Honor Smartphones by Huawei are here in Singapore!

huawei honor singapore

Honor is a sub brand of the telecom equipment company Huawei. As most of us are aware, Huawei make their own phones. To compete in the budget friendly smartphone market, Honor was formed in 2011.

In the past 8 years, Honor has grown leaps and bounds across markets such as Europe, Japan, India. They have a presence in over 74 countries. They have also created over 30 different smartphones since their inception. The popular series in their line up is the flagship, C series, V series, i Series, X series, Lite and Holly.

In their bid to expand in the South East Asia market, Honor launched in December in Malaysia and finally they come to our very own Singapore.

Honor launched in Singapore with the Honor View 10, Honor 7X and the Honor 9 Lite.

These phones aren’t lightweights by any means. They are backed by Huawei who has a 19% market share in China. The Honor phones also run on the Kirin processor that runs Huawei devices.

At Red White Mobile, we strive to stock the latest smartphones from a wide range of manufacturers. Seeing the importance of these Honor phones because of their value and their featured, we have stocked four phone models for our customers.


Honor 10

Honor 10

Price : $579

Discount of 5% on cash payment.  

Available in Blue and Black.


It also comes in Black and Grey backs.

Internal space is either 64GB or 128GB. The RAM is at a consistent 4GB. The battery is a 3400 mAh which is sufficient to power the 5.84 inch display.

The Honor 10 has dual cameras at 16MP and 24MP respectively. The camera also has an auto detect function that can identify 22 scenes. The selfie camera is 24MP.

It runs on the Android Oreo but is customised with Huawei’s Emotion UI 8.1.

It has the 3.5mm jack and based on tests the phone good for gaming. The chipset is the Hisilicon Kirin 970.


Honor View 10

Honor View 10

The View 10 has a metal body which is a common design choice, but it’s something that still looks good on this phone. The phone is strong and sturdy.

Unlike most modern day phones, where the fingerprint scanner is housed at the back. The View 10 has the button in the front. From a design perspective some might consider it cramped for space. But while using, we realise it works.

The display is 18:9 and it’s good for that price point.

The 3750 mAh batter just makes the cut. It isn’t too great or too bad. But Huawei has packed in a Super Charge adapter that gives you 50% in 30 minutes. Now it doesn’t matter if the battery life is bad, if that’s the charging rate.

The phone runs on Android Oreo with Huawei’s own EMUI 8.0 sitting on top of the stock OS. EMUI is  highly customized but works like a charm.

The best features from the EMUI is the magazine lock screen which gives you a different wallpaper every time you start the display.

The Kirin 970 is one of the most solid chipsets out there. That is reflected in the camera, that can identify the type of scene the camera is pointed at.

For full specifications, click here


Honor 7X

Honor 7X

Price : $309

Discount of 5% on cash payment

Available in Blue and Black.


The Honor 7x has a metal unibody with a glass front. It has a solid build with a metal back. The screen is 5.9inches and it’s full HD. This is not a bezel less phone, although the side bezels are slim.

The fingerprint scanner is housed in the back of the phone. The Honor 7x has a 3340 mAh battery. This is sufficient with the software that runs the phone and the display size. The battery charges to around 35% in half an hour.

The phone runs on Android 7 Nougat, with EMUI 5.1. Although the EMUI 5.1 has got a lot of flak in the past, they’ve improved considerably in the past few versions.

Coming to the most sought after features in smartphones these days. The camera. The primary camera is dual with 16MP and 2MP. The 2MP is just a sensor that helps while shooting in the dark and gives more depth in portrait mode.

Overall it’s a good phone because of its build, ultra wide display, battery life, great fingerprint reader, good camera.

The cons might be the lack of fast charging support.


Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 Lite

Price : $259

Discount of 5% on cash payment

Available in Grey and Blue


The Honor 9 Lite is another budget smartphone from Honor. It is a feature rich phone with all the bells and whistles expected from a modern day smartphone.

Although the side bezels are thin, this is not a bezel less phone. The display is 5.65 inches big and there is a fingerprint sensor in the back.

The back of the phone is glass tinted and this is a cause for worry for many users because of the propensity to break. But overall, this is beautiful looking device at this price point. The phone isn’t too thick as its a 7.6mm thick.

The processor this phone works on is the 2.35Ghz Kirin 659 which comes from the Huawei house. It also has 3GB of RAM.

The phone has 32GB of storage available with the option to expand. Running this phone is Android Oreo with EMUI on top. The EMUI is famous for having Apple’s design sense embedded into it. One of them being the lack of app tray.

For a phone at this price, you get dual primary and secondary cameras which are 13MP and 2MP each. Just like the Honor 7X the 2MP camera is to add to the first camera’s abilities.

Having a 13MP camera in the front is absolutely incredible for a smartphone for this price. It’s great for selfie lovers.

Powering all this is a 3000 mAh battery which is more than adequate for a phone of this caliber. The drawback is, there’s no fast charging.

Try before you buy. Demo sets available for all phones at the Red White Mobile Store.