iPhone 14 Singapore Price and Buy Back Prices 2022

The much-awaited iPhone 14 is just around the corner and it’s got all its Apple Fans on the edge of their seats. It’s expected to release on the 14th of September in Singapore and is priced at 1430 SGD. 

After going through some legit sources and leaks I’ve got an idea of what we can expect from the Apple iPhone 14. We’ve already noticed with the previous 4 versions of iPhones Apple has been focusing more on internal processing strength and camera features. I can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us when it releases in September.

With the iPhone 14, you can expect a good exterior body facelift with features from the past iPhone with a modern touch. I’m going to be looking into the spec upgrades and performance rumors to find out if the iPhone 14 is worth the upgrade or worth waiting for the iPhone 15 instead. 

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So let’s start with the design and work our way through the upgrades. 

Release Date and Price  

The iPhone 14 is expected to start pre-booking for the phone a week prior to the release date on the 14th. The iPhone 14 is expected to be priced at 1430 SGD, which is a 140 SGD increase with the added feature of a 256GB internal memory. 

16th Sept 2022 is the date we are selling this block buster phone.

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iPhone 14 Singapore Design

After checking with all my sources, we can be sure that there won’t be much change in the design of the iPhone 14, and will look a lot like the iPhone 13. The phone is expected to retain the much-liked flat edge design, this has been one of the favorite parts of the design from the iPhone 5 that has been brought back with a bang on the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 is rumored to have removed the display notch that was introduced in the iPhone X and has been there for four good generations of iPhones. This will be replaced with a punch hole pair of cutouts. 

The front will have pill shape cutouts that will house the front camera and Face ID sensor. I can’t say if I’m a fan of this as I’ve gotten used to seeing the display notch and it gives a sort of signature iPhone feel. But we won’t know till the release to be sure of this facelift. 

This also means the touch ID feature will not be present in the iPhone 14, unlike the Samsung S22 Ultra which supports both On Screen Touch ID and Face ID. I prefer the Touch ID as it helps unlock my phone faster compared to Face ID. 

But the Face ID with the new iOS 15.4 upgrade allows the iPhone to recognize its user even if wearing a mask and spectacles which is an excellent upgrade. So I can say I’m not gonna miss the Biometric Sensor as much as I expected. 

One of the best design upgrades you can expect from the iPhone 14 is the display size, which will be equivalent to the iPhone 14 Pro. In the past iPhone, only the Pro series would have a bigger display compared to the other model of iPhone, which means you have to pay big to get big. This is not the case for the iPhone 14, it will come with a 6.7-inch display which is something I’m looking forward to.

It is rumored the iPhone 14 might drop the lighting port and shift to the USB C-type charging, I’ve had mixed responses against this rumor and chances are Apple will stick to its signature lighting port. Not saying I don’t like the lighting port but it makes it more convenient to carry one cable for my Airpods and my iPhone than to carry two cables. 

The iPhone 15 might have a C-type port for people looking forward to that upgrade. So it’s just a matter of time. So far only the brands’ Laptops have seen the C-Type upgrade which was again removed in the recent 2022 models.

There is also a very good chance Apple might look at complete wireless MagSafe charging adding better waterproofing and dust proofing but we won’t know till the 14th of September. 


As I said earlier there is a high chance the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro will have the same 6.7-inch display and with this bigger display comes amazing clarity and touch capabilities. 

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max come with a display refresh rate of 120Hz, I’m hoping Apple doesn’t compromise on this and provides all the new iPhone 14 with a 120Hz refresh rate if not better. 

This also means the 14 series will have an always-on display, this has been a feature when the Apple iPhone 13 series was released but failed to make it. Looks like it is sure to make its appearance with the iPhone 14. 

With the addition of the always-on display, Apple has decided to add its widgets on the always-on dock that provide users with helpful information such as weather, calendars, daily activities, health data, and stocks. 

You might think this will consume energy but Apple has provided a feature with a low refresh rate that allows the phone to provide this information with a low refresh rate allowing it to last longer. 

With this vital information on the lock screen, Apple will have a 1up against the Android lock screen with an always-on display. 

It is rumored the phone will have its lift-wake function intact and facial unlock in sync. You can also opt for only the lift-to-wake feature if you want to save battery while you are traveling. 

All this will be available with the new iOS 16 beta which will be the base OS the phone will come with. 

It is rumored that iPhone 14 might have an LTPS display with a refresh rate of 60Hz panel, not sure if this will happen or not. Keeping my finger crossed on this one. There have been recent rumors of only the iPhone 14 receiving an LTPS display but with a 90Hz refresh rate. The other variants will have a 120Hz display. 

Colour Variants Available

The Apple iPhone 13 provided us with amazing color options which I’d like to see in the iPhone 14 as well. It has been rumored that the phone will have five different colors: Starlight, Red, Midnight, Sky Blue, and Purple. 

Purple has never been seen on an iPhone before. I guess Apple is going with the whole future retro theme which is trending with most new phones.

Camera Specs

With the new iPhone 14 series getting the new iOS 16, it is rumored that the base 14 models will get a better camera than the 12 MP cam that is provided with the base iPhone in the past series. 

This is said with some confidence as the iOS 16 has a lot of features based on a good camera so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. 

It is rumored all the variants of the 14 will have an upgraded front camera which is excellent with the majority of people taking selfies and reels.

It is said that the iPhone 14 will come with a 48-megapixel back camera that has good light control for better day image capture.  

Battery and Specifications

One of the most rumored specs of the iPhone 14 is the new A16 chip, with this upgraded chip we can expect better processing speed without the use of a lot of energy hence providing better battery life. 

If with the same old A15 Bionic chip, I’m expecting the phone will have better silicon upgrades that will help reserve power better. 

The Phone is rumored to have 6GB of RAM which is an excellent upgrade from the dull 4 GB of the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. But will have the same LPDDR4X RAM like the 13 but the 14 pro will have LPDDR5 RAM as the first to hit the iPhone. 

The Apple iPhone 14 will be built around the modern 5G network model with dual sim options and also an e-sim variant with no requirement for the sim. This again helps improve battery life with the removal of the sim.

As you’ve noticed Apple has worked around all the specs to make the iPhone 14 energy efficient with maximum processing power. 

Conclusion on iPhone 14 Singapore

After considering all the rumors so far, it is safe to say the iPhone 14 is worth looking forward to with amazing upgrades internally more than the exterior appearance. They say “it’s what’s inside that counts ‘ Apple seems to be heading in that direction.