iOS hacks and tips

The iOS comes with amazing features and benefits that continue to attract more users each year. But did you know there is more to the iOS than meets the eye? We’ve found a few of the best iOS hacks and tips that can make your iOS experience even better.

Charge Your Phone Faster

Tired of waiting for your phone to recharge? Before you plug it in to charge, switch your phone to Flight Mode. This simple swap over to flight mode will disengage your battery draining Wi-Fi searches and data communicating services and allow your phone to charge much faster.

Your iPhone Can Act as a Lever

Need to check if the shelf you are mounting is level but don’t have a lever? Your iPhone can do the trick! Go into your settings and find the Compass app. Open the app and swipe left to enable the digital version of a real life lever. And the great thing is, it’s just as accurate as the bubble gauge found in many garages.

Fine Tuned Focus for Your Camera

When you tap the screen while taking a picture, it will focus for your snapshot. But usually, it disappears right after the picture is done. If you need that focus for longer, simple hold the screen for one or two seconds until ‘AF Locked’ box pops up. Now you can hold your camera at any angle and move it around as much as you want all while keeping that focused locked.

Customizing Vibrations

If you have ever wished you could set your phone to different vibrations to tell who is calling, your wish is about to come true. Go to Contacts and select the person and hit Edit. There you will see a vibration option. Select this option to open Create New Vibrations tool. From here you can create a beat of your choice by tapping the screen.

Close 3 Apps in One Go

Got lots of apps open and bogging down your phone? You can close three at a time by dragging three fingers across the multitasking menu to get rid of the clutter fast.

Taking a Pic Without Touching Your Phone

Many people already know you can enable the volume buttons to take a picture without having to touch the screen. But if you have a pair of compatible and connected headphones, you can take a picture by adjusting the volume on the headphones making the picture taking experience hands free.

Improving the Battery Life

Spotlight is a popular feature for nearly all Apple customers. But many times it drains precious battery life. To get more out of your battery- especially in times of 10% battery life or less, go to settings-general-spotlight search and you can limit what is pulling in data.