Red White Mobile – The Most Reliable Phone Store In Singapore

Singapore is world-renowned for its booming tech retail stores, with bargain-priced electronics attracting people from far and wide. There are a lot of places that offer up incredible offers on all sorts of gadgetry, from smart TVs to smartphones. With that said, there are many shady establishments in and around Singapore that are known to trick, scam and swindle their customers with fake merchandise and shady business tactics.

This guide will look at the many advantages Red White Mobile offers customers as a leading store in Singapore.


Thanks to our efforts to harness quality business relationships from the get-go, Red White has become the go to for cheap mobiles that are still A grade. We’ve worked hard to create a consistent, stable and strong network with other providers across Singapore, meaning we’re able to offer great deals on a full range of devices and accessories.

Our value for customer service

You’ve heard it all before, we know, but we’re proud to say that our attitude towards our customers means we provide an unsurpassed level of support. We treat each objective and requitements of our clients differently and separately, allowing for transparency and reliability the moment they walk in the door.

Give or take

Whilst we provide typical products via our retail model, we also offer customers the opportunity to trade in their old devices or sell them in return for cash. Instead of keeping those handsets inside drawers to gather dust, our clients can walk out with an updated model or some extra dollars. Throughout this process, we keep a transparent business model that’s based on market estimations and valuations, all in conjunction with onsite inspections. This means we’re able to offer customers who want to buy used models the peace of mind that they’re investing in a quality product.

A little bit extra

For those after something outside the immediate scope of mobile devices, we also offer a variety of accessories and gadgets at affordable rates. This range includes items like the selfie stick, notebooks, fitness bands and the like.

Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our friendly team to find out what product suits your needs best.