Neffos – Brand Review

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You might not have heard of Neffos, but you would have surely heard of TP-Link. TP-Link, the computer networking giant has held a good market share in the wireless router space. In 2016, they rebranded and unveiled a new logo with a new tagline(“Reliably smart”). This rebranding effort was mainly to showcase TP-Link as a lifestyle, direct to the consumer brand. They forayed into the smart home industry as well as the smartphone industry in 2015.

Considering their manufacturing capabilities, they were more than capable of producing good quality smartphones.

This smartphone brand is called Neffos.

Neffos Phone Models


Neffos started in 2015 and have already come up with various models. In about 3 years of their existence, they have released about 19 models in total.


N Series


N1 – Their latest flagship


X Series


X9,X1 Lite , X1 Max, X1

Neffos X1

Neffos X9

Y Series



Neffos Y5s

C Series


C9,C9A,C7A,C7,C5,C5L,C5a,C5s,C5 Max

Neffos C9A

Neffos C7


If you look at Neffos’ phone releases, you will notice that they have gone from producing budget smartphones to premium smartphones that compete with the best of the best.

What does the Neffos flagship look like?


About the N1 – The Neffos Flagship

Neffos N1

The N1 is Neffos’ latest flagship and it’s their first dual camera smartphone. The specs of the N1 are as follows


  • 12MP Dual cameras
  • 8MP Front camera
  • 5.5 inch HD display
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Internal memory (Expandable up to 128GB)
  • 3260 mAh battery with fast charging


You can tell that Neffos has stepped on to the big stage with such features. These specifications compete with the best smartphones out there. Having said that, can the Neffos compete with other flagships in terms of hardware and software?


Neffos Hardware and Design


Most budget smartphone makers cheap out by creating phones made with plastic. They don’t have a premium look nor are they durable to drops. Neffos have smartly moved away from plastic and have stuck to a metal body for their flagship devices.


There’s one aspect that Neffos lacks in and that’s the design of their phones. Their designs are plain and are not catchy. There are no gradient mirror finishes that you see in models of other companies.

If Neffos are able to create better-looking phones, then they are right up there.

Neffos UI – NF UI 8.0


The main judge of a brand’s ability to making a good smartphone is the way they handle the software. Neffos being an Android device have chosen to modify Android and come up with NFUI 8.0. Let’s see how it fares.


AI Face Unlock


This is a sign of advanced software. NFUI’s software recognizes 106 facial points, making sure it picks up on your face quickly.


Wi-fi functions with TP-Link


Considering TP-Link is the owner, Neffos have added Wi-fi focused features such as ‘Share Wifi by QR code’ and WLAN extender.

The WLAN extender uses your smartphone as a bridge to extend the Wifi range in any place.




Gestures like Double click awakening, 3 finger slide down for screenshots are enabled in Neffos phones. This is on part with other modern day OS’


Camera software


The camera app has the AI beauty feature along with Pro Mode which lets you create set camera parameters to help you take the right photos in the right setting.


Float call Notification


This feature makes sure, a call doesn’t disturb you when you are working with your phone. Middle of an important game? You can still continue playing, while the call is at the top.


Pocket Mode


In a pocket mode, the screen won’t light up when there is notification which conserves battery. This model also makes sure a random call isn’t made when your phone is in your pocket.


Split Screen


A great feature for multi-taskers, the split screen feature lets you work on two apps simultaneously.

The OS and features of the Neffos can put Xiaomi to shame. For being a new brand, they have all the feature sets of modern day OS’.


Neffos Pricing


But along with these specs, there is something else that makes Neffos phones really worth it. Considering the features that this phone carries, their pricing is not like any other flagship out there. It costs S$298 for the N1.

Neffos is a newish company in the smartphone market and considering there is crazy competition out there, the only way for Neffos to stand out is by providing high-quality specs at very low prices.

This is a perfect opportunity for consumers who are looking for a great deal.


Will Neffos change the game?


Neffos is here to stay and considering they are backed by TP-Link, it’s safe to say they are here for the long-haul.

This year, to add to their feathers in the cap, Neffos won the Channel Middle East Award for “Best Mobile Devices and Wearable Vendor of the Year”.

So what separates Neffos from the rest?



This is the number one reason, Neffos as a brand will grow. For consumers, it’s a win. If you are able to get a flagship for the price of a mid range budget phone, then you’ve got a great deal. Neffos will continue to make good quality phones at great prices which is sure to entice customers to buy. They can give Oppo and Vivo a tough run in the market.



Another aspect, where Neffos wins is their OS. The NFUI 8.0 is equal to top smartphone OS’ out there. Generally when it comes to new smartphone manufacturers, their OS and hardware capabilities are a bit underpar compared to the competitors. But with Neffos, they’ve hit the ground running and give you exactly what the competition is giving you.


In Summary

Looking at all the above points it’s fair to say it’s a win-win situation for Neffos and customers. Competition in the smartphone market can never be bad as better phones are produced and sold at cutthroat prices.


So ultimately, Neffos is here to stay and in the future, they will compete with the best of the best.