Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Singapore Price and Review

With all the rumors I’ve heard about the new Watch 5, I’m really looking forward to the release of this amazing smartwatch at the end of August 2022. Priced at 442/- SGD which is about 150 SGD more than the previous Watch 4 when released I’m really looking forward to some game-changing upgrades. 

Samsung has everyone at the edge of their seats for August with all their exclusive releases like the Samsung Fold 4 which is a great combo to go with the watch 5 which is set to release around the same time as the watch. 

In this article, I will be comparing the upgrades from the previous Watch 4, Google Pixel Watch, and also with the new Apple Watch 7 to give you a detailed idea of what to expect from the Samsung Watch 5 and if it’s worth investing in the watch or waiting for the pro version of the watch.

So let’s get started with some basic updates I’ve received from professional leaks and work our way through to help you make your decision when the Watch 5 releases.

Watch 5: Release Date and Expected Pricing

As per the recent leak I’ve received, the Samsung Fold 4, Samsung Flip 4 and Watch 5 are set to release towards the end of August 2022 in Singapore. The Watch 5 is said to be priced at 442/- SGD with options to upgrade from your Watch 4 at the Samsung showroom near you.  

Design and Specs

With all the information and leaks I’ve received here is what I’ve understood about the design of the new Watch 5. The first rumor that seemed to be the most common among my sources is that there will be three different variants and these variants are provided with nicknames or codenames that make it easier to identify among each other. 

  • Samsung Heart -S SM-R90X – This is the first and basic model that is said to be the replacement for the Watch 4. The watch screen size is said to be around 40mm in width and 42mm in height which is very similar to the size of the Watch 4. Design-wise you can say they’re pretty much the same with internal processing upgrades. 
  • Samsung Heart L SM-R91X – This is the middle variant of the Watch 5, which is said to be larger in size with a height of 46mm and a width of 44mm. The size difference can definitely be made out when you keep both watches in front of you. 
  • Watch 5 Pro – This is what we’ve all been waiting for, the Watch 5 Pro edition. It is said to be constructed with a combination of titanium and sapphire, talk about fancy. This is done to create one of the most hardest and scratch-proof surfaces that provide a classy and niche finish.


The first two variants will be available to you in three basic colors that are pink gold, silver, and graphite, the Heart L will have an option for sapphire which is similar to the Watch 5 Pro. The Watch 5 pro will be available to you in black and titanium with hardened glass. 


The Watch 5 is rumored to have the same chip as the Watch 4 the Exynos W920, Which I felt after having a 150 SGD hike should have upgraded to the chip as well. But we won’t know for sure till it is released in August. The chip still performs amazingly well but I’d be happy if they upgraded on this. 

Memory and Storage

When it comes to the internal memory and storage of the Watch 5, it’s been leaked that the watch will have around 2GB of RAM with internal storage of upto 16GB. These specs are for the basic Watch 5 variant and we can expect an upgrade of internal specs for the Watch 5 Pro But nothing solid has come up about the Pro edition yet.


We can definitely expect a good increase in battery back-up compared to the Watch 4 if the internal is the same to amplify the life of the battery. It is rumored that the basic variant of the Watch 5 will have a 276mAh battery, and the middle variant will have a 398mAh battery which is a significant upgrade. Both come with fast charging at 10W. 

The Watch 5 Pro will have the largest battery ever with an upgrade to 572mAh, I’m excited to see if it can last a week without charge but we’ll just have to wait and assume for now. The Watch Pro will also support fast charging at 10W which is twice as fast as the Watch 4.


It has been leaked that there will be no change in the sensors from the Watch 4, so you can expect the same BioActive sensor with all the functionality that was provided to the Watch 4 which is.

  • ECG
  • Optical Heart Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Oxygen
  • BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

There might be a few more additions that can provide active body tracking but nothing has been assured yet. 


Some of the exclusive features of the watch 4 have been carried forward to the new Watch 5. The entire watch is IP68 rating for water resistance and dust this for applied to the lower two variants of the Watch 5. The Watch 5 Pro will definitely have better protection but nothing has been leaked or shared yet apart from the above. 

Here are some more of the features you can expect to be carried forward to the new Watch 5 from the Watch 4.

  • GPS
  • NFC
  • MIL-STD-810G protection
  • Super AMOLED display

Improvements to Expect

Compatibility Improvements

One of the biggest drawbacks of the previous Watch 4 series was that I couldn’t connect my wife’s iPhone to the smartwatch and when I connected my Other android phone from work, I was unable to use most of the functions on the watch as it was locked for only Samsung phones which were quite disappointing.  

As per the recent leaks, the Watch 5 will be fully compatible with all devices with no restriction to the brand of OS as it will be running on Wear OS and not a Samsung-exclusive OS.

Workout Monitoring

A common case with the old Watch 4 was the whole interaction with the watch when running or keeping lap timing as it will take a try or two to get around to doing what you want with the watch. I felt the iWatch had much better user-friendly functionality when compared to the Watch 4. I’m looking forward to a rumor that with the new body and glass, we can expect better functionality. 

Sleek Body Design

If you’ve worn the Watch 4 then you will know that it doesn’t have the slimmest of designs, Some might like the thickness of the watch but when worn by women, they prefer a slimmer and elegant design. 

With the leaks of images, I’ve seen from the recent updates we can expect and slimmer body with a unisex design that I’m sure everyone will love. 


Apart from the after-market straps that you get online of doubtable quality, I’d like to see more options from Samsung for the Watch 5, Not sure what the options for the Watch 5 Pro will be but I’m looking forward to seeing the titanium and sapphire blend with the straps they have in mind.


With all the leaks and rumors I’ve shared in this article, I hope you are looking forward to the release of the Samsung Watch 5 as much as me in Singapore this August. 


What OS does the Watch 5 Support?

The new Samsung Watch 5 comes with the latest Wear OS which was developed by Google and is running as the standard operating system for most new smartwatches. 

Does the Watch 5 have a more durable design than the Watch 4?

The Samsung Heart -S SM-R90X and Samsung Heart L SM-R91X variants available at the end of August, both are rumored to have the same elements used for the exterior body but with an upgrade the glass which is hardened for better durability against scratches and bumps. 

The Watch 5 Pro has a body made from a combination of titanium and sapphire with hardened glass making it one of the most durable smartwatch from Samsung.

Will the Samsung Watch 5 be compatible with an iPhone?

After the internal OS upgrade to Wear OS from Google for the Watch 5, it not only makes it compatible with iPhones which the Watch 4 lacked. It is one of the most looked forward to upgrades for the new Watch 5.