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If you are thinking of buying headphones and thinking about where to go for best price and genuine quality, the suggestion I will give you is to visit the website of Red White Mobile (Headphone Shop Singapore) to get the best headphones in best price. Some of the biggest brands are described below.


Plantronics: It’s been 50 years since Plantronics has set foot in the electronics industry and since then they are moving forward with a simple goal of letting the people communicate more freely and easily. And it’s no wonder that they are improving every day with their audio innovation due to their hard work. Today we have a different workforce than what it used to be earlier. To keep up with the workforce today you must make friends with technology as the traditional style of work is not present anymore. You can see this change all over the world. Different companies are using different techniques to make their work smarter but all is attached with technology and we all know that Plantronics is one of the best in technology. The products and headphones are so amazing that many people assume it as the biggest breakthrough industry in making headphones. They started their company in a garage and we all know where they are now. People around the world know about the famous words that Neil Armstrong uttered but what people don’t know is the words are uttered on a Plantronics headset. Some of the best Plantronics headsets are Plantronics Blackwire, Plantronics BackBeat, Plantronics Voyager, and Plantronics audio 326. You can get the headsets at around $25 to $150.

Some of the best sellers at our store. 

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Sports

BackBeat Fit

Bragi: Bragi is best known for its wireless earbuds. The headsets which they make will just make your day. You can get a rich dynamic experience with these at any place. The speakers they use are pretty balanced and deliver amazing sound quality. While using them you can switch between tracks, activate audio transparency, take phone calls and activate voice commands. You can do all the above-mentioned things with not even looking at your smartphone. The design of the headphones is built by keeping the size of the ear in mind so they will perfectly set in your ear. There are three different tip sizes for the comfort of people so they can fit in the ear without doing any further adjustment. Each time you are going to the charge it, it will play 6 hours of music enriched with high quality. These water-resistant headphones are made of such high quality that you don’t have to worry about heavy traffic or windy days and listen to music or take calls with ease. The price of the headsets starts from $200 to $450. Some of the best products are Bragi: The headphone, Bragi: The Dash, Bragi: The headphone truly Wireless Earbuds.

Bragi The Headphone True Wireless

Jaybird: Jaybird headphones are usually best known for their compact designs. The fitting is very comfortable for ears and when it comes to sound quality, very few headsets are there who are compared with its crispness of sound. Jaybird app is there and with the use of it, you can customize the music quality. The tips are comfortable and are easy in the ear. Music and calls are very secure and you can make them while outside as the noise cancellation is very good. They are sweat proof and water resistant. Some of the best headsets of the company are Jaybird X2 Sport, Jaybird X2 Bluetooth, and Jaybird X2 Freedom. The price starts at around $80 to $200. The fully charged battery will give you 8 hours of music. Its quick charge too as you can get 1 hour of music with only 15 minutes of charge. The headsets are very good for use while workout and exercise. Many fitness freaks rank it very high.

Jaybird X3

Urbanista: The people who are mad for audio know the name Urbanista pretty well as they deliver one of the best headphones in the world. You can get them in four colors majorly blue, pink, white and black. Soft touch plastic is used to make them. Normally it is hard to wear glasses and headphones at the same time but these headphones are built in such a manner that they can both be worn at the same time without any discomfort. With a single charge, you can get 12 hours of crisp music. 3.5 mm socket is also available if the battery runs out. The control can be done without a single touch on your phone. The Bluetooth which is used is Bluetooth 4.0 to create the best connection. The sound is very clear and you can listen to every beat clearly. The prices of the headphones are affordable too. It starts around $30 to $125. Some of their best are Urbanista San Francisco, Urbanista Seattle Wireless, Urbanista Rio Night Runner, Urbanista Berlin Wireless, and Urbanista Boston Wireless.

Urbanista Ibiza In-Ear Hybrid Earphones

iTech: iTech is always known for the best headphones in the world. These top quality headphones are well-known for their quality of music and crystal clear voice while calling. You can use them while exercise and running too. The looks are amazing and they are very easy to ears. Their fitting to the ear is so soft that you can’t feel a thing other than music. You can get up to 5 hours of music with a full charge. The controls are good and easy to use. You don’t need your smartphone near you to control your music. The best things about the headphones are it does not hurt the ear. The headphones fit perfectly into your budget so every techie must have them. The price range starts from $20 to $120. Some of the best headphones are iTech true free stereo twins, iTech Blue Con G5, iTech Clip R35, and iTech Blue Band Sport.

iTech ProStereo L5

These are some of the best headphones you can get on Red White mobile. There are others too but if you intend on buying the best, these are the ones for sure. So buy them from the best headphone shop Singapore and add them to your collection to get the best musical experience.