New Year, New Smartphone – Chinese New Year Edition

As the lunar calendar brings another year to a close, everyone is gearing up to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This time of the year is all about renewal, bringing in new life and, of course, treating yourself a little. There is no better way to start off a new year than with a renewed outlook to life – and a brand new smartphone might be exactly what you need.

Deciding on a new smartphone can be quite challenging, thanks largely to all of the choices available. This post hopes to offer up some suggestions that feature the latest and greatest models of smartphone on the market today. If you are looking out for a new phone and are unsure about what to get, read on!

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is a smartphone powerhouse in every sense. With a 5.5-inch screen, an A10 Fusion processor that keeps the smartphone incredibly responsive, two perfectly engineered 12 megapixel cameras and the latest version of iOS tailored for this model, the iPhone 7 Plus has a lot to brag about. This particular model is even water resistant, a feature that is often omitted from iPhones. All of this luxury comes at a price though – literally. This model of the iPhone is the most expensive as of yet, and can cost anywhere from $800-1000.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung have been nipping at Apple’s heels for years now in the smartphone wars, but have yet to exceed their U.S rival in the global market. The S7 Edge has been the closest Samsung have got to making an iPhone-killing smartphone. With its dual curved display, decent battery life, fantastic camera and the latest Android OS available, the S7 Edge is an all-round gem of a smartphone.

Google Pixel XL

Google’s foray into smartphones has been spotty at best, with a lot of failed models that never caught on. However, the tech giant threw everything they had at the Google Pixel XL, and as a result it is close to a gadget masterpiece. With a beautifully sleek and ergonomic design, the Pixel XL blends glass into the phone’s metal casing to make for a gorgeous piece of kit. It also boasts a hefty Snapdragon processor and a fantastic camera, too.

OnePlus 3T

If you are wanting something a little different, then look no further than the OnePlus 3T smartphone. The 3T is a great alternative to the big guys, and features a wide range of bespoke features. A HD screen, top notch camera, fingerprint sensor and blistering hot microprocessor makes this smartphone an incredibly versatile gadget. Better yet, thanks to the lack of brand inflation, the 3T costs a lot less than some of the other smartphones mentioned here.