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one plus 5 singapore

After OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T, the Chinese company has finally brought a perfect phone to the budget oriented consumers. OnePlus 5 Singapore has taken the features to another level in terms of premium budget phones; the key features of this phone are its setup of the dual camera on its back and the new anodized aluminum body.

Pros of OnePlus 5:

Although it’s priced higher than that of One Plus 3T, still it’s a bargain considering the features. Its outstanding functionalities tempt you to buy this phone in spite of its higher price tag. It has a super-fast and a battery time of about eighteen hours. The camera is perfect for taking the low-light shots accurately. The software of OnePlus 5 is just fantastic. Its dual cameras also work perfectly. The new processor is faster in terms of processing speed yet consumes less power. Oneplus 5 uses a snapdragon 835 processor.

Cons of OnePlus 5:

The cost of this phone is more than all of its previous models. The design of OnePlus 5 is not extraordinary at all. Moreover, the phone does not have any expandable storage. Some of the higher-ends functionalities are also missing in this phone. People also complain about its Wi-Fi and the quality of audio.

Essential Features of OnePlus 5:

It has a screen of 5.5-inches and 1080p. The total size of RAM is 6 or 8GB, and the total storage space is 64 or 128GB. The battery used in it is 3300mAh, and its operating system is Android 7.1. OnePlus Company is its manufacturer. Its price is around S$700.00-800.00.

The design of OnePlus 5:

Overall the design of the phone is really nice, but it does not have a new look. The back of the phone is similar to that of iPhone 7 Plus, and its front resembles its older model, OnePlus 3. Although it is not a bad thing still the originality of the phone got affected, and it appears a little old-fashioned.

More about the phone:

The manufacturers of OnePlus 5 launched the phone officially this year in 2017. The hype of One Plus machine has done an excellent job to keep the buzz alive. The expectations of the users have become more from the company, and people are waiting for other such types of outstanding products.

If people look at the list of specifications of OnePlus 5, most of them would probably think that the upgrade is quite limited. However, some of its principal features convince lots of buyers to make it their choice. The most important of those features is its new camera. The camera of the mobile has a setup of dual-lens, and it allows the users to capture different types of beautiful shots, like the portrait effect by blurring the background and focusing on some of the main elements. Another worth mentioning feature of its camera is the lossless zooming feature; it allows the zooming of pictures with a negligible change in the quality of the image. There is an aperture of its primary sensor, and it is impressively wider as compared to that of iPhone 7 Plus.

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