Honor 9X Singapore Price and Review

honor 9x singapore

Huawei’s very own Honor has been in the thick of the action lately. They’ve gone a bit under the radar when the Huawei scandal has broken all the shackles. So what has Honor been up to? 

They’ve been making some amazing phones and they bring to us the Honor 9X. The X in the 9X stands for affordability. These phones are meant to give you the perfect balance of style, features and a great price! 

But it still begs the question. Can these phones be used outside of China? Is Honor in trouble too because of Huawei? 


Honor 9X Singapore Review

Let’s find out.


Huawei Honor 9X Features and Specifications 

Design and Display of the Honor 9X 


Firstly we love big smartphones at Red White Mobile. Large displays are a thing of beauty. The Honor 9X’ display is a massive 6.6-inches. That is bordering on Phablet territory. If you love large screens, then the 9X offers that. 

It’s an LCD display with a 1080 X 2340 resolution. So the image is pretty sharp, but the lack of an OLED is a problem. But again, you can always blame it on the price. 

But is the LCD that bad? Certainly not.

The Honor 9X LCD display is one of the best in the markets and you certainly won’t miss the OLED. The colours are rich and the output is sharp. 10/10. 

The front screen has no camera and it is 91% screen to body ratio which makes the large display look even more magnanimous. 

The camera is a pop-up that comes out and captures your pictures. If you had to complain about the display, then the thick bezel at the bottom can take the fall. 

The size of the phone also means that this phone is a bit heavy. The back has a glass design as well and the build is made of aluminium, which is pretty strong. 

The back of the phone has a fingerprint sensor, the triple camera setup. It has the usual suspects such as the USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack. 


Honor 9X Software and Internal Specifications 


The phone runs on Android 9 and uses Huawei’s very own EMUI. The one thing that is particularly bad about the EMUI is bloatware. There are loads of apps that are pretty useless and wouldn’t be used at all. 

The 9X has the Kirin 710F chipset that is a decent chipset that pulls its weight. Its not in the range of the premium Snapdragons, but its more than enough for this phone. 

The phone comes in two versions 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM. The storage options start from 64GB and goes all the way to 128GB. 


Battery on the Honor 9X


The Honor 9X’ battery is a 4000 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery. The battery on this phone is pretty decent. If you are the average user, you can expect the battery to last for a day and a half. In some of our tests, the battery lasted for two days. 

But if you are using it for high powered gaming or for watching a lot of videos, then you will see a considerable charge drop. 

In fact, this is one of the phones that has a bad battery life when it comes to constant use. So watching movies on your phone for an extended period of time? Then expect to lose a lot of battery!


Honor 9X Camera 

The main camera is a 48MP snapper and is accompanied by an 8MP sensor that shoots in ultra-wide and a 2MP depth assist camera. 

If we had to summarize the camera on the 9X with a single word. The answer would be “Average”. 




The Honor 9X’s camera on average is pretty decent, but some photos taken even on the main camera came out pretty bad. They were grainy, the edges were blurred or the colours were off. 

With the ultra-wide camera we saw inconsistencies with the quality of the shots. Some pictures were good, while the others were grainy, or too dark and so on. 

If there’s one thing good to write about the Honor 9X, then it doesn’t lack the software features. There’s a night mode, there’s AI features and so on. 

The AI feature is pretty advanced on this phone and it can easily identify the setting and optimize the camera accordingly. 

This is not a phone that is good for shooting videos. It cannot shoot in 4k and the inconsistent video experience makes this a bad phone for video shooting.


So what about the selfie camera? 

The 16 MP camera on the Honor 9X is a decent camera. It can be better, similar to the primary camera. You do have a few options such as ‘stage lighting’ and features that change your background considerably. These are pretty nifty. 

The camera on the Honor 9X can be much better. It could be the feature that could have made this phone great. But that wasn’t to be. 

Honor 9X Singapore Price

Honor 9X 6/128GB


Honor 9X Singapore Final Verdict 


The Honor 9X is not an exemplary phone. It’s not a phone that will turn heads of have people talk about the super solid features. It’s not even the best phone in its class. It’s a good allround phone that comes at a good price. 

Are there better options out there in the market? Yes. If you are looking for a decent allround phone and you don’t particularly care about specs and features, then you can go for it. 

But will you get better value for money elsewhere? Yes. 

So will the Honor 9X be affected by the Huawei Ban?

The answer is no. The phone was already in development before the ban was in place. This is the reason that it works on Android 9. So you can use this phone without hassle and worry. This also means that its one of the last phones from Huawei that is not affected by the ban. 

Huawei could have done much better considering this is one of the last phones and they could have gone out with a bang and a last hurrah, but that wasn’t to be. 


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