Huawei Watch Review

huawei watch

In past few years, the Chinese company Huawei has proactively launched an array of smart phones in an attempt to establish itself as a sought after brand. Huawei watch launched earlier this year, is the new addition to the company’s product line, to ascertain itself in the market of wearable android devices.

The watch is extremely stylish with premium good looks and a typical round face design measuring 42mm in diameter and 11.3mm in thickness. The unified body of the device is made from corrosion defying stainless steel and is immaculately finished with scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass.  Its crest is crowned which not only acts as a power button but also enhances expediency while operating it. The 18 mm width of the haul allows an alternative of third party straps.

The watch is introduced with three color variants – gold, silver and black. You can choose either a leather band or a cold forged 316 L stainless steel band. The watch available in rose gold plated form has a textured glint and polished finish which makes it look more like an adored jewelry piece which is miles ahead of wearable devices launched since 2014.

If you compare the display of Huawei watch with its close competitors like LG and Moto’s’ in the same segment than undoubtedly Huawei is way beyond its rivals. It gracefully walks ahead with best AMOLED display till date for any wearable android device which measures 1.4 inch. It provides a perfect screen resolution of 400 X 400 with a ppi count of 286. However, in the gadget market, talks are rife that LG’s soon to be launched second edition of its watch – urbane will vanquish it with 480 X 480 panel giving 348 ppi. Huawei’s has a cutting edge display with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio which holds up quite fine even under bright sunlight, the colors are amazingly vibrant and the text appears distinctively crisp.

Though the aesthetics of the watch provides a better display in comparison to its arch rivals by offering an authentic 360 degree visuals but it is not loaded with an ambient light sensor. Therefore, you invariably have to preset the display to a brightness setting which might not be accountable and practically feasible with your situation. Moreover, the display is on all the time and it comes with 50 pre loaded faces. The abounding choice of facial displays range from vibrant to quite boring ones fairly sustaining the build quality in general.

Huawei watch is an up to date version of smart watches OS which is Wi- Fi independent and has a backing of official iOS support additionally loaded with great features. This android wear from Huawei has a provision of using it with an iPhone.

Like any other Google powered wearing device, it is also pre-loaded with Google fit with an upper hand as it is pre- loaded with the daily tracking app with better graphics. It keeps a record of your steps, the number of times you stood straight along with the calories burned during a day. The company claims that watch will know exactly whether you are running, jogging, walking or climbing. It has an optical heart rate tracker which is a useless feature as you can’t rely on its accuracy as it counts only when the wrist is still. However, it lacks a GPS on board which should have been incorporated as one of the features.

So, here is what this new stylish, slickest Huawei watch is all about and undoubtedly a great buy from the wearable android segment.

Article by Digital Marketing Singapore