1 Oreo(Yum!). This is new because generally the smartphones with SoC mediatek don’t come in packed with the latest OS. It has been touted as the iPhone killer primarily because of the UI. The UI resembles the iOS a lot!

The software is customized and has been given a new name – ColorOS 5.0. That brings a big change to the way things function. There is no app drawer like the MIUI.

The gesture navigation system is on, by default. Where have you heard about this navigation system before?

That’s right. The iPhone. This is one other reason, why it’s like the iPhone at half the price. If you don’t want it on, you can switch it off. How it works is simple. You have three small lines at the bottom of the interface and you swipe in the middle, it’s similar to the home button. If you swipe mid way, you can access the task switcher and if you swipe on the left or the right, you can go back.

Themes are templates are a common occurrence in the Oppo phones and you can style yours anyway you want completely changing the look of your phone.

The lock screen keeps changing images every time you unlock the phone.


The Battery


The batter packs a 3450 mAh and you are expected to get 2 hours worth of battery life after just 5 minutes of charging. The fast charging is possible thanks to VOOC via the micro USB.


The Camera


This is another reason why the Oppo R15 is compared to the iPhone. The camera.

The dual cameras are special because they were co-developed with the help of Sony only for the R15 series. The camera auto detects the scene you are in. So obvious things like food, pets, room are caught and identified immediately.

There is an expert mode for those who want to control more of the features. The panorama feature is improved compared to the R11, with increased height at 3200px. The colour contrast and sharpness are on point.

Oppo phones are selfie friendly and the 20MP selfie camera does not disappoint.


The Colours


The main color for the R15 is the nebula purple which is made specifically for the R15 and it’s beautiful. It also comes in snow white and hot red. Looking at the glass finish, it makes sense to get colours that pop instead of a plain colour just because of the way it looks.

stefen chow oppo r15 singapore

Stefen Chow, the famous Singaporean photographer has been hired by Oppo to take pictures of Singaporeans in their natural element. Considering the campaign has concluded, you can visit the Oppo Singapore Facebook page to see the camera quality of the Oppo R15.


The R15 Pro Singapore and its prices

Oppo R15 Pro

With the R15, the R15 pro is also getting released. The main differences are


  • The R15 Pro comes with an additional 15MP camera
  • It comes with a curved back
  • It comes in Ruby Red which is exclusive to the pro.
  • The battery and performance is the same.
  • It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • It’s also waterproof.


So if you care about these changes, you can consider the R15 pro as well.

Oppo R15

Pros of the R15


  • Beautiful design with nebula purple taking the cake in the looks department.
  • Bezel less AMOLED screen, at that price is magnificent
  • Superb battery life and fast charging
  • Solid camera with excellent results in daylight and low light.
  • Good 4k videos
  • The tag of ‘Selfie Expert’ is genuine because of the 20MP camera


Cons of the R15


  • The notch
  • It’s slightly pricier than the V9
  • 1080p videos, not up to the mark.


The OPPO R15 is a solid phone for a mid range device. It has all the bells and whistles that is required of a solid performing smartphone. For those of you who think the iPhone X is too expensive, you get a combination of good looks, solid performing camera, an iOS like interface, a fast performing processor and the exact same thing as the iPhone X. This is the phone you’ll need to buy in 2018.

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