3G Phones for the ELDERLY

3g phone for the elderly

There used to be simple 2G Phones at the beginning of Mobile phone era where you could only call or send messages. Then evolution in the telecom industry brought a change in Life after 3G phones came into existence. However, with budget smartphones, there are people who still prefer feature phones. These 3G Phones are in demand due to its low costs and basic features. The simple 3G handsets have numeric keypad along with display screen. For Singaporeans, there is a major population who is now switching from 2G to 3G.
The 2G Services were shut from 1st April 2017 for technological development of people of Singapore. However, as per Infocomm Media Development Authority, around 1, 23,000people were still using 2G network last month. 1,60,000 people were using the 2G network in November 2016 so there is indeed a switch of few thousands of people. The current 2G network users are usually senior citizens or migrant workers. But they have to upgrade their network to either 3G or 4G to continue using mobile phones.
Reportedly, there is an increase in the sale of 3G feature phones in Singapore in past couple of Months. This is because the features of the basic 3G Phone make the phone easy to use and understand.

Let us understand some of the features of the 3G Basic phone.

Salient Features
• The 3G Basic phones come in 3 forms: – Candy, Slidebar, and Clamshell. There is no touch screen display.
• The shops selling 3G Basic phones in Singapore provide 6 Month seller warranty for the phone.
• Many of the phones have a big keypad and larger font so that senior citizens can easily view and dial.
• Some of the features of the 3G simple phones are a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, Torchlight, music player etc.
• As there are no additional features in the phone along with the small screen, the battery backup is great. Even after charging for once, it can be used for 2-3 days easily.
• The phones are very much affordable, as they do not cost much as compared to other smartphones available in the market.
There are various brands selling 3G basic phones in Singapore like Samsung, Nokia etc. but one of the 3g Simple Phone surging up the sale in Singapore is the SGINO Simple 3G phones. Let us have a close look at the phone.

iNo Simple 3G

SGINO Simple 3G Phone Singapore for the Elderly
 Mainly targeted for Senior Citizens, the phone is designed accordingly.
 There are 2 Sim cards slots in the Phone where one sim card slot is 3G enabled and other is 2G.
 The phone has larger font and buttons so it could be easily viewed by seniors or those with weak eyesight.
 The phones volume rocker is quite good, being audible at low volume as well.
 You can easily hear the ringtone even if it is in your pocket or far away due to loudspeakers.
 If you have weak memory then there is also a medication reminder setting on the phone, which lets you know about your medicines from time to time.
 There is a torchlight given at the top of the phone helpful at dark places especially in night times or power failures.
 The best feature of this phone is the SOS facility was given, which protects you from unwanted situations by playing a loud siren. It will also make call and message to saved emergency contact list in such dreadful situations.
The only Drawback the phone has is the slow connectivity on 3G with not so good view on the small screen. Otherwise, with $75 price at Red White Mobile, the SGINO Simple 3G phone is worth each penny with useful features, especially for elder citizens.

There is also the cheaper version that cost $50+. Simple phone with really simple features.

Ino 3G Basic

Both phone sets come with iNO local warranty.

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