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There are a lot of mobile repairing companies in Singapore who are actually very good at their art. They know about how the general public thinks about them and their misconceptions. They usually have a pretty high standard and try their best to break the misconceptions among the people. But still after doing such hard work to convince the people, still there are some misconceptions when people go with reputed brands such as Samsung device or iPhones.
Here we are going to discuss some of those misconceptions so that the consumers could take the relevant information and educate themselves to get rid of such misconceptions in the field of mobile repair. So here we go…

Misconception No 1

· Only certified technicians must be there in a repair shop: So, we are here with our very first misconception. Actually there is no such certification required if you are running a mobile phone repair shop. The only exception is California, where you actually need electronic repairing special license. The certification again is a bit questionable thing as you will get it only at the phone repairing training schools which are privately owned. You will see a lot of technicians who are self taught and are very successful in this trade without any proper certificate or attending any kind of training course.
Usually, these technicians are very resourceful and witty. They don’t like to pay money to learn the art in a training school, instead they do research and learn that themselves. There are literally hundreds of such mobile repairing shops where you will get technically accurate technicians but without a certificate. They will do the job with ease and perfection in no time and without even a single error. But there are certain repair shops who do have the technicians with proper certification on the job. But the suggestion for you will be not to visit there only for the certified technician but check the review of the store and then only think about visiting there.

Misconception No 2

· The consumer will not get the warranty if the phone is serviced somewhere else other than the service centre: Another big misconception. If the phone you are using is of reputed brands like Samsung device or iPhones and the screen of the phone is broken then you have already voided the limited one year warranty given by the manufacturer. So, now going to a mobile repair shop which is not certified will not void the already void warranty. Repair shop will always do the repair as per your need and they will surely fix it so that you don’t have to waste further money to buy a new device whereas in service centre of your device, they will try their best to convince you so that you buy another device and hence increase their revenue. Most of the time you will see that the repairing of your device is a lot cheaper than buying and replacing it with a new one.

Misconception No 3

· The costing for repair is very high: The reality is that it is not true as a lot of people still think that repair a device will cost very high and other than just repairing the old one, they opt for a new one. As per some data collected by the market experts, $100 is the average costing of repairing an iPhone 6. It is really not so big depending on the daily use of your device. It is just a small token to get your favourite device up and running again. You just need to know first that how much your device worth to you. After knowing that you will surely repair it.

Misconception No 4

· People think that bargaining must be done at mobile repair shops: Another big misconception as there are various high profile devices like Samsung or iPhone whose parts are really costly than other phones. So you don’t just check that the problem is same but you also have to check that the device is different so the cost will be different too. The devices such as Samsung or iPhone make parts which are very hard to copy so only the originals can be used and trust me they are expensive. Sao, first check the value of your phone and then decide that the price which the technician is asking is high or fare.

Misconception No 5

· This phone cannot be fixed anywhere: It is not true as there is no such phone made which can’t be fixed. There is a conception among many but every phone has a certain way of repair and a professional who is dealing with such types from a long time can easily repair the phone.

Misconception No 6

· First I will try myself then take it to the repair shop: People nowadays do that quite frequently. They buy various parts of the phone which is needed online and then try to fix the problem themselves. We all know that only a professional is capable enough to do so. After hours of trying they at last take the phone to the repair shop not before doing further damage to it. The technician will get the phone not fully assembled and with the screws open. As I said before, the job is not a tough one but you need certain amount of research before doing the job so it is not an easy one too. So, unless you know completely what you are doing, please don’t try such nuisance as it will only loss your time and the phone will also take more time to get repaired.

Misconception No 7

· Dishonesty among the repair shops: It is a fact that there are certain repair shops where customers are cheated but it does not mean that everyone will cheat you. You will get only 10% of those people as other 90% of the industry is highly trustworthy and they try to put the best price before you so you do become their regular customer. But as suggested before, just check the review of the shop before going there. That will surely help.

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