Top 5 Smartphone Case Brands in Singapore

Smartphones have come a long way in the past decade and with it, even smartphone covers have. You can find various type of smartphone covers these days. For example there are card holder cases, battery cases, cases with a velvet finish, cases with a grip and so on.

The primary use for a case is to protect your phone from falls and the secondary use is to look good. Today we cover the top smartphone case brands in Singapore.


spigen phone case

Spigen Singapore

Spigen is an old warhorse in the case market. Founded in 2004. They’ve been around before the smartphone era. Spigen’s cases is known for being strong as well as their striking good looks.

They make a variety of cases. Card holding case, grip cases, rugged cases and more.

Their new graphite collection is a testament to their focus on durability and design. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this is a must have collection for people looking for a sleek phone case.

Spigen also make customized cases for individual phones, like the Spigen Red case for the Apple iPhone 8 (Red).

Spigen not only focuses on the phone case as a protective tool but also as a functional tool. For example the iPhone Slim Armor CS is a card holding case that comes with a back panel that can be opened and closed.


Type of Cases : Thin Fit, Tough Armor, Hybrid, Slim Armor




The sports shoes and apparel maker jumped into the bandwagon of smartphone cases because it was an accessory. Adidas cases are stylish, colourful and most importantly have the iconic adidas logo on them.

They make cases of different types – Grip cases, booklet case, hard cover case and more.

Adidas also go slightly off their design principles to make beautiful floral cases. Here is an example

Although Adidas is a premium brand, their pricing is around the $30 range which make it affordable.

They also make plain coloured phone cases that matches with their kit and jersey colours. So you can be sporty and fashionable at the same time.

They make cases for popular Android devices and iOS devices. There are a lot of illegitimate Adidas cases out there, so buy original Adidas cases from Red White Mobile.

Type of Cases : Booklet, Hardcover, Snap case



viva madrid singapore case


Viva Madrid is a phone case manufacturer from Spain. They are primarily a fashion brand and all the designs focus a lot on style and elegance.

They make simple and elegant phone cases. They also delve into the quirky with some of their designs. This is what makes Viva a special phone case company.

They cater to a wide market by having different types of phone case designs. The perro hush hush baby is one of the examples of a quirky design.

The Glosa Mist is an example of a case that’s simple and elegant.

Viva cases have become popular in Asia over the past few years because of their european style and elegance.



uag phone case singapore

UAG Products

UAG cases are rugged. They are for the adventurous and people who literally man handle their phone. They have various collections. The current ones are Monarch, Metropolis, Outback, Pathfinder and more.



The Monarch has a distinct style and it comes packed with a 5 layer protection.


The Metropolis phone cases are of the booklet type with a card holder inside. The card holder is hidden and is closed. It has a full end to end protection and protects the screen as well, which means, there is no tempered glass required.


The pathfinder cases are rugged as well as beautiful. They come in various popping colors like orange, red and green. They also come in a military style color which looks sleek.


Samsung’s Cover

samsung phone cover

Samsung Gadgets

Apart from making phones, military equipment (yes you read that right) and a million other things. Samsung also makes phone covers for their phones.

Samsung over the last few years have innovated well with their phones and also with their phone covers. As they make the phones, you can be sure that their cases will fit snugly and look good.

An example of an innovative cover from Samsung is the Galaxy S9 cover. It’s a full cover case, that comes with a LED view and is available in different colours that is the same hue as the phone. The fine mesh brings about a beautiful finish.

Best place to buy phone cases in Singapore

Red White Mobile has been selling good quality cases for years now and based on the feedback we’ve received and based on the quantity is sold, we have come to the conclusion that these are the top selling phone cases in Singapore.


What’s the right type of phone case for me?


Picking a case can be a bit difficult if you aren’t sure what is the right fit for you.


Rough Use : If you do a lot of sport and don’t take care of your phone that well. If you tend to drop your phone often, then you’ll need a rugged UAG type of phone case. They are solid, they are thick, shockproof and military grade cases.


Don’t want a bulky case : Some people like the feel of a thin phone and don’t want a thick case. In this case, you need to get a slim fit, flexible case that is not a hardcover. The protection is low, but it looks good and envelopes your phone well.


Multi functional case : Some people like their cases to not only be a case, but much more. There are grip type cases available to hold your phone better. There are cases with card slots from Spigen that can hold your card inside your case for ease of access.


Front protecting case : Some people don’t like to install tempered glasses and in this case, you can choose a booklet case, that covers the front of your phone and also gives you a bit of privacy.


What cases do you use or have you used that you really like?