The Future of Mobile Phones – What are we expecting next?

future of mobile phones

The Mobile Industry has been the most rapid moving in terms of technology in the history of any product. This is because of the insane competition and the two warring tribes of Android and iOS. It isn’t only about the Operating System’s. It’s also about the various phone manufacturers that are in competition with each other.

The form factors have changed, the phones have become slimmer, lighter and the specs have just gotten better and better while the prices have kept coming down. If this is where the world’s heading then people wouldn’t be holding phones and their hands would just become a phone. Too far fetched? You never know.

The future of phones depends on the company that leads the bandwagon. What the leading company decides is the future, it becomes the reality.  So what do we think phones will be like in the coming years?

Phones will get stronger, sturdier and more lighter. Considering Apple is ruling the roost, they’ll still come up with phones that will be more paper like.  Like the Mi Mix is promising us, the screen of the phones will take precedence and their screen rations will get 100% which means 100% of the screen will just be glass.

Gorilla will come up with sturdier glasses that won’t break or scratch easily but still will be sturdy enough even when you drop it. That’s to do with the form factor. What about the world of Apps?

Apps are tricky. Simple utility based apps will keep getting ingrained into the OS, it’s the entertainment apps like the game apps that will get more immersive and will involve real world application. Take Magic Leap, the company as an example. Their focus is to create a world where the real blends in with the virtual. Your real will be able to direct the virtual in almost a physical way. This is the kind of immersion that will be expected in the phones of the future.

future of mobile

The mobile phone also will become a much more important tool. Right now it handles communication, entertainment and work. It will become the hub for much more. You can know if your belongings are safe and secure through a screen in your phone. You can interact with other products in your household through the phone. You can also ask your car to come to the front door to pick you up.

Phones also will become multi-purpose devices. You can already see with the arrival of Motorola Mods, you can modify your phone to suit your specific need. If you want it as a photography tool, it will become a full fledged camera, if you want it to become a defibrillator, it will have capabilities for the same. It will become the central device for a lot of major activities with ancillary products supporting it to enhance the desired experience.

Mobile Phones are going to be an Integral device to our life. They are going to have all our information and they will know us better with advanced Siri like AI that will learn better about our preferences and the things we do.

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