samsung gear 360 2017 singapore

Making use of its much-hyped “UNPACKED” event, Samsung Singapore has unveiled a range of exciting devices alongside the much-awaited flagship models Galaxy S8 and S8+. The other devices that Samsung brought out also include the morphed version of the Gear 360 camera that was released last year. On a venture towards perfection, Samsung has definitely reached the crest with this new device. The exciting add-ons in the Gear 360 over its last model include a support for wider range of smartphones, a sleek design, live broadcasting to YouTube and other social networking sites and an enhanced connectivity.


The Samsung replaced the removable tripod from the older Gear 360 and came up with a classy, grippy and slim handle which has an eyeball shaped unit mounted on it. The Gear uses dual lens technology with two lenses on either side of the mount. The newer edition has grown lighter and smaller but still can withstand splashes and dust. The power toggle and the settings buttons along with the microSD card slot are present on the handle. It also gives place for a USB type C charging slot and a small display for battery level and memory card status.

The best in class 8.4 MP CMOS sensors and two wide angles f/2.2 lenses that are put to use provide unparalleled video recording. The newer Gear also supports 4K video recording which is a charm to find in such devices. The same video quality applies for the 360-degree video as well. The device derives juice to form an internal 1160mAh battery with an assured on time of 130 minutes with 30 fps video recording. However, this may substantially reduce if the 4K mode is switched on.


The trend of live broadcasting will be a cherry if Gear 360 is put to use. The device enables the recorder to change the point of view of recording while continuing the broadcast. A professional touch! Although the broadcast quality is not 4K due to the network limitations, the easy pan feature makes it a device worth an investment.

Samsung Gear 360 (2017)


Samsung has not failed to rectify each of its flaws in the first version of the Gear 360 and has come up with something worth all the hype. The handle is much easier to hold and the mode button on the Gear allows a quick swap between the modes. The connection between the Gear and the phone is as smooth as ever and allows a band of lot more exciting features to be accessed from the app. The app runs quite smoothly on all the Samsung devices. Although the recording and the picture quality offered is not the best but beats most of the devices in the class. The 360-degree recording feature along with a lot more exciting ones definitely gives enough room for this small drawback.


The Gear 360 uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features for pairing to a smartphone or any displaying device. Samsung has modified both the Gear 360 app along with the device itself to provide the best performance. Samsung has enhanced the connectivity of the devices for a large number of Samsung devices running on Android 5.0 and above including S8, S8 +, S7 edge, Note 5 and so on. A bonus to the existing features is the connectivity with the apple devices running on iOS 10.0 and above.


Samsung has never failed to impress the audience with its new releases, and the same applies for Gear 360 as well. With a dream to conquer the peak, Samsung has been continually tweaking the available technology to produce outstanding results. Samsung Gear 360 is one such device. The 2017 model of Gear 360 is definitely a promising product in the market and is worth a buy for all tech enthusiasts.

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