Are You Paying a Higher Price Tag for Your New Phone?

For a long time now people have accepted the fact that a new phone is going to be rather expensive, but should it really have to be? We have gotten used to the fact that a new iPhone or Galaxy is going to cost somewhere over the $500 mark, and this is normal.

We have been convinced through advertising from both technology producers and our service providers that new smartphones are still a cheap and viable option for purchasing a new phone. But do we really need to fork out well over a week’s pay for a gadget that really shouldn’t be that expensive?

It used to be that when a new phone came on the market, you would only need to pay somewhere around $100 for it. But now that smartphones have so much more to offer (apps, online shopping, music) than the standard call, text, and Snake Nokia “brick”. However, when those phones came out they were at the forefront of technology for the time. So why then should you have to pay somewhere nearing the thousand-dollar mark for a new phone?
Especially now, when more people are quick to hand in their phone for a new model, making those older models (which are still incredibly relevant) second-hand. Today, with new technology being released at a rapid rate, and when advancements are becoming fewer for new smartphones, it is a great idea to purchase a second-hand model of a slightly older phone (given the phone is still in good condition).

You can easily find models of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies Androids etc. that are in great working order and are more than half the price of when they were purchased only a short time before. And not only this, there are a raft of technology producers coming through that are happy to provide their product for a far greater price than those of their big-name competitors.

Just because a new model has been released that boasts a better processor, advancements in camera technology, and improved interface, it does not mean that your (slightly) older model has become obsolete. And if you are really in the market for a new model of smartphone, you can find them second-hand online and in store for a much greater price than when it was purchased only a few weeks/moths before. It is simply unnecessary to have to pay an unreasonably high amount for a new smartphone.