Samsung A52s vs A52 Singapore Review

samsung a52s singapore

Samsung in quick time became the biggest Smartphone brand with Android. It is not without reason, of course. Over the years, the popularity of this mega smartphone brand has soared rapidly. It has adopted a strategy that is quite different from that of Apple. Apple, as you would know, offers high-quality devices catering mainly to the premier market. Unlike this, Samsung has tried to cater to the market with a wide range of prices.

It has helped Samsung to establish itself all across the globe, more so in the price-sensitive markets. And is what made this mega-brand the smartphone giant of the world. It is to cater to the Mid-Range Market that the Samsung A-Series was launched. The Samsung A 52 and Samsung A 52 S have become very popular in the A-Series Category. 

If you are planning to buy one of them and are still a bit confused about which one to buy, let us take a close look at each one of them.

The Samsung Galaxy A Series: An Overview

The Galaxy, A series from Samsung, has been a bit of an experiment. Putting it simply, they are the company’s mid-range smartphones. However, unlike some other phones, you could mention they have focused more on design and features than power or performance with these devices. The original model was pretty good looking as far as Android geophones go; however, there were better options out in terms of specs – that is until now!

In comes their latest addition: The Samsung Galaxy A52s (Review). This phone swaps out its old Snapdragon 720G for something much faster thanks to Qualcomm themselves providing it with their newer Snapdragon 778G processor instead while still retaining everything else, including 4GB RAM capacity onboard storage expandable via microSD card slot upstairs behind the battery door. 

The Samsung A52s has a lot going for it, but is it enough? 

Many phone users say that they have been using this phone as of late, and it seems that their thoughts are mixed. On the one hand, you have its 5G compatibility, which will surely come in handy when more people start streaming videos on their cell phones or downloading data-hungry games like PUBG Mobile without sacrificing that fast internet speed we all want. 

Access to every day! But maybe what really sells users on this device is not so much about where we are headed with technology – though admittedly those bells-and-whistles can make them happy –rather understanding why there is still demand among consumers these days: they need an affordable but quality handset just like they did before. 

The Samsung Galaxy a 52 S 5G is a mid-year upgrade for its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy a 52

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is an improvement on the original model, with many similarities. It includes a 120Hz AMOLED display and stereo speakers and its quad rear cameras (which are identical) and battery life that lasts up to two days on average before needing another charge. 

The new phone from the South Korean tech giant comes equipped with Dolby Atmos Sound for crystal clear audio during your favorite movies and videos but also boasts Optics Lake Panel Technology which allows users access to more natural colors without sacrificing detail. Thanks again for those extra pixels found everywhere else, including screens themselves.

Specifications of the New Samsung A52 S 5G 

The SIM which is both Nano and Dual for the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is all set to take on the latest competition in a big way. This phone operates on Android 11 with One UI 3 and features an infinity-O display, 6GB of RAM, 120Hz refresh rate under glass for smoother gameplay! The octa-core processor has been swapped out from last year’s model thanks mainly due to its newness so that you can get your hands on some cutting-edge tech without having any compatibility worries – it also means better battery life too as this unit doesn’t have QUAD camera sensors like before but still manages 8MP at f/1.

Camera Quality of the New Samsung A 52 S 5G

The sensor of the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G is a wide-angle lens that provides 12x zoom, making it perfect for taking landscape and group photos. It also features an f/2.2 front-facing camera with Full HD 1080p video recording capabilities to capture those important moments when you need them captured!

The Storage which is built in of the New Samsung A 52 S 5G 

As a Samsung lover, you would indeed be happy to note that the storage that is built-in for the device can support as much as 1TB microSD card, so there is plenty of room leftover even after installing all your favorite apps from Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore without worrying about running out space again soon because we know how life gets busy sometimes. Still, no worries – our phones will never let us down. 

Looks of the Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G & the Samsung A52

The Samsung Galaxy A52s look identical to the Samsung Galaxy A52. It has a plastic frame and polycarbonate back panel with an advantageous matte finish that shines elegantly in dark environments or when you want your device’s beauty to enlighten without being flashy at all costs! The camera layout is modern yet minimalist – it features prominent cut-outs for lens placement while blending seamlessly into its surroundings, just like any other part of this slim-shouldered gadgetry masterpiece we know so well from past models by Samsung.”

The Display Screen of the Samsung Galaxy A52 S 

This phone has an IP67 rating for both water and dust resistance, like the Galaxy A52. The Full-HD+ Super AMOLED display on this device features a hole punch so that you can easily take photos of yourself with its selfie camera! It also includes more refresh rate than most other smartphone screens – 120Hz instead of 90 Hz as seen in some models by competitors such as Apple’s iPhone Xs Max or Google Pixel 3XL. Gamers will appreciate these extra frames per second when playing apps at high graphics settings; we know because gamers make up our target audience here at Samsung Mobile, which is why all phones within range get tested thoroughly before being recommended from among those available today.

The Camera, Battery, and other features of the Samsung Galaxy A52S

With a 5-megapixel macro camera, one of the Galaxy A52s’ best features is its selfies. However, like many other smartphones on sale now, this phone also has an excellent front-facing camera that can take high-quality images at resolutions up to 32MP! This device’s battery life is 4500mAh, which enables it to support 25W fast charging. It means that with the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy A 52, you will never need to worry about taking more time than necessary before your next charge. But one disappointing feature that continues in the new version is that there is only the 15-Watt charger in the box. It is perhaps a price-cutting step which is pretty frustrating indeed. If you want to avail the full benefit of this charging feature, you would have to procure a more powerful charger and is not available upfront with the new phone. 

Coming to the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S operating system, it operates on the One UI 3.0 that is based on Android 11. 

The Samsung Galaxy A52s seems like a solid contender in this price range. It’s placed between high-end smartphones and premium devices, so it should meet your needs if you’re looking for something more moderate or just want the best of both worlds!

Sound Output in both compared in the Samsung Galaxy A52 S & Samsung Galaxy A 52

In the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S also, you get Stereo speakers. There are secondary speakers in both models. The sound quality is excellent in both models.

Even with the headphone jack, you get excellent sound quality. Both the models support the Dolby Atmos Support, which is fantastic. So sound-wise, there is not much difference in both the models.

Performance of Samsung Galaxy A 52 S and the Samsung Galaxy A 52 

Coming to performance, it was seen that some users were not very happy with the processor of the Samsung Galaxy A 52. The 720 G processor was not very powerful. In the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S, the processor has been solved to a large extent with the SnapDragon 778. It is a significant improvement indeed, and with this, users can feel that the processing on the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S happens really quickly. Another useful feature with the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S is that it offers the 120 HZ Refresh Rate with 240 HZ Touch Sampling. Though this is not a vast difference, it gives a smooth feel to the overall functionalities like scrolling and so on.

Gaming on the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S

If you are looking for casual gaming, then the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S. But in case you look for severe professional gaming. It is better that you use other smartphones which are specially meant for gaming. 

Software Updates, Sensors and unlocking on the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S

Speaking of Software updates in the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S, you can get up to 3 years of software updates, which is indeed a great relief. Many free applications also have been provided on the latest model. Apart from this, the phone also has as many as 35 sensors. For unlocking, you get the fingerprint scanner, which is decent but not too fast. Honestly speaking, had it been shorter, it would have been nice. You can also have the face unlock, but that is also not very fast, and users would prefer it to be faster. 

Waterproof Feature

Coming to the Waterproofing of both phones, you need to note that you get the IP67 rating in both. The rating comes with all the A series Samsung Phones. It gives complete waterproofing. You can go inside the pool and even shoot with both the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S as well as the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S. Samsung is the only brand that provides this very useful feature in this price range. Most of the other brands offer this only in a higher price range. 

Which to choose out of the Samsung Galaxy A52S and the Samsung Galaxy A52?

Coming to which of the two models you need to choose, to be honest, there is not much of a difference on many fronts, including the cameras and other features. However, one distinct difference in the Samsung Galaxy A 52’S case is the fact that it is 5G. Another distinct advantage of the Samsung Galaxy  A52S over the Samsung Galaxy A 52 is the fact that it has a much powerful processor. Many users claim this is a significant benefit they are getting in the new Samsung Galaxy A 52 S, and that is exactly why they would buy it over the Samsung Galaxy A 52. 

However, at the same time, when you consider both phones, you also have to see the price difference between the two. You have to decide whether you pay up the difference for these minor differences. The Samsung Galaxy A 52 S is SGD 8259, whereas the Samsung Galaxy A 52 is available at SGD 6851. So, the difference is pretty high. 

 It, of course, also depends on your use. If you are not a heavy user and only a light user of the phone, then perhaps the difference in functionalities in both may not be necessary. In this case, it makes little sense of why you want to pay extra for the Samsung Galaxy A 52 S. If this is the case, you may think of opting for the Samsung Galaxy A 52 because broadly, the functionalities in both the Samsung Galaxy phones are the same, so why to pay extra for these minor differences.