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What comes as a great news for the smartphone market in Singapore is that Apple will be launching the revolutionary iPhone X on 3rd November 2017. On its 10th anniversary, Apple launched the smartphone of the future, iPhone X. The launch was framed as the biggest leap forward since the launch of the original iPhone in the world. iPhone X is one of the most expensive smartphones till date, the array of features seems to come from future. The main prospect about the all-new iPhone X Singapore is that the whole screen features the display, there are no boundaries as well as no bezel. The phone encapsulates a surgical-grade steel quality with a stainless appeal. The glass on the rear panel encapsulates a steady grip, the protection from the dust as well as water has been upgraded as well. The all-new iPhone X is reportedly available in two main colours as of now, space grey and shiny silver respectively.

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Super retina display:
Talking about the display of the iPhone X, the phone features an OLED display, the super retina display is the best in the world. The screen size stands at 5.8-inches, the resolution offered is 2436×1125 pixels respectively. The company has reported that the new iPhone X’s display will cater to the past problems of the brightness and colour accuracy as well. What comes as an exuberant addition is that, iPhone X has been equipped with Dolby Vision HDR10 for the out of the box high-contrast video playback.

Unmatched features:
The phone is also equipped with a premium feature which only the 10.5-inch iPad Pro had, the all-new true-tone dynamic feature will help the phone with the white-balance adjustment. With not a single button on the screen, the user can wake up the iPhone X with a swipe up gesture. You can also simply tap the screen to wake it up, an unprecedented support for the Apple’s Siri has been included in the all-new iPhone X. Activate the Siri by voice, you can also do the same by using side buttons.


iPhone X Singapore Pricing:

When it comes to the price, the latest addition by the Apple is one of the most expensive in the international market. The price of the iPhone X has created a buzz in the market as well. What comes as a jaw-dropping news is that, the all-new iPhone X with no buttons and 100% display comes with a price tag of S$1345. The price tag has garnered the limelight as the phone is the most expensive Apple phone till date. Customers from around the Asian region, especially Singapore were in shock to see the price tag.

The retail variant of the iPhone X is expected to feature at S$1648, this has raised several concerns amidst the masses. People are thinking whether it is viable to shell out this much of money for a smartphone? Bragging an iPhone just got costlier by hundreds of dollars. People are terming the price tag for the iPhone X as “Crazy”. Do you know that you can buy an entry-level Mac Book Pro at this price and still you’ll have some cash in your hand?

Comparing the price of the iPhone X around the major countries, as states above the iPhone X will cost around USD $999 in its home market i.e. $S 1345. While the retail version costs at S$1648, the same will cost USD $300 less in the United States. The 256 GB variant of the all-new iPhone X has been priced at S$1888. Apple will sell the all-new revolutionary iPhone X in around 55 countries. Looking at the price tag, the 64 GB variant is expected to go on demand.

The phone can be referred as the future of the smartphones; the device comes packed with alluring features. The True Depth camera is the newest catchy addition; the super retina display is another booming feature. The rapid A11 Bionic chip by the Apple is truly super-fast and rigid as well. You can now play the engaging AR games with the all-new iPhone X. Share the array of Animated emojis with the device. The phone is a handy blend of future technology and present demands.

Is it worth to buy the iPhone 10 Singapore?
With a huge price tag, a question emerges, is it viable to buy the all-new iPhone X? Well, let’s talk about the out of the box features before we discuss whether to buy the iPhone X or not. One of the most exciting features of the new iPhone X is its camera. The phone features a dual-lens 12 Megapixel rear camera. The image stabilization has been aided with a dual optical appeal. With an aperture ratio of f/1.8, the lens can cater to your photography needs in the most exuberant way.

Another telephoto lens has an aperture marking of f/2.4. What comes as a surprising fact is that, the front camera is just a 7-megapixel. Portrait mode, auto-image stabilizer and the much-needed exposure control have been given by the company. The phone has been installed with the Apple’s brand-new Image signal processor. The phone encapsulates a booming support for the Augmented reality as well. The video ability of the iPhone X has been supported by a 4K resolution feature. The slow-motion videos can be recorded at 240 frames per second.

The latest addition Face ID is one of the most secure ways of locking your iPhone X. Apple says that chances of any person unlocking your phone are one in a million. That is, stay assured about the safety of your data. The all-new iPhone X comes with a great software and security of the same has also been increased. The phone will not simply unlock unless and until it’s in your hand and you look at the device.


With an array of proficient features of tomorrow, Apple can surely bring a revolution with the launch of the all-new iPhone X. You might consider buying the device if you’re an Apple fan or you have a lot of money. The features are although premium but the price tag is not justified.

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