The Hottest, Most Useful Apps For Your New iPhone

It’s that time of year again, when thousands of people across Singapore find out Santa left them a new iPhone. If you’ve just unwrapped a brand-new handset, you’ll be in need of some new apps. But where to start? Fortunately, RedWhite Mobile is here to help you sift through the billions (yes, billions!) of apps on the App Store and find just the nuggets of gold. Read on to learn more!

Out and about

Never be at a loss for where to head next, or how to get there! Apart from the pre-installed and tried-and-tested Maps app, you’ll want to grab a few more pieces of software to ensure that your next trip – whether it’s down the street or across the world – is a complete success.

Planning an overseas holiday or travelling for work? Skyscanner allows you to find, compare and reserve flights, hotel rooms and hire cars all from one convenient app. See all of your options filtered by travel date, number of passengers and transit class clearly ordered by price, so you’ll always get the best deal, whether it’s a casual getaway or a red-eye business flight.

For the gourmets among us (and who doesn’t love a good meal!), Zomato has everything you need to sort the best from the rest. A socially-powered restaurant rating and review app, it’s invaluable in a city as packed with hip new restaurants and delicious food courts as Singapore. Sort by rating or popularity and know exactly where to take your date, friends or boss if you really want to impress! What’s more, it works in nearly two dozen countries, so when you grab a flight with Skyscanner, make sure you grab a bite with Zomato when you land!

Making work a breeze

Your new handset is a powerful business tool, helping any executive and professional accomplish the tasks that make up their day to day. Despite the prevalence of digital data and technology in our lives, sometimes nothing makes an impact like putting a beautiful business card in a potential client’s or business partner’s hand. Network like a pro and use Foxcard to back up each card to your phone. The app automatically scrapes names, titles and contact details from the card and saves them in your phone, so you don’t have to enter them manually. If you walk away from a conference with 50 cards, don’t worry, Foxcard is there for you.

Evernote is the gold standard in digital note taking, offering a range of options for text and multimedia including photos, video, voice and more. Organise your information into notebooks, tag each note so you’ll always be able to find it, and access your notebooks on any number of devices. For added security, save your Foxcard snaps to your Evernote account, so even if you end up losing your phone, you don’t lose all that precious networking.

There are more apps than you could ever use in a lifetime on the App Store, so take a look today and find something to make your life easier, more delicious, or more fun!