Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Singapore Review and Prices

samsung watch 3 45mm

The latest smart watch in the market that is making waves, surprisingly is not the Apple Watch, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. 

The Galaxy Watch 3’s predecessor was actually the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and there are improvements made over the older version. But at that hefty price tag, is it the Apple killer we all expect it to be?

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Let’s find out! 

The Galaxy Watch 3 is available in many variations. Mainly in terms of the size of the dial and whether it’s LTE or a Bluetooth watch. Here are the Galaxy Watch 3 variations and its price.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Singapore Prices

Galaxy Watch 3 with Bluetooth 
41mm : $648

45mm : $698

Galaxy Watch 3 with LTE
41mm : $798

45mm : $848

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

For the uninitiated, the LTE versions lets you pickup calls and speak through your watch like the Apple Watch and with the Bluetooth versions just give you access to the notifications and end calls. 

As all the models of Galaxy Watch 3 are quite similar, with the only differences being the LTE/Bluetooth and the dial size, we will review the Watch 3 as a whole!

Galaxy Watch 3 FeaturesSpecifications
Dial size41mm (1.2-inch), 45mm(1.4-inch)
ProcessorExynos 9110 dual-core 1.15Ghz
RAM / Storage1GB RAM / 8GB Storage
Battery41mm – 247 mah, 45mm – 340 mah
OSTizen Wearable 5.5
ConnectivityLTE or Bluetooth
Protection5ATM Waterproof and dust proof

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Design and Display 

The Galaxy Watch 3 in distinct Samsung style has a round dial with the most sought after feature, the rotating bezel. The rotating bezel makes the watch truly interactive apart from the touch screen. 

The display is a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass DX. It’s safe to say, it’s a tough smartwatch with a tough display. 

Now the display of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is boosted by the 80,000+ watch faces that one can choose from the Galaxy Store. 

Up until the end of December, 2019 there wasn’t an option for customizable complications on Tizen based watches and now there is!

So what are complications? 

Complications are the pieces of information like Step count, Heart Rate, Battery Level, Weather and much more. With 40 complications available on the Galaxy Watch 3, it’s the most exhaustive. 

The custom watch face trend is big now and the Galaxy Watch 3 makes that happen for its users. 

The colour options are mystic brone, mystic black and mystic white. Obviously the straps are customizable as well and you can take a pick among the metallic ones and the leather ones. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 is 15% lighter than its predecessor and it sits easy on the wrists. 

Galaxy Watch 3 OS & Chipset 

The OS powering the Watch 3 is the Tizen Wearable OS 5.5. It’s an open source OS that has been powering Samsung watches since 2012. 

The Tizen OS 5.5 is what helps with the customizable complications. The AI on the OS is also relatively advanced. 

This is an upgrade on the Galaxy Active Watch 2 which had only the Tizen OS 4.4. 

The chipset is the Exynos 9110 which has been a constant among the Galaxy watches and is one of the best smartwatch chipsets out there.

The 8GB of internal storage is pretty ample and a 1GB RAM is pretty generous for a smartwatch. Rest assured, using the Galaxy Watch 3 is absolutely seamless. 

The rotating bezel mentioned earlier isn’t just about the fun of it, but it helps in navigating through the apps in an easy manner. 

Being a smartwatch, one of the main use cases of fitness and the Galaxy Watch 3 really steps up in this department. 

SpO2 Levels – The Watch 3 measures the level of Oxygen in the bloodstream. This is an important measure of health whether you are an athlete or not. Especially in the current climate, this is a very important feature. It uses a combination of LED and Infrared rays to find out the oxygen levels. 

Fall Detection  – The Fall detection feature especially for elders is an important feature to have. It immediately sends an SOS to an emergency contact with the details of the location. 

Sleep Tracking – From REM cycles to sleep time scores, the sleep tracking feature is very useful and because it’s light, you won’t feel it, when you’re asleep. 

Workout Programs – This is where the Galaxy Watch 3 stands out. With 120 workout programs that can be synced from the Samsung app to the TV, the workouts can be tracked on the app, making it a very unique offering. 

Running Analysis – Apart from steps and running tracking, the Galaxy Watch 3 also tracks the symmetry and the quality of running. 

Chat & Smart Reply – The chat on the Watch 3 is super advanced and includes images as well. The chat history is easily accessible and that way you can continue with the conversation seamlessly. The smart reply feature automatically suggests replies so it’s easier to text back when on the move or while working out. 

Control the music – You can control the Spotify app on your Galaxy smartphone directly from the smartwatch. 

Syncs with other apps – The Galaxy Watch 3 syncs with numerous other apps which make it set reminders, see gallery images, find your watch and more!

Apart from the feature mentioned above, the usual features like the EKG reading adnd VO2 max calculations are tracked as well. 

If you get the LTE Galaxy Watch, you don’t need your smartphone as the smartwatch will do everything. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the best releases in the smartwatch market. Competing with the Apple Watch, it packs the features and the design and all at a price that competes with the best.

If you are part of the Samsung ecosystem, then the watch becomes more useful. If you are a fitness freak, this is an amazing smartwatch that will help you achieve your goals. 

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 3 is the smartwatch to beat!

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