Xiaomi Mi5 Review

singapore xiaomi 5

The Xiaomi Mi series has been the flagship for Xiaomi and has been one of it’s best selling phone models in Singapore. What is exciting this time Xiaomi is looking to give it’s premium segment a boost by bringing out the Mi5.

The Mi5 comes with a metal frame and has a glass rear panel. The curved edges and back give it a nice finish. In the front, you can see that the screen has an edge to edge finish and it makes the 5.15 inch IPS LCD panel display look even bigger.

Competing with the likes of Apple, the Mi5 has a physical home button that also works as a finger print sensor. The sensor is one of the smoothest and fastest among all phones and it can be used to secure a few applications. Next to the home button there are capacitive buttons, which look invisible when they aren’t lit. Their functionalities can be modified according to the user.

The camera is a powerful 16 Megapixel camera and the front camera is a 4 megapixel camera which is perfect for selfies and video calls. The camera has a dual tone LED flash. The back camera can shoot videos up to 4k and there is the image stabilization feature for the back camera that aids at taking fast photos. The flaws are few, for example you cannot shoot in slow motion in the 4k resolution and the user has to switch manually to 720 to use the feature. The focus also has a bit of an issue which can increase the time for taking photos.

The processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC and it’s one of the most powerful devices that you can buy today at this price and specifications.

The 3GB RAM is good at handling all the applications and the phone doesn’t lag or slow down even while playing high octane games. It has a 32GB Internal storage that isn’t extendable which is seen as one of the biggest cons of the phone by many people.

Just like a lot of modern day phones, the Mi5 is a dual sim and has a USB type c connectivity in the bottom.  The battery is about 3000 mAh and like the iPhone cannot be replaced by the user.

The OS is Android 6.0 but the UI is the MIUI 7 which again a lost of users have said that they prefer the original Android UI. But if you are a MI user, you will know that the MIUI is a great enhancement of the stock android. Also the customizations that can be done are excellent for the MIUI, which will not make you miss the stock Android.

In summary

This is one of the best that is available at this price range. This is in direct comparison to the Galaxy S7 and is almost at half the price. It’s sturdy and doesn’t lag and has a large enough screen for consuming content and a powerful camera to take make good quality content.

Article by Digital Marketing Singapore